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mangaka's like Tennouji Mio

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3:35 pm, Feb 25 2012
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I've read all Tennouji Mio manga's and I totally love her style and stories. Does anyone know a mangaka with similar storylines or drawing style??
Thnx in advance

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Sly Blue

4:14 am, Feb 26 2012
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Takanaga Hinako
Sakuraga Mei

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4:11 am, Jan 16 2013
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I love Tennouji Mio! I've also read all of her works- or whatever I could get my hands on, haha. I recommend:
Kamon Saeko
Moegi Yuu
Sakuraga Mei I love her (insert whatever one it is) ja nai kedo series biggrin
Tatsu no Otoshigo is a work I really like by Ike Reibun
Nekota Yonezou
Ai no Chikara de Koi wo Surunoda is a good manga.
Suzuki Tsuta

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