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New Poll - For an Essay

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Post #538630 - Reply to (#538625) by RoleOfAQS
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Local Prig

12:06 am, Nov 8 2011
Posts: 1899

See, here's the thing. While your argument is totally logical, it's also impossible to certify. We can easily make the assumption that MU's userbase should be biased in favor of Japan, but we don't actually have any information to confirm that, so right there we step entirely into the realm of conjecture. Who knows (playing Devil's Advocate here), Japanese media could have left us disillusioned with the realities of true Japan while enamored with the fantasy version.

You also have to realize that these polls aren't locked. If memory serves, a person with a dynamic IP could vote in this poll as many times as they wanted. It's not like the polls here have ever had any real security issues, but that also means that the results of the poll are inherently subject to inaccuracy. All we can say is that given the current set of circumstances, with a biased choice-based sample group, we have this result. There's nothing that's telling because all of the information is suspect.

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Post #538631
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his and her sonnet

10:22 am, Nov 8 2011
Posts: 1127

18.5% of the votes for "yes, and i'm not japanese"...i dont know what to say...
see cant judge a country according to a handful of people.some people here are justifying their votes for "no" by referring to shota,loli and hentai...PUH-LEASE!!!
i believe that there's no such thing as "good" or "bad" everyone has both, same goes for countries.saying that the japanese are superior morally is downright stupid, and saying they're inferior because of their crimes during the world war isnt any better either...if you are forever going to judge the japanese according to history then that means that ALL germans hate jews, ALL americans hate cubans and japanese and ALL albanians hate serbians etc. etc.
most of the replies to this poll make me sad
and i agree with those who said that the result of this poll cannot be used as a reference for the paper.

Post #538632 - Reply to (#538631) by sarah-eats-cupcakes
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his and her sonnet

12:42 pm, Nov 8 2011
Posts: 1127

ah sorry. i meant...ALL germans still* hate jews, ALL americans still* hate cubans and japanese and ALL albanians still* hate serbians

Post #538633
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3:25 pm, Nov 8 2011
Posts: 628

Roughly 3.3% of the people who answer mangaupdates polls are Japanese

"It is those who know little, and not those who know much, who so positively assert that this or that problem will never be solved by science."
Post #538634 - Reply to (#538630) by Crenshinibon

5:27 pm, Nov 8 2011
Posts: 9

Alas, someone replies who understood my post.

Aye, while MU is most definitely not a site you can get an unbiased response to, the truth is still that this is a site that'd be more pro-Japan than a proper sample. Yet, the poll still produces a solid result against this "better morals". Even counting that margin of error you pointed out, the poll is solid evidence that even among a group of pro-Japan people, the trend is to say that Japan does not have better morals than other people.

My biggest problem with the poll, though, is that the options are between "Positive" and "Neutral", though. Though the results are quite telling, they're not well defined, as this means that both the "Neutral" and "Negative" opinions are grouped together. This, more than anything else, will skew the results unfavorably. If not for the 4:1 ratio of neutral to positive, you'd not be able to tell anything from the results.

Post #538635 - Reply to (#538632) by sarah-eats-cupcakes

5:44 pm, Nov 8 2011
Posts: 9

Er, no, I think yer a wee bit off there. You seem to think that we think this because of porn. Well, if that's the case, ever country has horrible morals, so that's a non-issue. There are other factors, and unfortunately for you, the biggest source of opinion for those outside of the country is japanese media.

With stuff like Highschool of the Dead and Queens Blade, as well as a sharp turn towards perversion in gaming (Even Kotaku's had several articles going "Really, japan?"), the opinion is that they most definitely do not have better morals than the rest of us. The problem with the poll is that the only options here are "Positive" and "Neutral", there is no choice for "Negative", so all the neutral and negative votes get grouped together.

Furthermore, before you continue on your silly rant, even the Japanese agree. The japanese right now have voted in a 5:2 ratio that Japanese are not morally superior. This has nothing to do with hating japan, and with you disregarding that result... you kinda come across weeabooish.

Post #538636 - Reply to (#538635) by RoleOfAQS
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his and her sonnet

6:14 pm, Nov 8 2011
Posts: 1127

ehconfusedwhat are you talking about?
my post was directed at people who voted no because of porn or political issues
you dont have to tell me what you just told me
have a look through people's posts before acting all witty and smart and giving me a lesson about japanese media
if you look at the above comments written by people who voted for "no", you can classify them into 2 groups: 1-those who understand that no country can possibly be morally superior because people have varying ideals and morals in the first place. 2-those who voted no because they think the japanese are inferior due to porn and/or war crimes
my post was directed at the second group explaining why they are wrong
how does this make me a weeaboo? care to elaborate?

Davion X
Post #538637

12:16 am, Nov 9 2011
Posts: 3

This pool is just stupid. The question is stupid itself. Even if it's for class etc., this portal isn't right place, to ask such question. Just no.

Post #538638 - Reply to (#538633) by mattai

1:30 am, Nov 9 2011
Posts: 139

lol very true!! and even then, even that statistic is not necessarily true because nothing guarantees that people are being honest in an online poll

Post #538639

3:48 am, Nov 9 2011
Posts: 111

I don't really care if this is for someone's essay or not, but this is the worst poll ever. Not only does it cause conflict in a neutral website and forum, but it is a sensitive subject. That, and I don't think you can use this survey for research purposes at all because these are all voluntary responses in a very similar sample, thus making this survey very, very tilted.

My answer, no. No one's perfect.

Post #538640 - Reply to (#538625) by RoleOfAQS
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3:57 pm, Nov 9 2011
Posts: 6

i just want to put smthing out, u probably won't read this, but i just felt like saying it.
before saying this a site for people who generally enjoy Japanese culture and media, shouldn't we assume before that most people who come to this site come from a middle class background since people who can access this site must have internet and free time. probably better to take a poll for household income to be more accurate. Anyhow by assuming this u will know that most people will say no cause you live in a developed country and an understanding of things that Japan have done in the past but also you would know morality is subjective. The only people who would say yes are either biased and believe japan is utopia right now, cause the only morally superior people living in a country would have obtain utopia by now (just my opinion) or misunderstood the poll cause it's so vague ( put some specifications... like modern age). If this poll was taken in an under-developed country or a country that is currently in a warzone or in an area with bad living standards, i believe most of them would say yes. So i find this poll pointless for that very reason. I do know im assuming a lot and my viewpoint isnt exactly valid either but just want to say this just to let people see it from a different viewpoint

centzon totochtin
Post #538641
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Herder of Pigeons

6:33 pm, Nov 9 2011
Posts: 132

Sorry, where is the 3rd option that says humans have the same morals / lack of no matter what country they are from? If you are studying then think a bit more.

Post #538642 - Reply to (#538624) by AndyProk
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the lazy one

10:16 pm, Nov 9 2011
Posts: 7

Oh, we wish. But I wonder what would the real thesis sound like if it were the case. biggrin

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Post #538643 - Reply to (#538641) by centzon totochtin

11:14 pm, Nov 9 2011
Posts: 29

That would be either of the two "no" answers, I'd say.

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Post #538644 - Reply to (#538610) by BokoLife
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3:06 am, Nov 10 2011
Posts: 131

I feel somewhat irked to be manipulated like that... But whatev, that's how you make I teresting conversation topic
I think you should have asked/looked at a more controversial issue, because IMO there are more and better arguements for japan being morally equal to other countries

but..... I'm still extremely concerned for that 19%. I'm PRETTY sure this community doesn't have many trolls so...........

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