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New Poll - Scanlation Quality Followup

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4:07 pm, Mar 21 2009
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Yup, a followup poll. I thought it'd be a good choice because of last week's poll...This poll was given to us by our new member immi. So in general, how do you read HQ and LQ series?

You can discuss this poll on our forums here:

If you got any interesting poll ideas, please submit them here:

Previous Poll Results:
Question: Is scanlation quality important?
Very. I like my manga carefully done and perfect - votes: 1823 (15.5%)
I prefer it good, but I won't complain about tiny details - votes: 8115 (68.9%)
As long as it's readable it's fine - votes: 1511 (12.8%)
I don't care, just give me more releases - votes: 297 (2.5%)
I don't read scanlations - votes: 39 (0.3%)
There were 11785 total votes.
The poll ended: March 21st 2009

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Legend and Hero

7:51 pm, Mar 21 2009
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I like clear lines and none of that median shadow. I also like having translators comments and not having all the sound effects replaced.
btw, first! yay. ^_^

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9:05 pm, Mar 21 2009
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I can't stand LQ. If it's a LQ scanlation, I just don't read it. It's too painful for my eyes.

Also... DUST. i can't have all this flipping dust lying around. I pay more attention to the dust than the actual manga. I'm ruined.

No overleveling & horrid typesetting either. Those god awful typesetters that can't center, use times new roman (WTF?) and just do a god awful job... sorry, I can't stand it. ~_~;

I'm just picky on HQ...

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10:41 pm, Mar 21 2009
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Now this is interesting topic. As it goes for me i usually read LQ first, later when i return to series i read HQ, but not always it depands on title i guess.

Post #532830 - Reply to (#532828) by Dubby

10:47 pm, Mar 21 2009
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i dont mind dust as long as the story is good, if the story is horid the the dust just makes it worse. if the dust is too much i can level it myself to make it easier to read. what i truly dislike is people who abuse the white brush and then typeset over the top without any attempt to redraw or at least making a white box so it looks neater.

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I am the Devil

12:44 am, Mar 22 2009
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i miss the funny polls

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12:53 am, Mar 22 2009
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I don't get this poll... it's not like scanlators always give you two releases and say here is the high quality and here is the low quality... i've never known a scan group that did that... although i'm sure there are a few who do... this poll really needs a option for "whatever quality is available", or "don't care", or even better "who gives a f--- about the quality, you're getting it free anyway"

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Post #532833 - Reply to (#532832) by juliab
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2:44 am, Mar 22 2009
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Umm there is usually more than one group scanlating a series. Take shounen mangas like for example. There are groups who take less than a day to scanlate the weekly chapter in LQ, while there are groups who take a week or so to give a HQ version of the chapter. This pole doesn't mean scanlations only from one particular group; it doesn't say that anywhere.

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3:10 am, Mar 22 2009
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I read both for some series only only HQ for others. Depends how much I like the manga

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3:50 am, Mar 22 2009
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I'm not really a picky reader so I usually just read what comes out first. But if the translations are off or the font is horribly ugly and unreadable, I'll probably wait for HQ scans. Or just read the raws.

Post #532836 - Reply to (#532832) by juliab
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11:54 am, Mar 22 2009
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I completly agree. For some series there's only horrible LQ available no matter how much you look. So yeah, "whatever quality is available" should really be an option.

Post #532837 - Reply to (#532835) by xaurora
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1:02 pm, Mar 22 2009
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I read whatever comes out first XD
But I pick the HQ (if any) to reread later.
What I really can't stand is when some typesetters choose awful handwriting style fonts that are hard to read and I get a headache before I reach halfway through the chapter >_<

Post #532838 - Reply to (#532832) by juliab
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8:28 pm, Mar 22 2009
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Not a lame poll I just don't understand it either. It looks like this one was aimed to shounen fans since many popular series are shounen and have more than one group scanlating them. I think the general should have been taken away...but oh well a, "I don't care either way" would have been better as well.

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Post #532839 - Reply to (#532832) by juliab

4:00 am, Mar 23 2009
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This poll was meant to see if people would bother to read higher quality *if* they had the option. I know most people would read whatever is available, but I'm curious to see if people would bother to reread a better quality version or wait for it. So for the options, just pick what you would do if there were two versions: one that comes out faster, and one that's slower but better. And nope, this doesn't happen for just shounen jump manga...

If you want to know why I'm curious: page=3#post269355


1:00 pm, Mar 24 2009
Posts: 16

Funny, it seems that I can vote for the poll. It's showing me the results instead of allowing me to poll...and I'm pretty sure I haven't voted for this one...

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