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The Situation of Manga Hosting

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From User Message Body
Post #535705
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6:27 pm, Jul 23 2010
Posts: 151

Yes, online reading website could be taken down. Reading manga online would be over or more likely it will be only available from non-US host. So, what's next?
Idle lechers would struggle and the publisher would benefit a littler bit from that.
Hardcore lechers would turn back to the old days, nothing bad happens.
Scanlations group who is the backbone of scanlations community would be even more happy since they have more people connecting to them.

If they think they could go further to the point "making scanlations officially and forever illegal", they are out of mind.This is not a lose-lose sitiuation, they are the people who have to think twice if they want to bring it to the court
Scanlation group is mostly non-benefit group. And I don't think there is a rule that you cannot share your manga or put the fixed page on internet.
MangaUpdates is way too tricky to be taken down easily even in the court. Why? See what happened to a TV stream sharing website urt-Case!!!

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Post #535706
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6:27 pm, Jul 23 2010
Posts: 329

Going underground is better than nothing.

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Post #535707

6:47 pm, Jul 23 2010
Posts: 27

The main issue is is that reading online allowed everyone to be lazy and be able to read stuff in one spot. Now that stuff's going down, we actually have to do something to get the manga we want to read. No different than how it was back in the day, not that I was here then. This is starting to feel like Terminator: Manga Version

Post #535708

7:08 pm, Jul 23 2010
Posts: 1650

The companies were attacking the sites because the sites themselves were making money, some a lot of it. If scanlations take a low profile, everything will be okay again - I don't think that they will attack scanlators scanlating unlicensed titles. Why stop something that you're not going to release yourselves?

As for people wondering about NarutoFan, I'm sure that Tazmo is just not complying.

Post #535709

7:24 pm, Jul 23 2010
Posts: 3

Allow me to just say this; you do not actually host manga so if publishers come to you to try and get you to close shop then they can't. You are perfectly legal. They can do nothing to you and a good lawyer could very easily when your case. As long as you do not host manga you are safe. Also so long as there are plenty of scanlators the publishers won't bother. There are too many of them. It will take too long and cost too much to bother with each and everyone. The probably scenario will not happen so long as you bother to actually look at a law book. You are doing absolutely nothing wrong. Don't give in to publishers because they can't touch you. They can touch the scanlators but there are so many of them I doubt they will bother. They just wish to take down the big sites like onemanga because they were trying to make money off of their manga.

Sun Tzu may be right but this is not a time to backaway from a fight. Legally you are perfectly safe. Now is the time to fight and by doing so you will be victorious. If you run at an opportunity for victory then you are no better than the publishers you fear...

in regards to a take down notice. the best solution for a scanlation community is to have scanlations. They have no legal rights on this site. They also can not bring the legal hammer of justice down on the scanlators because it will cost way too much. They'd be idiots to try.

Don't give in. The sites hosting manga are doomed to fail. Onemanga was scum that tried to make profit off of someone elses work. Many of them are making a profit in some way. This site will not be struck down because the LAW is on its side.

Post #535710 - Reply to (#535702) by barbapapa
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7:33 pm, Jul 23 2010
Posts: 7

yea that's why we got to go back underground n go low for a while till things are solved and safe and then surface again.

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Post #535711 - Reply to (#535705) by jackblack901
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Chaos Incarnated

7:48 pm, Jul 23 2010
Posts: 363

the sharing site was mainly becuase it was in the netherlands o.o only now are we the newtherlands thinking about changing the law about music sharing >.>

atm in the netherlands it is allowed to download music yet not to upload it, or use it to gain a profit of it. This is the same for all other media.

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Post #535712
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8:20 pm, Jul 23 2010
Posts: 190

Granted, there could be some repercussions along the lines of what the poster has stated, but I believe it is massively exaggerated. Even if there was one lawsuit, suing the whole community would cost much more then he is saying.

The webhosting thing is just ridiculous, if US hosts haven't taken all the sites hosting for movies and music, then manga is gonna be the last thing on their minds. Look at the trends from more popular mediums before you start talking about mass destruction.

Also these publishers don't have the resources to fight a long prolonged battle.

"He who knows when he can fight and when he cannot, will be victorious." Sun Tsu

This is the time to fight, because there is no way they would be able to sue everyone and everything in the way that would actually stop the community. Granted I think online readers are for the lazy, but if they want to continue hosting, just move the reader offshore. They can't sue the entire planet.

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Post #535713 - Reply to (#535712) by mrsatan

8:57 pm, Jul 23 2010
Posts: 1650

One thing that is prominent with the law is precedence. If one case is won, the publishers have leeway to remove all others quickly - equal justice under the law. There is little to know legal battle. Winning a suit against one scanlator will essentially "legislate" (let's not get into judicial activism vs. restraint here, lease) against the rest of them. The government will then have the power to remove the rest.

We want to keep the grey zone grey. Because realistically speaking, it's not going to turn white. There are many awesome titles in the grey zone.

Post #535714

9:01 pm, Jul 23 2010
Posts: 25

As far as manga goes, they can't take Shmorrent's away... So... Just a hint... Anyway, it'll just be harder for us to get manga, doesn't mean it's impossible, so it's ok, But as far as my appeal to buy manga, It's gone down since the Nazi invasion, but whatever.

Good Point.

Disturbed... Enough said...
Post #535715 - Reply to (#535712) by mrsatan

9:07 pm, Jul 23 2010
Posts: 32

Fight back? Collectively these companies will be able to handle a court case without worrying about the cost. Look at how many there are. They have the resources, should they wish to use them.

Dont fight, that gets attention. Like Silverado said it only take ONE precedent. Once they get the precedent it wont be anywhere near an equal fighting ground They could have 1 lawyer fighting 3 cases at any one time once they get a precedent. What scanlators do is only legaal provided they dont share it, but there's no court on earth that would find a scanlator innocent.

As for MU, the worst they could do would be remove all data to do with scanlators; their pages, chapters scanlated and so on.

Post #535716 - Reply to (#535714) by asudake

9:11 pm, Jul 23 2010
Posts: 32

They can and will take down torrents. Torrents use a certain protocol that certain ISPs have already blocked (but then re-allowed) torrents for bandwidth issues. Another great thing about torrents is that your IP is stored in the torrent metadata (the stuff that keeps track of seeders and leechers) so unless you're behind a proxy they can track you down, especially once ACTA comes into power.

Post #535717 - Reply to (#535714) by asudake
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Falcon Pawnch!

9:16 pm, Jul 23 2010
Posts: 77

I say that by November, the publishers of manga that is unavailable in English will see the drop in popularity and all will be as it was 2 months ago.

Pokémon - Favorite anime and game series of all time!

The World God Only Knows -Favorite manga of all time
Post #535718
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9:18 pm, Jul 23 2010
Posts: 28

I don't quite understand why everyone keeps saying scanlators have to go underground. I don't think the taking down of aggregator sites is anything but good news for scanlators. We don't make money off scanlating... these sites were (through ads). They took our work (a lot of times with out our permission) resized it and made it look crappy.

All in all this is good news for scanlators and I don't think taking down the easier access that some leechers had to the manga constitutes us having to go underground. For most of us it means business as usual. The only people who this really effects are the people who got used to using these sites instead of getting the better quality releases from the actual scanlators themselves.

Post #535719

9:42 pm, Jul 23 2010
Posts: 2

Although I would much rather read manga online for free, I support the scanlators' decision to drop licensed manga. They work hard to scanlate manga for us and they take time out of their (usually) busy schedules to share it with us -- I definitely don't want them to get into legal troubles because of our expensive fandom.

And a note to the publishers: A LOT more people would buy manga if it was cheaper, had much better quality and better translations. I believe these are the main issues about translated manga. I mean really, how many people can afford to buy a 10+ volume series at $9.99 per volume? I certainly don't have that kind of money to spend, especially with the amount of series that I like to read....

These are the reasons that I (and many others) read scanlated manga; the scanlators actually go out of their way to explain things to the reader and the majority of them are pretty diligent about the QUALITY of the scans themselves. Some publishers don't even care about these things so I think "Why should I buy a manga from a publisher that doesn't even give these things a second thought?"

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