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Your Dream Guy

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From User Message Body
Post #576718
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2:47 am, Nov 12 2012
Posts: 315

Maybe it's the guy I have a crush on biggrin


“The longer we live, the more weight we carry in our hearts.”
Post #576721 - Reply to (#576716) by Mamsmilk
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3:13 am, Nov 12 2012
Posts: 4029

Quote from Mamsmilk
It's me!

Okay <3

Post #576723
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Manga Eater

3:22 am, Nov 12 2012
Posts: 442

I have to say that I'm not very shallow. I don't mean to sound holier than those that are particular, it's just who I am. I'm not really attracted to a guy until I know what he's like--his personality. I like a guy with a sense of humour, but is mature. His weight or size doesn't matter, really, though I think there is a line to draw if they're morbidly obese... or, if I was to find a guy I liked that was, I'd be helping him to lose that weight (mostly because it's just so unhealthy).
I would like them of course to care for their bodies at least decently. Y'know, hygiene and all that.

Recurring traits in guys I like seems to be glasses (probably because it makes them seem more mature).

Go to work, send your kids to school;
Follow fashion, act normal;
Walk on the pavement, watch T.V.;
Save for retirement, obey the law.
Repeat after me: I am free.
Post #576725
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3:53 am, Nov 12 2012
Posts: 267

I don't care that much about looks either as long as he has good morals and is interesting. Wouldn't believe how many 'hot' guys stop being hot in my mind after I found out how boring it was to be with them. And I guess I would like it if he had a quirky bit to his personality

Post #576726
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4:47 am, Nov 12 2012
Posts: 41

Well sense this is about DREAM guys, my dream guy...
1. Is an awesome cook and showers me in delicious home made foods
2. Is funny and has a great sense of humor
3. Is hard working, determined, and he is confident in himself and his abilities
4. Doesn't have to like manga, anime, j-pop, k-pop, etc. (be awesome if he did) but he has to be open minded about it and put up with my fan girling laugh
5. Doesn't smoke, drink, etc.
6. Is taller then me and physically fit; not ripped but not lanky either, in the middle
7. Is caring, faithful, never makes me feel insecure, and he values his morals and beliefs
8. Be kind of like a guardian of me; tell me when someone is taking advantage of me/being creepy towards me/etc. (I am told I am a horrible judge of character and assume the best of everyone laugh )
9. Can swim so when we go to beach I don't have to worry about drowning
10. Really smart so he can help me with my homework

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User Posted Image
Post #576734

6:41 am, Nov 12 2012
Posts: 90

Well, you did say "dream" guy, so...
-dark hair
-be able to make me laugh (I'm serious so if someone could get me to lighten up that'd be great)
-be willing to disagree with me (guys that agree with you are totally boring)
- well to-do/ has great job (he doesn't have to be rich persay but I'm ambitious and I want him to be too)
-Like anime/manga or at least accepts it as my hobby

Yeah, I'm becoming a spinster...

Post #576738
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an Everlasting~

8:45 am, Nov 12 2012
Posts: 268

My dream guy:
-Certainly, prefer if my guy loves anime/ manga
-I want for them to have a "good" (i.e similar) taste in music as me
-A nice, caring guy
-Don't really care if they're older or younger
-Prefer if they weren't too big (I would make them go on a diet lol)
-No smokers or drinkers, at least they can't smoke in front of me, urrgh, hate the smell of it... x.x
-Neat-type and shyish
-Observant, so he tell the air-head me to stop spacing out!
-Non conservative so I can literally talk to him about anything
-I like glasses, so yeah :3
-I also like guys that are good with computers
-In terms of looks, guys that more "cute" than sexy, but looks don't seriously matter
-*Ahem* my dream guy (I repeat dream guy) must have money!
-Non hairy please!
-Open minded, so that he won't mind my incest fetish bigrazz
-Dominant in bed, MUST be good in this department
-A bit possessive and can ONLY look at me (you know what I mean)

This thread IS about dream guys, so mine's pretty long. In summary, my dream guy is a type in shoujo mangas with the "nice guy" stock character (although not as gary stu-ish).

Last edited by theLettuceGarden04 at 9:01 am, Nov 12

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I'm in idol hell T.T
Post #576747
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HanaTsuki Hime

9:57 am, Nov 12 2012
Posts: 224

well first of all he would have to understand/get me cuz honestly? no one really does, sooo yeah, my dream guy would

second, he wouldn't smoke, drink, use drugs etc - i'm totally against it all

education, not gonna want someone - forgive me for being so rude- stupid, but i think education is necessary

theeen all those things as well i suppose:
loyalty - not gonna tolerate someone cheating on me, nada

looks - now here i'd love dark hair and eyes, he has to be taller than me & not all muscles or whatever but he should exercise or whatever cuz i do (running, martial arts & snowboarding are the ones i do like -for real- not now & then) & it'd be great if we could do it together or at least share each others experiences or smt

a Love of Animals, nature, travelling and/or Children
a sense of humor
money (not necessarily rich but you gotta have a job=money to live)
similar hobbies (but i dont mind quite opposite either lol )
a unique style (wouldn't be bad )

he must not be younger than me & i'm not so sure about my age either so i'd like him to be older than me, i don't mind as far as well...10 years older? yup

he has to be openminded & if not share and/or understand my interests (well, here it's mainly manga & anime) then not look down on/ridicule or whatever them, not gonna tolerate that either, if you don't understand then just leave it be - be neutral ya know

he has to be able to dance - i love dancing!

and should have a love for music as well, cuz it's my joy

hmmm what else would my dream guy be like...well i'm all for bad boys type who would care about the ones he loves, lol, i wonder how that fits in my kind/loyal etc list but it does smile

Nothing is Eternal but Eternity

Enjoy Life as Much as You Can
And do Whatever You Want
Because it May be Only One
Post #578128
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7:36 am, Nov 24 2012
Posts: 67

I could take the easiest answer and say "a guy who loves me for being me" but then again who knows what I might end up getting? xD jk, I'm not that shallow. But since we're talking dream guy...

-around 5'11" to 6'2"
-boyish cuteness
-must be older (or only younger by a few months)
-no drugs, no smoking, and not someone who drinks a lot
-had to have gone or is going to Uni (and since I have the control here, a Computer Science major!)
-lean (doesn't need to be ripped but not too fat or too skinny)
-hairy legs...(I felt like a perv writing that) but no facial hair
-somewhat possessive but not smothering
-good sense of justice and morals like honesty, loyalty etc (If he doesn't have those then everything else doesn't matter)
-loves his mama & papa & family and be able to get along with my fam (lol I barely do that)
-a little shy but confident when he needs to be
-nice (wouldn't be with him if he wasn't)
-good at math & sciences
-wears glasses sometimes, especially if he's on the computer or reading.
-be passionate about something (it's really cute when people talking about something they really love)
-be good with children

That's all I can think of. Oh well, regardless, at the end of the day, you can't help who you fall in love with.

User Posted Image
Post #584030

6:52 am, Jan 15 2013
Posts: 26

Mature, understanding and is a willing and soothing p̶u̶n̶c̶h̶i̶n̶g̶ ̶b̶a̶g̶.̶ person. Doesn't hold grudges and independant.


All in all, someone like an understanding mom with a dick. Hahaha!

Edit: Canceled out original text to reflect better what I meant.

Last edited by pierzing at 2:28 am, Apr 4

Post #584036 - Reply to (#584030) by pierzing
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7:16 am, Jan 15 2013
Posts: 4029

Quote from pierzing
Mature, understanding and is a willing and soothing punching bag. Doesn't hold grudges and independant.


All in all, someone like an understanding mom with a dick. Hahaha!

I like how you describe it... I just hope you don't treat your mom as "a willing and soothing punching bag."

Post #587234 - Reply to (#584036) by amaranthine

10:22 am, Feb 13 2013
Posts: 26

Hahaha. I don't. The power of contradicting sentences being placed together as a comparison strikes again! That was horrifying how that sounded. no

Last edited by pierzing at 6:57 pm, Feb 15

Post #587287
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6:52 pm, Feb 13 2013
Posts: 4

knows how to be serious but also LOVES to have fun more than anything
goes out of his way to knock on your door, give you roses, kiss your forehead, and tell you I love you
Gets along well with my cousins, and loves them as if they were his
always watching to notice if your even the littlest bit unhappy
wears glasses only sometimes, like at the computer, doing work, or reading, and has an adorable habit of adjusting them
mega dog lover
proposes in the most romantic way he can think of, making sure to plan everything as perfectly as he can ((gives A rose with a ring on one of the thorns, painting "will you marry me?" in giant letters on a building, bending down on one knee in the classic princely way, during an even such as ice skating, a dinner party, the top of a mountain after a hike, ect.))
always kisses your forehead, hair, fingers, ect.
sometimes very childish
goes ALOT out of his way to make you the happiest girl on earth
loves you so much he would die for you, and always tells you this
loves you with his everything <3 eyes

Last edited by KuroAkawonderland at 12:01 am, Feb 24

Post #593708
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10:49 am, Apr 4 2013
Posts: 38

- Tall 6'"- 6'2"
- Any colour of natural hair really
- BLUE eyes & Long lashes
- Nice, clean & long hands (Hands fetish here! lol)
- Cherry red lips
- Good teeth
- Just a tad of abs (Not over muscular)
- Good skin

- Close with his family
- Joker, but knows when to be serious
- Sensitive & Observant
- Knows when to tease
- Neat
- Patience
- Submissive at times (Love having the thought of tying up one guy =_=" haha)
- Doesn't smoke, but occasionally drinks
- Honest

User Posted Image
Post #593931
user avatar

9:14 am, Apr 6 2013
Posts: 110

Well, basically any average or slightly above looks/weight/height (Must be taller than 5'6 though) guy who is literate, mature, kind and respects all genders and walks of life. He MUST have an open mind to accept new stuff and ideas. Also, a nicely trimmed goatee/facial hair would be attractive.

A+ if he likes anime and manga. Willing to discuss and speculate series.
A++ If he would go to cons with me :3 daaayto.

Overall, I'm not looking for a prince charming because I'm no pampered princess. Plus all the shoujo manga that I've read made me crave real men. I no longer dream of sticks with picture perfect personalities and convenient traits, far too unrealistic.

I guess the only thing I ever dream of for a dream guy is for him to be significantly older than me, lol! (Somewhere between 5-15yrs difference?)

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