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Looking for some more release mods

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From User Message Body
Post #538078 - Reply to (#538075) by mellowmut
user avatar
Web Developer

2:27 am, Aug 7 2011
Posts: 43

Iím sorry, but I canít let this discussion end just yet, especially considering you werenít talking as part of the MangaUpdates team.
I'll mix my answer to your opinion with material addressed to the rest of the MU team. If you could, ping the team so they can read this comment.

It's in the interest of MangaUpdates to stay as far as possible from "scandal" and not siding with any scanlator in particular. If it were for me, I'd have submitted plenty of articles to MU about how scanlators get DDoSed and how aggregators get credits and trick users into paying subscriptions.
That's not MangaUpdates' dish.

But, that's what you're linked to by not supporting the removal of this person. I couldn't care less about aggregators that behave, but I certainly care if it comes down to my site being bombed by spam from China, my releases being uploaded anyway, and used to sell unlicensed merchandise along with it. It's far beyond just rehosting.

While I donít care if you cheated during your exams, it should be in the interest of MangaUpdates to at least ensure their staff doesn't openly disregard of the source of MangaUpdates' data.
I would love to say that it's suicidal for your ecosystem to do so, but the fact that MangaFox still exists and gets larger by the passing day, proves that disregarding the source just makes you leaps more powerful.

What if this person worked for years? It doesn't matter. He worked for ĖapparentlyĖ free, and the leading position shouldn't be his payment for having worked here, especially when he could abuse it. His payment was being able to be the first to grab the releases to upload.
I thought he was checking if the release existed, whenever he came in our channel to download them. In truth, he was getting them for uploading elsewhere, and then announcing on MangaUpdates. Several aggregators pay the large uploaders, and he was on the fast lane.

Scanlators are really tired of things like the above happening. I can understand not knowing as much as active scanlators do, since itís a dispersed community.
Now that I explained the situation in more detail, still without deepening my discussion too much, I suppose you can take proper action.

Iíd like MangaUpdates to stay out of it, proactively.

Member of FoOlRulez and head coder of the FoOlSlide project.
Post #538079 - Reply to (#538078) by woxxy
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The H Emperor

12:54 pm, Aug 8 2011
Posts: 501

I have to agree with woxxy on this;
Acting like you don't know anything isn't a good enough reason when you have a tard on your team that actually act the total opposite. So because of this tard mangaupdates is acting actively and against the scanlation community.

You have to remember that when you have an organisation and someone in that organisation does something bad then it represents the whole organisation.

I can't see why this has to be that big an issue. Go check if the guy is the same on mangafox and mangaupdates, if he is then kick him out. I'm quite sure that it's not mangaupdates policy to let people earn money on something that is free. Just like it's forbidden to sell your translation skills via mangaupdates.

PS: If you really cheated on the test in 7th class then you are a mean person. You took the rank from someone who could have gotten it and you did by cheating. Now think how you affected that persons and the other's under him who also lost a rank because you cheated and unfairly took that specific rank. No matter what we do it affects others, let's try to do our best with clean hearts and no vile intentions, k? Or not try to earn money on someone else's free work.

Post #538080 - Reply to (#538079) by T1
user avatar

9:35 pm, Aug 8 2011
Posts: 2237

We are currently investigating.

Post #538081 - Reply to (#538080) by Manick
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The H Emperor

10:29 pm, Aug 27 2011
Posts: 501

So any progress in the investigation or are you still investigating? I think we would be happy to know the result which we already kinda knows but just for the sake of the investigation, you know.^^

Post #538082 - Reply to (#538081) by T1

7:19 pm, Aug 29 2011
Posts: 21

Yes, please.

Post #538083

8:09 am, Sep 5 2011
Posts: 2

Last edited by tjoolfoo at 4:32 pm, Jan 20

Post #538084 - Reply to (#538083) by tjoolfoo
user avatar

3:07 am, Sep 6 2011
Posts: 26

don't do that... I'm the first one to download if the manga release. If you put password then why don't just keep it for yourself and release at the end of the week. How about that? there is no solution unless the scanlator delay the manga for them self for 24 hour before publish it, that the only solution. If they keep that then rule 24-hour delay will never exist.

2 thing:
1) The manga site respect them (which almost human hard to listen)
2) The scanlator keep the manga for 24 hour, which the reader will also have to wait. (But rule 24-hour delay will gone) and don't worry if you don't tell us we will never know cause we are powerless, we just wait for them to release. XD

Who to blame? choose

(Manga site [just doing their job] ,scanlator [who has the power] or the reader [who know to read only])

I blame the reader the most, because of them the manga site is greedy to make money and to fulfill the hunger of the reader and the scanlator have to work harder to release the manga fast because of them. (include me) IMO XDDD

Because we are human RESPECT is important.

Post #538085 - Reply to (#538084) by gaara877
user avatar

3:19 am, Sep 6 2011
Posts: 26

one more this is the greatest solution among the greatest:

Why don't the mangaupdates respect the scanlator group by not showing the release. 24 hour delay. After 24 hour after that then they show it. Cool. Now choose who has the power to do such thing. The only thing in my mind is mangaupdates itself. fair right. Scanlator should talk to mangaupdates to delay it because mangaupdates is the biggest information for manga site XDDD.

The biggest power the biggest responsibility. Mangaupdates have such power. Manga site actually powerless.

Power ranking:

1) Scanlator
2) Mangaupdates
3) Manga site
4) reader

Top 2 have the power to make thing happen XDD

Post #538086 - Reply to (#538085) by gaara877
user avatar

12:20 pm, Sep 6 2011
Posts: 140

The Manga Sites would just have to subscribe to Scanlator sites by say RSS and then they get their information and the chapter anyway. So sadly neither impact on the Manga Sites nor their leechers, but MU will be delayed for a day. ^^°

"35% of all circulating facts and figures are wrong!"
Post #538087
user avatar
Scripting Genius

4:14 am, Sep 9 2011
Posts: 19

Sorry about the delay on this... I only just noticed myself that this thread existed. There is a solution that has been implemented, though I daresay that many of you would not be happy with the actual solution were I at liberty to divulge the details. Unfortunately, that is lambchopsil's right and not mine, as he was the one to administer the punishment to the mod in question.

As a release mod (though a rather new one - it was right before the original post when I sent in my application), I would like to personally apologize to any scanlation sites/staff members that were affected by this. I have been a long time supporter of scanlation sites, no matter what their wait period may be (though I may disagree with a few of the longer ones), and I am especially sad to hear about the end of Shi-Ki. I hope that The-One will go on to troll more people than any other in history, as he is a brilliant troll.

I will also suggest to someone higher up than me (probably Manick) that all mods be regularly checked for accounts on the various manga reading sites from time to time, as the power granted by the moderator position is far too tempting if one has such accounts (since we're the first to find out other than followers of the group).

Again, I apologize for the delay on this, as you all deserved to know the instant that a solution was proposed, and I apologize to any groups that were affected by the improper actions of any MU release mods.

Revan, Prodigal Knight
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