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Have you ever been mistaken for lovers?

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7:41 am, Jan 31 2008
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lol... all the time.

me and my friends walk with our arms linked.. and people (mainly old grandmas) look at us like we're lesbians XD

ahh good times.

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1:05 pm, Feb 11 2008
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I've been mistaken for someone's twin sister(we just had the same length of hair and had the same eye colour and we were both half-caste)

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1:16 pm, Feb 11 2008
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maybe once, when i were looking for a birthday gift for my brother and i went to buy it with his girlfriend (well, since it was a surprise and i don´t know much about clothes). You know, the store clerks give you "that" stare

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Mad With a Hat

1:59 pm, Feb 11 2008
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Oh my, yes, happend to me a few times. (I can't remember it without laughing) laugh

There was one time when I was walking my dog at the park and my father joined, so this one woman who walks her dog there too said: "I haven't see
you with your husband for a while". I was like LOL in my heart, and said (holding my laughter) that it's my father. She found it hard to believe..
I wondered after that, how old do people think I am...

When I was way younger, me and my friend (boy) were mistaken for a couple.. I was really naive and inoccent back there, so I blushed like hell laugh

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3:45 pm, Feb 11 2008
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Quote from tekanubis
happened to my aunt when she turned 21 ...her dad took her out to the bar and some drunk guys started bitching at him saying he was old enuff to be her dad
this caused silence....and then...
well he is my dad

lol that's pretty funny

with my friends a few times, but I've also been cursed with having a young looking mom. people come up sometimes and ask,"so is this you gf?" I reply with a curt "i need to go barf for a sec"

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7:37 pm, Feb 11 2008
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My brother and I don't really look alike so it happened to us all the time. When we were 15 and 17 a lady at the library asked us if we were married! We look older than our real age but it was still kind of horrifying.

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10:09 am, Jul 16 2008
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Uggggghh....this happens to me all the time with guy friends . Then, people tell us that we should go out and stuff. NO THANK YOU eyes

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Mome Basher

4:36 am, Jul 17 2008
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Only once, back in highschool, I was drawing in the school library during free time. It was a picture of a couple hugging (what?), and a female junior walked past and saw it. It went something like this:

Junior: Oh, that's really good!
Me: ... >_> *blushes*
Junior: Is that you and her?! *points to my friend who's sitting next to me*
Me: O_O *blushes even more* n-no, it's not >.<
Junior: Aaaw, why are you hiding it?
Me: ...
Friend: ahaha, don't worry, he's just shy! =)

My friend, who was sitting next to me just so happened to be my crush, so you can guess how I felt. The next few minutes got kinda awkward (mostly for me) after that...and then the bell rang! Saved by the bell I guess laugh

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4:42 am, Jul 17 2008
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I've been mistaken with a friend of mine. The thing is, he really like me, but I only consider him as a friend. I know. Most common line ever.

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7:50 pm, Jul 17 2008
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i was mistaken to be lovers with my cousin , when a lady said to her friend, "nice couple." it was really embarassing and awkward.

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Over the Rainbow.

8:06 pm, Jul 17 2008
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Yes. At the park when I was with my friend. It was really awkward... dead

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8:14 pm, Jul 17 2008
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I posted this picture of my uncle and me and i got comments saying "nice bf" and stuff and they were being serious and I was all like "....he's my uncle.....". Seriously awkward.

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8:21 pm, Jul 17 2008
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Unfortunately yes.I remember now, once. It was me and my cousin. We were volunteering for this thing for our church and a bunch of people thought we were a couple. It was hilarious so I just kept laughing and teasing him about it the whole day calling him my bf and stuff. And whenver me and my sister are out together, people ask us if I'm her daughter! It cracks me up because she's only 4 years older than me laugh

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8:22 pm, Jul 17 2008
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I've got lots of female acquaintances, so it's kind of inevitable.

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5:49 am, Jul 18 2008
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once, when me, my sister and my father were picking at this family's house picking up kittens.
she burtst inyo laugher and almost dropped the one she was holding, whereas i just stood there looking like "WTF?"
but there is only two years between us, so i guess it's understandable...

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