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New law targeting otaku culture!!!

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Post #536947 - Reply to (#536929) by woxxy
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10:37 pm, Dec 16 2010
Posts: 131

gahahaha overexaggeration+misinterpretation much?
it is, for the most part, a reasonable bill.

but you can see that the japs have been living in a thicker bubble then we have :3
hopefully it won't affect the manga industry too much

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Post #536948

10:59 pm, Dec 16 2010
Posts: 42

are you serious? this doesn't seem possible.. also, i didn't see anything about it on Kadokawa's site...

Post #536949
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Obsessive Otaku

11:21 pm, Dec 16 2010
Posts: 71

this is the birthday present i am getting in my birthday which is today from my favorite country next to us, japan which i thought contained all the joys of the world for all the male and female otakus in this world. so are they canceling all the anime channels and currently publishing manga and anime which is thought to be containing any kind offensive material?

Post #536950
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12:10 am, Dec 17 2010
Posts: 3

Hello, i read in the last days mostly every news about this bill, but something is not clear to me, maybe someone can help.

So if a publisher has more then 6 unhealthy mangas per year they can get in trouble right? And its forbidden to have incest, loli stuff right?

So my question: Does this only affect "non Adult" Mangas? I mean Loli Mangas for example by Akane Shinsha = Tenma Comic LO Mangas are always labelt 18+, so this will not affect them?

Thats the only thing that im not clear, cose if it really only affects non Adult stuff then the law dosent even do much for me, even when its sad for normal Mangas.

Can someone make this clear for me? thanks

Post #536951 - Reply to (#536950) by ot4ku
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Local Prig

12:57 am, Dec 17 2010
Posts: 1899

It only affects non-adult material by threatening companies with an 18+ label. When it's sold in Tokyo. That's all.

It's nearly impossible for enforce properly- after six offenses a company is given a notice to "self-regulate" which can still be safely ignored.

Not to mention that it doesn't change the industry outside of Tokyo, and that somewhat taboo subject matter has to be repeatedly judged "glorified" as just by a committee of retiring politicians who don't give a damn about their jobs and probably can't be bothered to evaluate a given text more than once to begin with.

This is just hyper-sensationalized by a couple indignant fans who don't really understand the law at all.

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Post #536952 - Reply to (#536951) by Crenshinibon
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1:42 am, Dec 17 2010
Posts: 773

so evry author can move out of tokyo and continue to write so can the anime studios right?

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Post #536953
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Site Admin

1:45 am, Dec 17 2010
Posts: 56

I like how people think Japan is not a conservative country, and have been lead astray by believing the things they see in Anime and Manga.

Post #536954

1:50 am, Dec 17 2010
Posts: 7

Well Otakus can form a political party, get publishers and community as their support, take majority during next election and reverse the damn thing...

Post #536955
user avatar

1:57 am, Dec 17 2010
Posts: 4

nNt sure what we can do to support the anti-ban, but my friend just formed a group in facebook(Anti-Manga Ban), hopefully it will have enough members, then we'll send the group's link to the link you've posted in support to Kadokawa... >_<

Post #536956 - Reply to (#536952) by ajcoolim107
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Local Prig

2:08 am, Dec 17 2010
Posts: 1899

The law only affects sales and distribution in Tokyo. It doesn't actually matter where they're based, honestly, they can still produce the same material within city limits as long as material found by this board to be in violation of the law is properly labeled 18+ when sold.It's actually rather difficult to enforce (especially considering the ultimatum comes in the form of "self-regulation") within the law's parameters and will probably only happen in extraordinary cases.

In other words, assuming some store actually carded a kid in Tokyo, he could take the train 20 minutes to another prefecture and buy it there without problems.

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Reviews of my Work:
You are kind of boring - Blackorion
Congratulations! Ur an asshole! - tokyo_homi
Your awesome!!! - Cherelle_Ashley
NightSwan also said that she wanted to peg me, once, but I'm not sure whether to take that as a compliment or a threat...
Post #536957

3:01 am, Dec 17 2010
Posts: 15

yeah there is no need for such a law like that. if they want a boundary betwen right or wrong, there are one within our self. lol

Post #536958
user avatar

4:06 am, Dec 17 2010
Posts: 2037

Goodbye yaoi. I never liked you anyway.

"The mastermind behind this is Tokyo Governor Shintarō Ishihara, who blatantly shows no care for the illustrated entertainment industry. He claims that the law is to protect the youth of japan, yet he himself is the author of a series of schoolgirl gang rape novels."
...Lol. Gotta love irony.

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Post #536959 - Reply to (#536940) by Name-Undecided
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7:45 am, Dec 17 2010
Posts: 55

You may not mind it if those things were banned, but that doesn't mean the law is right. It's not all about you, y'know.

"So in effect, what we'll lose is: violence, sex, crime, homosexuality, ecchi manga, any student/teacher, incest, age gap, and most shoujo series?"

(Emphasis mine) What's wrong with homosexuality in anime/manga? I don't see why it would be a problem unless you're a homophobe. :/

Post #536960
user avatar

10:27 am, Dec 17 2010
Posts: 1

The law only pertains to manga aimed at under 18s. All that will happen is that titles that fall foul of this law will get an 18+ certificate and the world will keep on spinning.

If anything this will mean that those of us who really do read manga for the plot, will not have to suffer the excessively gratuitous violence and thinly veiled pseudo porn that blights and stereotypes modern manga and those who do read the above mentioned, will not have to try and justify it as legitimate reading material since it will have a mature rating anyway.

Stop panicking, stop bitching and stop spreading misinformation; this is a good thing for western readers.

Post #536961

10:59 am, Dec 17 2010
Posts: 8

I don't know if it's come up here, I don't have time right now to read through the comments.

As I understand it they want to censor it because they are a bad influence on children. Wouldn't that mean that the law is aimed at anime and manga for children? The adult series are for adults, maybe the goal of this is to keep the adult manga and anime away from children.
In that case there shouldn't be any major problem for publishers.
That's how it looks like to me atleast.

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