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New Poll - Annoying MU

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4:21 pm, Apr 18 2009
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Interesting little poll suggested by Adi2xcl...
If you vote "Other", please explain your vote.

Discuss this on our forum here:

If you got any interesting poll ideas, please submit them here:

Previous Poll Results
Question: Your favorite scene?
Love scenes - votes: 2055 (17.5%)
Action scenes - votes: 861 (7.3%)
Bloodshed scenes - votes: 717 (6.1%)
Funny scenes - votes: 2186 (18.6%)
Hentai scenes - votes: 1143 (9.7%)
Flashbacks - votes: 135 (1.2%)
Touching, emotional scenes - votes: 2499 (21.3%)
When the character acts the coolest - votes: 2134 (18.2%)
There were 11730 total votes.
The poll ended: April 18th 2009

Wow, the sentimental people beat the ones looking for comedy. What a turnout!

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7:19 pm, Apr 18 2009
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I guess most people here have enough comedy in real life smile

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Dark Knight

8:37 pm, Apr 18 2009
Posts: 389

People who give out 10's for series like they were brochures.

It is impossible to get a proper rating on a series. I-M-P-O-S-S-I-B-L-E.

Why is it that almost every series is overwhelmed with 10s? Does that mean that almost every series is a masterpiece and should be read by all? I mean, that's what it indicates.

Seriously, I read comments on some series about how it's "very mediocre" but the user still gives it a 9.

A fucking nine!?

Personally, ratings should be just completely removed. They are meaningless and shallow.


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8:41 pm, Apr 18 2009
Posts: 1

Um. Well, i'm just a normal user. I just come here for the releases. I have to admit that... for me, I see no problems with Mangaupdates. I get my updates, I color-code my series and sticky them. It all works fine, no problems for me... smile

Post #532947 - Reply to (#532945) by GGpX

9:00 pm, Apr 18 2009
Posts: 122

Or implement a feature where an assassin would hunt down those that give ridiculous ratings biggrin That would be awesome

Post #532948 - Reply to (#532945) by GGpX

10:37 pm, Apr 18 2009
Posts: 39

Do not remove the ratings.

They are helpful since it actually does allow us to compare different manga. I know that an average of 9 or higher on this site indicates a very good manga and an average of lower than 8 indicates a dislikeable manga. Those ratings are not meaningless.

Of course, they are shallow, but that's what we'll have to deal with. People give 10's to ones they like a lot, not necessarily only to the masterpieces. There's no avoiding that, but it's not that bad. Learning to interpret the data isn't even hard.

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3:20 am, Apr 19 2009
Posts: 31

The manga that I want to see listed isn't showing up. Oh wait, that isn't Manga Updates but the scanlators whom aren't as fast as I read.
Well then, time to go read some more.
Thanks for the updates. I much prefer this to other pages as the first page to start the morning ... and lunch ... and evening.

Post #532950 - Reply to (#532948) by SilentNN
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Dark Knight

3:57 am, Apr 19 2009
Posts: 389

Ummm... Yes, please do remove the rankings.

You do know that there are only three series with a higher average than 9, right?

And that the vast majority of the series rated under 8 are either Doujinshi, Yaoi, Shounen-Ai or Hentai?

So what about everything an 8 and a 9 rating? What makes series X better than series Y? What's the difference from series X at a 8.5 rating and series Y at a 8.65 rating? Is it .15 better? 15% better?

It's impossible to get a proper read on a series' rating. So, honestly, it would be best to just remove the ranking.


Reset the ranking, and give limited amount of 10's and 1's you can give out.


I run Illuminati-Manga. You're welcome.
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4:09 am, Apr 19 2009
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hmm i answered trolls but actually the suggestions thing actually bothers me. I want to know how things are selected. Yes alot of things are similar but why is bitter virgin suggestion for about every series :/

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whatphotoshopmypicswhatliesdoyouspeakof?! >D
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5:34 am, Apr 19 2009
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I hate when im reading a comment just to see what the series is about and... BANG! spoiler without a proper warning..... and not just a silly little tiny spoiler... im talking about telling in 2 words the whole ending.
So I went with the trolls, but maybe is more of a "flaw in feature".

Post #532953 - Reply to (#532950) by GGpX

9:26 am, Apr 19 2009
Posts: 14

I don't really see the problem? So what if people rank things highly? I mean, sure people can write that a series is mediocre and then give it a 9... So what?

Also, people will rank what they like highly and if there is a 0.15 difference between 2 series it doesn't in any way mean that it is 1.5% better, just that more people liked it.

I think that the ranking can give a fair indication if the series is well liked and if the description sounds good, then I can sort of assume that that particular series is probably well done.

Note that with a Bayesian average, it does become a bit more fair (since a series that only 1 person rates 10 won't be on top).

So in conclusion, I don't see why we should take it away or reset it since some people seem to have troubles with it...

Anyways, to answer the original question, there isn't much that annoys me with MU, except that I'm a bit amused that it still says: "Global searching is currently undergoing a fix." when one searches wink

Post #532954 - Reply to (#532950) by GGpX
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9:36 am, Apr 19 2009
Posts: 169

I don't support anonymous number ratings as well but that's still an impossible request. People seem to love giving out numbers for everything *shrugs*

Alternative suggestion:
Only allow ratings for complete series. There's nothing worse as the mass of "I've only read the first chapter and THIS MANGA SUCKS" comments followed by a bad rating. Just look at the High School Musical manga who had over sixty 1+ ratings long before a raw appeared.

It's also annoying that people rate demographics bad by default just because they're not the target group. Maybe rating for a certain demographic should only be possible when the person has e.g. three respective tagged manga on his/her complete list.
This would also prevent manga newbies from high raking a manga when they've never read any other.

Just my 2 cents.

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Post #532955 - Reply to (#532954) by eni

9:53 am, Apr 19 2009
Posts: 9

I look at the ratings as to how much people would reccommend you to read this - not how much of a masterpiece that particular manga is.

Like I read a 10 as: I love this and def would reccommend.
and a 1 would be: Stay the hell away from this manga.

eni's suggestion is not bad - I like and I get what he/she is saying. Cos ratings like that may change as a manga goes on but people don't adjust their ratings (becuase it's hard to go back and find which manga you rated. Like really, really hard.). And a lot of the time you don't get reasons such and such manga was rated so lowly - or high.

But all that eni suggest is really complicated stuff. Like for longer manga, Bleach, Naruto etc which are like 30 (...40, 50?) vols and still ongoing or that'd be iffy if people wasn't allowed to vote.

Maybe comments should be catagorised more or something. Or organised. Because for some manga there are heaps of pages of comments to go through. And sometimes you just want to see comments about why it was rated lowly ot something but go through pages and pages of comments saying "this manga rocks!"

Bah, all really complicated stuff. And everyone has their own opinion.

Post #532956 - Reply to (#532955) by rindtron

2:40 pm, Apr 19 2009
Posts: 31

With ratings, there is another item to consider: How many times is that series rated. After all, if only 5 people can rate a scanlated series then it is not worth my time. If 200 people have rated it, then I'll take the rating more seriously.
The rating isn't perfect. After all, there is no way to tell a new shoujo fan to wait until they read at least 10 series before they start rating any of them. That, or ask them to provide a list of 5 cliches (or more) for that style of manga before they can rate it.
What also matters are the comments: both good and bad. If a comment goes on about how it is the perfect fluffy piece to brighten a dour day, then chances are it won't interest me, no matter the rating. If it goes on about how it convincingly portrays human relationships while having a good plot, I'm there.
There is also not a way of saying don't rate a series badly because you expected a different style or genre. If you are into happy shoujo, don't give a good series a 1 because the girl and guy didn't end up together in the end.
With the recommendations, if I see that list filled with the same series as so many others, I ignore the recommendations. Otherwise, I'll at least look.
Also, with recommendations, there is no indication about why the series was recommended. For instance for someone who enjoys Team Medical Dragon, I'd immediately recommend Spirit of the Sun. However, if they are also interested in hypocracy and satire, I would recommend National Quiz with the caviat that you do not read that one for plot but what it says about commercialism, Japanese culture and psychology. Yet, if it is it struck a nerve with the involvement of heart disease, I might even recommend Boku No Hatsukio Wo Kimi Ni Sasagu if you also want to add romance to heart disease issues.
Ratings, comments and recommendations are not perfect. Perhaps though it will help people hone their critical thinking skills.


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2:44 pm, Apr 19 2009
Posts: 53

Of course, i know no site is perfect, and i do adore MU-- especially the Manga List that allows me to keep track of the yaoi and the shoujo manga i've downloaded and need. Maybe this isn't really suitable here, since i think this is more like a suggestion than a bother.

You know the volume or chapter option that allows users to click on it to increase the volume/chapter number by 1? There are many times when i have to click on them to increase. I mean, it would help to have a box on the side for users to input the exact volume and chapter s/he up to.

MU is so cool, allowing us to be able to add series into a list to watch, but how about the scanlators? It would help to be able to watch updates of scanlators. Maybe when a watched scanlator release something, a star is placed next to it, or something? my whole post here, and well can see this is not really answering to the poll since it is not really a bother. It is more like a...yeah...

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