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Removal of Unlicensed Release Links

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Post #535295 - Reply to (#535293) by Truzero
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Ultimate Seme

3:19 am, Jun 10 2010
Posts: 25

To be honest, I'm glad if Mangatraders or any online reading/hosters sites are down and gone. Because for me, I see them as the reason why the scanlation world is being much exposed to public as they are now.
They attract more fans, true. But they also attract people who won't put more brains or extra effort to come and interact with the scanlators. Also, those sites 'created' some new groups who aimed for net fame instead of introducing new titles.
I see scanlating as a way to introducing unknown titles to public, especially the unwritten conduct that one will dropping the project once the title is licensed in the US. But what happened now is pretty much straying from that idea, with the speed scans and net fame scans. People wanted to have mangas in a free and easy way. Thus they prefer mangahosters and/or online reading sites where they can get their manga fix within one click. I know it's easier to bookmark/rss feed a site instead of bookmark/rss feed numerous groups (in case you're reading several titles from different groups).
Anyway, I see mangaupdates as the information center, so those publishers shouldn't be able to do much. If anything comes to worst. Try checking irc 101 smile

Post #535296
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5:03 am, Jun 10 2010
Posts: 9

I don't really care about DL links because I rarely use them. I agree with most of the commenters before me. It's because of these scanlators that we are able to read manga that god knows when it will be available in our country. And because of these scanlated manga, I came to love a lot of titles and eventually bought them even when it took several years for the publishers to release them.

But as we all know, the rest of the manga published in Japan will never be licensed, nor can they be found in Kinokuniya locally (if there's one in your country). I'm not going to learn how to read Japanese and spend a fortune to buy those manga. Am I not contributing anything to the anime/manga industry? I think so. After all, I'm a bad, ungrateful fan. (/sarcastic)

This is like a witch hunt. I hope that MU will not be affected.

Post #535297 - Reply to (#535295) by hika-kun
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6:56 am, Jun 10 2010
Posts: 9

I'm somewhat reluctant to try irc, but if needed I will go for it. I'm going to need to learn how to use it of course, at the moment I have a basic understanding of it. I do go to the website of those that translated the manga, but mangatraders just made it so simple it was awesome. I loved not having to go from website to website to get different mangas, and sometimes I'll find a manga here on Baka Updates that are either done quite some time ago or if it's still going on the earlier chapters were put out a long time ago. After a long period of time it's not uncommon for the website that scanned them to not have them up before, it has happened to me a few times, and it was during those times where mangatraders was so useful to me. If it's really gone then I'm going to be sad to see it go. Something that I REALLY don't like is when a website makes signing up and making posts a requirement to download manga. I don't have anything to say to the people in the forums nor do I feel like reading what they post, I just want to read the latest chapter of a manga I like. I'm not trying to be a dick, I am fully aware of the fact that scanlators are contributing their own time to get these translated into English for no money, and I greatly appreciate that, but I don't want to have to be forced to sign up and post to download a manga.

Post #535298
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7:57 am, Jun 10 2010
Posts: 170

It's not a witch hunt. Nobody "owes" you any manga in your language or in your country, and not being able to get something legally does not justify stealing it. The publishers are taking the action they think is necessary to protect their legitimate intellectual property. Whether it will work or not is a different question, but they are in the right and the "scanslators/aggregators" are definitely in the wrong.

Post #535299
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8:42 am, Jun 10 2010
Posts: 18

I think this is a good move.
The DL links are not important.
So long as MU remains, it's definitely worth sacrificing the links.

Post #535300 - Reply to (#535298) by Name-Undecided
user avatar

11:08 am, Jun 10 2010
Posts: 3

I completely agree. It's laughable the pirates cry foul when they are the ones doing all the plundering.

Post #535301

12:45 pm, Jun 10 2010
Posts: 1

Well, for MU.. it's a smart moves to removed the links. It'll be bad if you guys been taken down too. On the other hand, this kind of things is not surprising. And doesn't really concern me. Coz most of the manga I read online, I also had the hard copy on my shelves. So... yeah ^^;

Post #535302

3:23 pm, Jun 10 2010
Posts: 2

@ kizku

same thing about manga in Portugal

i read manga a lot but the thing is a volume of manga here costs about 11 euros (That's not certainly cheap sad ) and the prices stil go up because more and more ppl wanna read manga (want to buy manga they like to help publishers) but as it is right now, it is just beyond ridiculous.

As you said, manga in japan is around 3-4 euros (not even more than that) and so ppl just buy them the normal way (and it would certainly help my poor eyes if i could do that too) but the thing is: to order even just one volume of licenced manga from the US or any other part of the world is WAAAAY expensive and if it were not for sites like mangatraders or mangaupdates i wouldn't even know how good a manga series is (lets face it, most of the series are just cliched junk) and i would never have bothered buying it for real (even though the offer is just about 10 licenced popular series here - sad, i know...) and honestly, 11 euros! What do they do with so much money, where does it go?
If they seriously take down sites like mangafox (not that i ever used it before) or mangatraders (** I LOVE YOU GUYS !!! **) I wouldnt have spent around 100 euros buying licensed stuff (believe it or not only around 7 volumes of manga) to help with the whole thing (way oversized publishers who milk us out of our money like crazy) and honestly i dont even believe that has to do with anything anymore, they just want more.

My point being: i read a lot of manga, pretty much only unlicensed stuff (since i buy the licenced series - whether they are in english or french/spanish (OH, POOR ME!! THE LENGHTS I GO TO READ MANGA... - self pity kicking in) and if they do take legal action against manga related sites then the whole thing will only go downhill:
- manga readers will either leave the whole manga thing behind in hopes of seeing better days or
- the manga scanlators will stop caring about being licenced or not and release their things on closed forums or whatnot.

Either way, a great deal of people will only just stop reading it and stop buying the licensed volumes because there will be no real fans to buy an overpriced 1.4 cm wide A5 sized book; and honestly, no one will care enough to continue this ridiculous situation - as i believe it bears resemblance to other countries around the world. Life is just too expensive in order to do that so they will be just shooting themselves in the foot.

either way, i miss manga traders sad

Post #535303 - Reply to (#535302) by Mokas

3:33 pm, Jun 10 2010
Posts: 2

sorry for the double post
forgot to say that i do go to the scanlator teams sites and comment to give out my thanks out to them and to chat a little. Scanlating stuff is hard work and they do deserve our appreciation - The reason everyone of us reads scanned manga is because of their effort after all
still, since i already am familiar with 5 languages i decided to learn jap - but its so damn hard!!
speaking stuff is pretty much ok. the writing stuff is miles away...

Post #535304
user avatar

4:40 pm, Jun 10 2010
Posts: 1354

I support your decision and think it's the right one to make... For me, at least, B-U functions as an information resource, and there is NO other manga website capable of providing the breadth and depth of manga "intelligence" that B-U can. Lol. So to preserve that resource, a decision like this is not only justifiable, but absolutely correct!

Thank you for all your hard work!

Post #535305 - Reply to (#535285) by kizku
user avatar
Lovers Dream

4:40 pm, Jun 10 2010
Posts: 4

Huh? one volume costs like 6 euro here in Germany. not 9+.
I get what you mean but seriously I like having the actual book better than having only scans on the computer. Just my opinion. No offense. ^^

Post #535306 - Reply to (#535256) by blakraven66
user avatar

4:41 pm, Jun 10 2010
Posts: 1354

Lol, same here... I never really used them, since I tend to visit scanlation groups' websites/IRC channels anyway. biggrin

Post #535307
user avatar

6:01 pm, Jun 10 2010
Posts: 193

I just wanted to add that it was a good idea. I really love MU and I don't want to see it go. I didn't even know about the DL link, but hopefully taking those down will help you guys.

Post #535308 - Reply to (#535305) by Carrie
user avatar

6:24 pm, Jun 10 2010
Posts: 228



but you're right. bad german translations are usually around 6.50. they're still shit. there're things, that sound good in german. vocals, poems and comics don't. they.are.shit.period

and collecting books prob feels better than some file archives on your computer, but seriously, books are no competition for scanlations. average scan is about as big as a din a4 paper or even bigger on my 19" tft. smalls ass pictures in din a5 books can't compare. the paper is usually yellowish or something while good scans have perfectly white backgrounds

Post #535309
user avatar
Mad With a Hat

6:28 pm, Jun 10 2010
Posts: 4767

First of all, I completely support the move of removing the DL links.
They were very comfortable (especially with groups who'd gone inactive),
but better be save than sorry.

In my opinion, a big part of the problem is the insistence of groups to work on licensed titles.
Originally, scanlations were meant to give manga fans the ability to read manga they couldn't read otherwise. But this has changed drastically. Now, every other licensed manga seems to be resumed by some group.
I perfectly understand the why American companies decided to take action, even though I think they should be doing a better job with the manga they license.

It's not like I don't want to read some of those licensed series, but at what cost?
Now legal bodies are pointing a magnifying glass on the whole community.

On the other hand, there're the Japanese publishers.
I'm sure they're getting much more money than if there weren't any scanlations.
But what can I say? It's their right...

Hrodulf and Bjornolfr, you will not be forgotten.
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