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Does anyone else here dislike Bleach and Naruto like I do?

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1:54 pm, Jan 31 2016
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I reviewed both. To sum up: Bleach´s (4/10) reign of quality, if a B- can be called that, didn´t last that long and it became unreadable money printing years ago.
Naruto´s (7,5/10) 3rd act -Ninja War III- may have been a mess but was still readable with burst of interesting content so i will forever remain a fan. All the new spin-off crap can stay home though!

I stopped reading One Piece (6/10) last year and the manga stared to fall apart (it´s still ok-ish) after the time jump. DB (6/10) turned into a cliché driven mess that contradicted the first 17 Volumes with the introduction of Saiyajins. "SJ Kings" talk over and Kenshin / HxH are the magazine´s best series. Nor are they DB clones as the rest.

I also read EU/US comics and am a librarian.
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8:19 am, Jul 6 2016
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Why do i like them?

Naruto -- fascinating, well developed world with an interesting combat system + plenty of interesting characters /
-downside - it's often poorly written & developed /
-however - being invested in characters & a conflict makes me forgive enough problems to tune in every now & then /

Bleach -- soul society is fascinating, has one of the most attractive character designs for a battle -manga, their take on shinigami is fascinating + plenty of interesting characters /
-downside - none of the fights are memorable & they drag out way too long /
-however - attractive ideas, attractive art & attractive characters can make me forgive enough problems to tune in every now & then /

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8:02 pm, Jan 8 2017
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Both Naruto and Bleach started out well, but the endings for each both sucked.

Bleach's fatal flaw was making Rukia such a useless side character and the final arc was pretty bad and rushed.

One of Naruto's biggest flaws was the end couples in my opinion. Characters ending up together who didn't have proper development at all. And this isn't me mad about my "shippings or anything". If you have to create a movie to shove in all the development 2 characters (Naruto & Hinata) didn't get in the main story, then they probably weren't a good pairing.

Also, if you have a character marry someone who never showed he liked her, tried to kill her on multiple occasions and even after they marry, neglects the shit out of her and their daughter. Again, probably not a good pairing. (Sasuke & Sakura)

And last, if you develop 2 character's (Naruto & Sakura) relationship throughout the entire story: His goal bring back the guy she loves so she will smile, him saving her MULTIPLE TIMES, once from the guy she loves, and even going as far as to make the pointless comparison of her to his mother and they don't end up together, then you are a bad writer.

If this was competently written and showed these characters have the proper development, I wouldn't be saying this.

Another huge one was that they didn't kill Sasuke. That is generally the biggest issue I had with the end. HE TRIED TO TAKE OVER THE WORLD. He didn't to deserve to live or be forgiven. That made the ending so much more pointless.

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11:02 pm, Jan 8 2017
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Bleach started out so well but fell apart too fast. The moment soul society started the story was supposed to get better but it didn't. I still enjoyed the rest of that first arc but anything after that was just dribble. Stories are no longer interesting and I couldn't care less about the characters. In fact I started to hate most of them, including the main characters. I tried to pick it up again several time but got fed up with it again pretty quick. By the time it ended, I cared so little that I didn't even check the ending. I'd say it started as an 8/10, fell to a 4 by the end of second arc and doesn't even deserve a rating of any kind after that. One good thing about it was the art.

I tried to read Naruto but didn't make it pass the first few chapters. I thought the art was too messy and confusing. The foreground and background wasn't distinctive. If I was more patient with it, I might have liked it.

I loved One piece when I first started reading over 10 years ago. It was funny, light-hearted and had this sort of child-like but creative art. I liked the characters and above all I liked the sense of freedom it brought. It was too long and dragged out after a while so I stopped reading it. Started again recently and to my surprise it's still decent, a 7/10 for me. Now, I'm certain that no matter how dragged out it is, it will never be as bad as bleach. I do hope it finishes soon though.

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9:28 pm, Jun 13 2018
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I've only say 20 episodes of bleach so far, so I have no opinion of it.
Naruto on the other, was good at first but went downhill after pain arc.
Plus, most of the female cast sucks (Konan and Temari are exceptions) and they keep milking that cash cow.

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7:19 pm, Mar 9 2019
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It's often the stuff you start out with. It seems miraculous and awesome when you're young and new and it tends to make you addicted and some people take that feeling with them later in life. I personally enjoyed many of these generic cliché manga when I was younger, bleach naruto and one piece. However, I now can't even stand the sight of them. Why is that? Well, mostly it's because it's a bundle of clichés and have a very childish feel to them when you've been through so much other stuff intended for adults.

But if I have to be honest, it's not solely this. A small part of it is also how people hype it up that I feel a natural distaste for it. I can't help it. This isn't about not wanting to read the same stuff as other people or feeling "unique and great" which is the case for some people out there. If I find a manga to be good, I'll read it no matter how popular it is without any prejudice. However, after having tried it, I don't really like them nowadays. That I read that stuff when I was a kid also enhances the feeling of it being childish and I can't stop nitpicking about things while reading.

It's good starter stuff though. I just can't handle it nowadays and might even say that I hate it a bit after hearing so much about it over the years.

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8:10 am, Jun 28 2019
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Do you dislike Harry Potter....WITH NINJAS!!!? what do you have against...NINJAS!!!?

Naaah, dude, you're late for the Party. Naruto is the 11th iteration of the classic tale of "The Ninja Kid" that started with Rantaro (Rakudai Ninja Rantarō/ Failure Ninja Rantaro from 1986) Goemon mystical ninja, Sarutobi sasuke, shonen ninja Fujimaru. etc. It's not the most famous Ninja of all time. It's just pop now. In this decade. If you are over 23 and you dislike the story....You outgrown the hobby already.

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