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One Manga Closing

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From User Message Body
Post #535653 - Reply to (#535649) by HumanoidInterface

2:13 am, Jul 23 2010
Posts: 4

not really, imdb doesnt give links to places to get the pirated material. Although yes, it would be silly if this site was shut down, but it would make pirated manga less available. As mentioned in this thread, a lot of less serious people wouldnt really have the outlet and ease of finding things like scanlations if not for this site, they'd have to google pretty hardcore and learn to capitalize on irc. Now to anyone who has had these luxuries before (myself included) we tend to learn to find things like translated manga all over the internet, but someone who is barely interested wouldn't go so in depth to find the material. So while any current enthusiast wouldn't really be halted, it would help to prevent the new generation from ever finding this.
But it's unlikely they'll do anything.

Post #535654
user avatar

2:19 am, Jul 23 2010
Posts: 8

Just how could they do this to us!!! They already know there's a large population that love mangas, but seriously how dare they atk our lovable sites! UNFORGIVABLE! I mean seriously how the hell are the companies going to translate all that manga, some times i feel that they actually steal the work of our beloved scanlationers and use it as their own!

There's probably another reason why the mangas aren't selling well and that's because they $UCK at picking the good mangas. I mean really, have you seen the titles they have out~the majority are lame. Look at Tokyopop what other lame titles are they coming out with-that stupid dancing one by an american artist (no offense, but it was so lame even I could've done better than boring I didn't bother to read the 2nd volume.)

If they try to close MU we should ALL send angry letters (e-mails) to them. I won't stand for it! Never!!! *Crying from my heart* NOOOOOOOOOOOOOooooooooooooooooooooooo

Post #535655 - Reply to (#535654) by ymoua
user avatar
Falcon Pawnch!

2:34 am, Jul 23 2010
Posts: 77

I noticed that someone set up a petition to save, with about 500 signatures already. I'll really miss OneManga, especially because it was the most organized of all the other hosting sites. is as great as OM, but the updates page could be more organized(not complaining though!)

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Post #535656 - Reply to (#535653) by dasea
user avatar
Urabe is not happy

2:50 am, Jul 23 2010
Posts: 91

MU doesn't give links to pirated material either.

You'll notice that at most it has links to scanlation group sites, which could be found with google anyway.

King Mob
Post #535657 - Reply to (#535610) by crazy_horse1989
user avatar

3:25 am, Jul 23 2010
Posts: 32

I love this site but please don't compare it to ANN post only news and links to company's that actually have the rights to broadcast anime in english not to fansub groups, JS

Post #535658 - Reply to (#535656) by HumanoidInterface

3:45 am, Jul 23 2010
Posts: 4 consider that not the same thing?

kind of splitting hairs I think.
But again, they couldn't really legally pressure a site like this to the entent it would shut down anyway so meh.

Post #535659 - Reply to (#535648) by kami0001

4:10 am, Jul 23 2010
Posts: 17

I hate to say that's not being a grammar nerd, and nor is only to be used with neither.

Post #535660

4:22 am, Jul 23 2010
Posts: 7

MangaHelpers has removed any infos and threads concerning OneManga's end... The Reasons are unknown.

It's unconfirmed yet that Mangafox has received a letter yet, but if so, they seem to block the request. Their servers are in China and out of reach.
The next target will be Narutofan. It will be interesting how Tazmo will work this out now.

Post #535661 - Reply to (#535651) by Meira
user avatar

5:18 am, Jul 23 2010
Posts: 142

It's not bad. Just delete a series once you've read it. I've been downloading for years, and have always preferred it to reading online since you don't have to wait for each individual page to load.

Post #535662 - Reply to (#535654) by ymoua
user avatar

5:31 am, Jul 23 2010
Posts: 11

You must be 12 or something.
You DO KNOW that onemanga has produced 0(that is a zero) scanlations. All of the work is done by actual scanlators, while your beloved OM/MF are nothing but aggregator sites.
If you don't know what an "aggregator" is, look it up in a dictionary.
Closing of OM(and what not other online readers) will affect scanlations of all mangas as much as I affect salt levels in sea by pissing in it.

Maybe now people will start to visit actual Scanlator sites/irc channels more often and give them the respect they deserve.

"Errors have been made. Others will be blamed"
Post #535663 - Reply to (#535658) by dasea

5:36 am, Jul 23 2010
Posts: 63

"you consider that not the same thing?"

I don't think it's the same thing at all. That would be like taking responsibility for what other sites do and don't have on them, which is ridiculous. If that was the case, I think Google would remove even more of it's site links than it does already.

Post #535664
user avatar

5:41 am, Jul 23 2010
Posts: 151
Damn it, this gonna hurt scanlation community a lot ( far more than MT and OM shutted down)
Long live MangaUpdates please..........................

User Posted Image
Post #535665
user avatar

5:42 am, Jul 23 2010
Posts: 14

This was bound to happen, Napster anyone? And iTunes was one answer for that. Well, I'm not surprised this is happening. I just dont understand why PAY SITES are still up and running and free site are not. Well, no, I do understand, because places like OM have morals.

I just wonder how far this will go. Will they start sniffing out every single scanlation group that does unlicensed manga as well? That'll be tough, if not impossible. I'd say it was time to go further underground, and I'm sure some will, but there's always a spy. Who knows. I'm sure they'll be other alternatives, like maybe "renting" manga online or paying for like a monthly/yearly subscription, or just being able to buy online copies of manga like ebooks or Kindle versions. It would make things cheaper, but still not so much in countries where USD rates would implode people's wallets.

We'll see, I wouldnt lose complete hope yet. We might not get things free anymore, but they'd be foolish to assume everyone's going to start paying $10-15 per book. Can you imagine buying an entire series like Naruto, Bleach, or One Piece? PASS. That is way too long! That's like a down payment on a car. Not to mention that a hefty amount of readers dont even have access to manga in their countries.

Post #535666 - Reply to (#535662) by Jackal
user avatar

5:44 am, Jul 23 2010
Posts: 22

Or libraries. Well, and/or libraries. Any manga I read and enjoy that gets licensed in the US where I live, I make sure my local library carries it. If not, I request it, because I do not have the money for both medical care and manga, although I do have an entire bookshelf dedicated to the latter. Used to be 2 bookshelves, but I had to sell some in a pinch.

Anyway, I wish everyone would request and check out manga from their local libraries. Even if you don't read the Viz translation or whatever, requesting and checking out manga keeps the numbers high in the libraries, returning some profit and fame to the mangaka. And it is something that people with little funds can do.

I should know. I'm on Social Security Disability because since 2001 Intel hasn't paid out the private long-term disability I paid for as a tech writer, but that's another outrage.

Post #535667
user avatar

6:03 am, Jul 23 2010
Posts: 213

Well, since things keep coming like this, hell on earth will happen, but mangahelpers provided us hope with their proyect OpenManga, that will be a LEGAL site for online reading... as for what will happen, MANGAUPDATES CANNOT BE TAKEN DOWN BY ANY MEANS!!, and by that i mean ANY... just tell the right people who are bothering the site and they will take care of it =P, and im getting mentaly prepared for the WORST

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