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Post #541459 - Reply to (#541455) by Zoro
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8:28 pm, Mar 22 2012
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Quote from Zoro
JWhy did he switch up the crew's hearts?

Dunno about the other points but the obvious answer to this question is, "because he doesn't want to chase them later on". If they want to return to normal, they'll have to find Law.

Post #541485 - Reply to (#541249) by despair666
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11:44 pm, Mar 22 2012
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Quote from despair666
wow, Law is ridiculously strong, a bit too strong IMO, must be a weakpoint right. Long range attacks or something. Still, he's a badass.

Well, based on Smoker's comment about Tashigi's haki not being strong enough, having strong haki might be enough to block being cut.

I'm thinking haki might end up being used that way quite a bit in the future to negate or weaken some of the more overpowered aspects of devil fruits (kind of like it already has been shown to let haki users hit logia people).

"It is those who know little, and not those who know much, who so positively assert that this or that problem will never be solved by science."
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12:14 am, Mar 23 2012
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Just caught up with the last three chapters of One Piece.

(Trafalgar, you have become even more sexy since I last saw you)

I wonder why he has the children trapped on the island...
He seemed pretty concerned about the whole thing.

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Post #541846
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3:20 am, Mar 25 2012
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One Piece owns..

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