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New Poll - Known Languages

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a possessive lover

11:26 am, Apr 28 2012
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Does Local Language count? There are over 300 local language in my country. Living here for almost 2 decade, I can say I'm quite proficient in 4 local language :/

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the mu...

11:29 am, Apr 28 2012
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proficiently mean understanding it at a relatively high level right?
i got three. my ethnic language, my country national language (yes. they are different), and english.

typical meaning would be that you can more or less read, speak, and listen to stuff in that language

if i can read, pronounce and listen to a language but still need an already existing translation to understand it, would that count? i can understand few simple lines, some words and so on, but still not enough fr me to have a conversation using the language
if so then i should choose four.

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11:34 am, Apr 28 2012
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I'm sad that in this poll if you know only one or two language you have no option if you don't know english proficiently.

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Pies are good! *w*

11:37 am, Apr 28 2012
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What happened to knowing two languages without being the rest of the worldconfused Well I know two and I'm American..? LOL second pick is confusing. bigrazz

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11:46 am, Apr 28 2012
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Proficient: german, english
Fluent: french
Enough to get the meaning behind texts, but by far not fluent: spanish
Learning: japanese

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12:08 pm, Apr 28 2012
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Chinese, English, Japanese - from animes and mangas biggrin. Somewhat Taiwanese, since I grew up outside Taiwan, my Taiwanese is absolutely terrible. Got told once mine was like a French speaking them so yea... my mouth has been sealed from then on lol.

I counted Japanese since I can somewhat read kanji, and pretty much hiragana as well. Seeing as Chinese is my mother language, kanji... well actually, I take the kanji, read it in chinese, translate it to english, translate it to japanese. I suppose that's it? XD. And thus I know Japanese~~ laugh

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Chuunibyou Lvl.2

12:19 pm, Apr 28 2012
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Basically, I'm definitely fluent in Chinese and English - reading, writing, speaking, listening...

I think I'm proficient enough in French - To a certain extent, I can read, write and listen. But my pronunciation is horrific. Let's say, I can almost get by on a French site without google translate/other dictionary... And I know my grammar.

I know how to read a lot of kanji (in the Japanese way), but I don't know Japanese well enough (I know almost nothing about the katakana and hiragana...) Therefore, I'm definitely not proficient in Japanese. I can speak some Maori (NZ official language) but I'm not proficient enough either...

Therefore, 'three' gets my vote. :/

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かいのし。 Marauder.

12:25 pm, Apr 28 2012
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I am above average biggrin

I've been speaking English, Filipino and this "native" language that I have from the moment I can talk properly laugh self taught and mastered eyes

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Psycho. Cracked.

12:28 pm, Apr 28 2012
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I'm really sorry that you can't master the language after such a long time of learning. As for the programm how they teach us there, go ask them. Did I say I know it "proficiently"? If you talk to me in that language, yes, I can understand you perfectly well and answer you perfectly as well. So what if I can't write it exactly, as for your information, all my life I have been using language with the alphabet, so I learn the words in romaji first, then learn the writing style.

If you know the language, nobody ask you to write a spotless flawless essay in it. So you talk with your friend from other countries or your business partner by showing them your newly written novel in their language? So you call a child who's learning to write: "hey, you don't know the language at all?"

Nowadays all business partners contact each other in English through e-mails or other important documents. Do you really need to write fluently all languages to say you know it? Even a German teacher after so many years teaching can sometimes make mistake or is not sure how to write the word. Maybe for other language it's different but that's only an example.

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Lawless Resolute

12:41 pm, Apr 28 2012
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Well, I'm American, and English is my first language, but since I've been taking spanish since second grade and consider myself proficient enough, I picked choice two. But one of my best friends, also American, speaks English, Spanish, and French fluently and is half-fluent/learning Italian. It's funny because the teachers in the language department think she's the best thing ever, and the math and science department teachers think she's retarded. laugh

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12:55 pm, Apr 28 2012
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In order of proficiency

Tagalog (my mother tongue)
Italian (studied in high school)
German (studying in university)

Planning to add Japanese to that list through self study! I would've taken it as an elective but I know I'd completely both up speaking ^^;

Post #547983 - Reply to (#547949) by emuska

1:10 pm, Apr 28 2012
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Ha, I'm from Finland too but my "proficiently" known languages are limited to two. Those six years studying Swedish were wasted on me and just bothered my process of learning the languages I wanted to learn.

So, I'd say that, I know my English and Finnish well, I'm a beginner in Korean and French and I may or may not know "the second official language" - but because I foster negative feelings for it, I won't speak it. embarrassed

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1:26 pm, Apr 28 2012
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I'm Indonesian, it's a country from south-east Asia.
For my daily language, I use Indonesian of course. English is the second language in my life So, sorry if there's some grammar error -_-"
Now, I'm learning Japanese although it's a bit hard none

* Not very fluent in English biggrin *

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1:46 pm, Apr 28 2012
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I'm Russian, that's my native language. I think I can speak English proficiently. And now I'm learning Deutsch.


1:58 pm, Apr 28 2012
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english, arabic, swedish, spanish and french! bigrazz

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