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Juné manga licencing issues over?

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5:02 am, Apr 11 2012
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Just noticed that Juné manga is publishing volume 7 in August with the new illustrations by Nagato Saichi. smile wink grin It's great it hasn't been dropped but I wonder whether or not they plan to republish the previous books with the new illustrations. I love Nagato Saichi's art... Anyone know what's going on with this? confused

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5:22 am, Apr 11 2012
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In Juné's forums, crayon (admin/DMP staff member) mentioned that the previous books will be restocked, but I'm guessing you're referring to newer editions with different or additional content? That would probably require a new contract with the Japanese publishers, but I don't know the particulars (plus, I don't follow this series... ^^; )

If you ask there, crayon will probably give you a better answer than I can.

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