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Announcing History! Inside Scanlation!

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Post #533929 - Reply to (#533928) by Moirae

6:36 am, Oct 12 2009
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oops meant to reply to the message under this one

Post #533930 - Reply to (#533885) by jackblack901
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manga underground

8:13 am, Oct 12 2009
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great site. awesome work. very interesting reading
i have added a link on the [url=manga underground][/url] blog too

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3:43 pm, Oct 12 2009
Posts: 28

I take offense to being called a retarded monkey!

But to be fair... I think Gum was just trying to get me to finish the interview since everything from mine was actually taken from IRC logs. Ahaha.

Great job Gum! You really did a fantastic job hunting everyone down. Thank you for really doing this hobby a great justice by chronicling our history. It really does seem amazing when you see it in writing.

Post #533932
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11:29 pm, Oct 12 2009
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I just spent a good three hours reading over this site. It's just got everything! I loved the interviews. What I'm wondering though is how the interviewer was able to talk to Snoopy when his own staff hasn't been able to! XD heh...

The timeline is awesome, but I think some of it is random. Like "Samurai Deeper Kyo ends". Maybe I missed something this is relevant to on the website...


8:00 am, Oct 13 2009
Posts: 130

That sounds interesting. Will check it out.

Post #533934
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8:20 pm, Oct 13 2009
Posts: 83

I just wanted to say that I enjoyed the history lesson tremendously. Awesome, everyone involved.

Post #533935 - Reply to (#533932) by Cave

4:52 am, Oct 14 2009
Posts: 57

Was trying to make this comprehensive timeline of industry events and series starting/ending...gave up after the first 3 hours...if someone else wanna do it, go right ahead wink

Inside Scanlation - TYPE-MOON
Post #533936 - Reply to (#533935) by Gum
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6:05 pm, Oct 14 2009
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Yeah I agree with Cave, the timeline is stuffed with a lot of pointless/unrelated information. Otherwise, great effort on the site!

Post #533937
Disgruntled Nut

7:10 pm, Oct 15 2009
Posts: 104

This article about History of Scanlation is so informative.

I love how they explain the time-line and the progress of the industry of scanlation. smile

Post #533938
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6:18 am, Oct 16 2009
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Wow, this certainly brings back memories. I started following scanlations about nine years ago, so it's strange seeing this site when I pretty much saw history play out. I don't know if it's a good or bad thing that I'm still reading manga at age 20, but I'm glad this community exists and is growing strong.

On a different note, some my all-time favorite manga were scanlated by these old-timer groups--HunterxHunter from Toriyama's World, Yakitate Japan from SnoopyCool, and Tokyo Crazy Paradise from Manga-Sketchbook. And I'm pleasantly surprised that someone saved all those 88x31 icons. They're ancient! It was a great idea to make a collage out of them.

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7:50 am, Oct 24 2009
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great site! it's very useful and packed with information. I learned so much stuff from this one website. keep it up! smile

People are afraid to pursue their most important dreams, because they feel that they don't deserve them, or that they'll be unable to achieve them.
Post #755719

3:05 am, Mar 18 2018
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I just read the articles and honestly it was really informative and I'm glad to have read it. What's interesting is the fact that it's been almost 10 years since the site which is, coincidentally, is almost the same amount of time between the creation of the website and the beginnings of the scanlation community. I have only been around for 3 years and I never really played a part in the community, truthfully I don't even read manga that often anymore, and its cool to see how much the community has changed even from when the site was created. Anyways, theres probably a better place to post this on, but really just a job well done on the site. Wonder what the people you interviewed are up to now days. Thanks for the hard work from 9 years later.
Edit: Also many of the groups considered new back then are considered old now or are dead. And I had never even heard of mangaproject and the like until now, meaning many of the people who were here in the beginning are gone now. Very interesting stuff.

Last edited by ishish at 3:44 am, Mar 18

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3:58 am, Mar 18 2018
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Yeah, most of the "old guard" of the scanlation community is gone sad

No clue what happened to many of them

A just ruler amongst tyrants
Post #757578

3:22 pm, Mar 26 2018
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As a guess I'd say most of them probably outgrew this stuff, a lot of them are probably in their 30s, I think at least. Or they could have just gotten bored of it as well.

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