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New Poll - For an Essay

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6:56 am, Nov 5 2011
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This week's poll is a little different. A member of ours, BokoLife, requested this poll as data to write a paper for a class at his/her university. No forum thread for this one.

You can submit poll ideas here (and try to keep them manga/anime-related):

Previous Poll Results:
Question: If you were in a manga, you would live in a
Realistic world - votes: 3505 (24.6%)
Fantasy world - votes: 10728 (75.4%)
There were 14233 total votes.
The poll ended: November 5th 2011

No dragons in reality. Enough said.

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9:06 am, Nov 5 2011
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Title says it all. I am hesitant to vote because I don't want my "no" vote to be interpreted as "I think Japanese people are morally inferior"
But if that is not the case, then I guess I will vote.


10:25 am, Nov 5 2011
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Anyone who votes 'Yes, and I'm not Japanese' is, I'd suspect, a weeaboo of the highest order. I hope you're basing your ideas on who's morally superior to who on more than comic books...

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10:47 am, Nov 5 2011
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I'm interested what the paper is on so that such pointless poll results would become necessary. Anyone with half a brain would vote no. And it's not because Japan has committed some of the worst atrocities by mankind such as the rape of Nanking. But how could one possibly make a generalized statement such as morally superior in regards to a large entity like a country?

Of course, without defining moral superiority--if that is actually possible--the whole point is moot. More importantly, there is no specification what the comparison is. Unless taken in the context of racial supremacism--where the comparison would be implied to be everything--the term morally superior by itself is meaningless.

Furthermore, I would guess that the large majority of MU users have next to zero exposure to real Japanese culture (i.e. lived in Japan for an extended period of time). Therefore, the only real conclusion someone could draw from the poll is that most of the MU user base is able to differentiate between fiction and reality. Naturally, most people can make this distinction so the poll results are worthless.


11:01 am, Nov 5 2011
Posts: 55

Well, what to say... this is probably the first poll on mangaupdates where there is actually a correct and three wrong answers. and everybody who's seen some of the more weird stuff (for example threatening seiyuu's who let themselves seen with their boyfriend, or any close male friend for that matter) in Japan should know the correct answer.

Post #538575 - Reply to (#538574) by JustPassingBy

11:02 am, Nov 5 2011
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oh, and don't misunderstand my post. I'm not saying that the japanese are morally inferior to everybody else. all I'm saying is that there are "good" people and people with really twisted concepts of morale in each and every society.

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11:25 am, Nov 5 2011
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The japanese has committed some of the worst atrocities in modern time, so no, I don't think they're morally superior, far from it... -.-

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11:50 am, Nov 5 2011
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Ok i'm not someone who like to judge but when i see all the things japanese do i can think of them as morally superior at all.

Just the other days i saw on Siliconera how they wanted to start releasing game in public bathroom and the game would calculate how much pee a guys was peeing in millimeter and other shit like that if someone can seriously think they are morally superior after things like that i say they have something wrong with their head. g-to-the-bathroom-with-urine-controlled-video-g/
a link to what i'm talking about since my english isn't really good i think this will explain better then me

Post #538578 - Reply to (#538577) by darkraiders

11:59 am, Nov 5 2011
Posts: 34

lol thats what i call that pure japanese creativity. Japanese never been morally superior, but i could say that japanese superiority is in creativity and perversion (by most world standard).

Post #538579 - Reply to (#538576) by RilleL

12:05 pm, Nov 5 2011
Posts: 13

Every country did bad thing.
Only the Japanese did it later do to the late industrial revolution, and for this it's weighted more.

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Mad With a Hat

2:59 pm, Nov 5 2011
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Good luck with that paper.

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3:00 pm, Nov 5 2011
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I votes for "Yes and I'm not Japanese." Why?

Morals US vs. Japan.

Hurricane Katrina: Within hours there was looting, murder, rape and chaos.
Japans Earthquake: No murder, no looting. People were actually lining up (peacefully) for hours just to get a few litres of gas… Even the Yakuza were hading out food and water to the worst areas hit!

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3:05 pm, Nov 5 2011
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This poll seems kind of racist. If you vote yes, you're saying Japanese are better, if you say no, you're saying that they're lower. On account of that I'm not voting. Please don't put up racist polls.

Post #538583 - Reply to (#538582) by aries_girl

3:32 pm, Nov 5 2011
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I don't think the "No" means they are morally inferior or anything...
It's like "Yes" equal to a +1, "No" to a 0, and not "Yes" +1, "No" -1

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5:00 pm, Nov 5 2011
Posts: 987

lol i think
it's more interesting to observe and analyze voters' reactions
than their seemingly obvious choice

its cold down here fam ~
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