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Puh! (v06)

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10:25 am, Mar 9 2012
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I was initially a bit sad that Hiromi-chan got infected but I love how the mangaka deals with it, pretty amusingly too. I thought they were gonna be forced to "off" her, and frankly that would've been pretty cliché. Glad to see this continues to be a non-conventional manga.

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12:53 am, Mar 10 2012
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i thought the same thing and personally i actually like this development more than i would if she hadn't got infected...tho that might be just me >.>

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6:05 pm, Mar 31 2012
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I know. It is much better that she become partially infected because it makes the story much better. We get to see later on why she isn't like the other zombies. It kind of sucks that she thinks the main character is her boyfriend Shinji. I think we will see him later in the chapters.

The recent chapters were so good. It was starting to get boring and then it shot back way up. Finally the main character is getting some balls.

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