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New Poll - Bed Monster

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2:56 pm, Jul 31 2010
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Let's do a fun/weird poll again~ In particular, this bed monster related one was suggested by our member PeachMangoTea. Use your imagination

You can discuss this poll on our forums here:

You can submit poll ideas here:

Previous Poll Results:
Question: Do you believe that accessing manga without the use of internet in your country or region is hard or impossible?
Yes - votes: 7286 (43.5%)
It would take more money than I can afford - votes: 7411 (44.2%)
No - votes: 2058 (12.3%)
There were 16755 total votes.
The poll ended: July 31st 2010

To be truly fair, we'd have to split it by regions, but that makes a long poll. And we don't really do surveys here...yet...

PS: I just beat StarCraft 2's campaign last night. Now for achievements and multiplayer!

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5:17 pm, Jul 31 2010
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Actually my bed is directly on the floor so there is no space, unless is a REALLY flat monster... Wait a minute... Ahhhh!

Post #535987 - Reply to (#535986) by Miltrivd
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5:24 pm, Jul 31 2010
Posts: 169

Same problem and I have no closets with open doors in my sleeping corner either.... >.>

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5:36 pm, Jul 31 2010
Posts: 155

a monster under my bed? well, glad i have my katana hangning over if.
just a sec...ok i guess i vote for "not anymore"

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the Mist Dragon

5:54 pm, Jul 31 2010
Posts: 178

There should have been an "It's my friend" choice, well, the closest one was that it's my pet.

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Post #535990 - Reply to (#535987) by eni

6:13 pm, Jul 31 2010
Posts: 424

So I'm not the only one with no frame, eh?

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Legend and Hero

6:50 pm, Jul 31 2010
Posts: 80

I decided to let my little brother live. Bunk beds.

Post #535992 - Reply to (#535986) by Miltrivd
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7:08 pm, Jul 31 2010
Posts: 72

LOL, same here.

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trenchcoat baby

7:32 pm, Jul 31 2010
Posts: 143

I chose 'it's my pet' tho sometimes I wonder if my cat really is a monster... Lol he loves it underneath my bed!! ^^

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Post #535994 - Reply to (#535993) by plumcrazy926
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8:11 pm, Jul 31 2010
Posts: 182

Same here. My cat likes to go under my bed. <3 I won't be surprised if there are fleas...yet again.
(However, underneath my bed used to be a crapload of papers, 4 year old projects, bags, color pencils, etc, etc.)

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8:57 pm, Jul 31 2010
Posts: 838

If so, I used to but not anymore. Those blood sucking bastards died in a hail of baking soda, poison and vacuuming. Besides them, there were only spiders and dust bunnies.

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9:04 pm, Jul 31 2010
Posts: 2050

I feel special~ >w<!!!!

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Post #535997
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all hail schneizel

9:10 pm, Jul 31 2010
Posts: 196

Even if with the prices, I would buy manga if it was up to date. I chose, "Yes, it's my pet."

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11:10 pm, Jul 31 2010
Posts: 5

There's a monster living on my bed, whispering in my eaaaaaaaar

Ah, sorry. I just listened to that song.

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Post #535999 - Reply to (#535986) by Miltrivd
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Urabe is not happy

2:44 am, Aug 1 2010
Posts: 91

Have you considered your bed really covers a portal to hell?

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