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Air gear is finally ending.

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12:41 pm, Apr 6 2012
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Best news ive gotten this month.. since Air Gear has become really confusing

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1:47 pm, Apr 6 2012
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What? Its ending?
I felt like it had 300 more chapters of weirdness left! Woopie the guy finally decided to end Air Gear!
Should had done that like 100-200 chapters ago though, hope he finally gets a good story going on next time, darn shame he hasnt up till now because his art kicks ass.

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6:54 pm, Apr 8 2012
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Five more chapters to go. FINALLY. I must say the newest development is making me love Sora more and more. At least he has something other than AT, unlike Ikki.

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1:06 pm, Apr 14 2012
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OH GREAT news! (pun intended)

Seriously, he really should have do it sooner, because as the story keep being prolonged and become more confusing. I will say this, oh great proven to be bad at wrapping story as it shown in Tenjo Tenge, and Air Gear is not any different as the story being patched here and there giving impression just like when you're riding bumper cars.

My advice is he should switch doing manga artist for another author instead (and stop writing his own because it sucks). Some great mangaka did well being an illustrator only, such as Obata Takeshi or Yabuki Kentaro cool

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