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New Poll - Life Role

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Post #551958 - Reply to (#551794) by naikan
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8:39 pm, May 20 2012
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the narrator is still pretty safe. . . . (hopefully)

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Post #551966
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10:13 pm, May 20 2012
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I wanna be the troll supporting character that just creeps around and observes the drama.
And occasionally offer incredibly life-changing advice that shines an epiphany over the main characters.
I could be anything, and have no responsibility to hold up to those standards at all.

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7:02 am, May 21 2012
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Lol @ this week's poll. I'm sure the reality is that we're all protagonists in the um... story of our lives?! But of course, we may prefer to be minor characters or whatever... and wth?! People knowingly want to be villains in their stories?! They do have interesting roles to play though! laugh


12:37 pm, May 21 2012
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Narrator of course. I want to stay alive to tell the story while making fun of the starring roles...

Post #552099 - Reply to (#552094) by felix_the_beast

2:18 pm, May 21 2012
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Protagonist please! biggrin At least their lives are never boring.

Edit: Opps. I didn't mean to reply to your post. Lol.

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5:10 pm, May 21 2012
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well it is MY story so i definitely want to be the hero. protagonist it is. biggrin

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Post #552156
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10:15 pm, May 21 2012
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I would be someone with "Deus Ex Machina" power and stir things up for my own fun.


3:36 am, May 22 2012
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Narrator~ who doesn't want to be the almight, know-it-all in the story?

Post #552265 - Reply to (#551958) by Banarok

6:26 pm, May 22 2012
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This is the reason I went for: Supporting Character (recurring appearances) biggrin

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7:12 pm, May 22 2012
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Not a bad poll.

Though I find it hard to choose a role, as it completely depends what kind of themes the said story handles. My role could be anything, depending on the genre. My life would be boring to see if one was expecting a lot of action. Then I would be a supporting character, the guy who runs that weirdass site and bots at best. If the main theme would be something with dramatic and psychological undertones, then I would drift towards the main character. I'm probably overanalysing the whole question altogether, but that just further proves my point. Depending how deep we go, my role can be anything besides narrator as I am not all that observant of other people when there is no benefit. Besides, we can never know as much as the narrator, even in hindsight, as we only get to see things from one perspective. I can't really pick one so I'd have to say, one of the prime characters in an interlocked web of stories. Prime due to my story having less generic events than many of the other characters who play a part in the monolith, events that are unique in every aspect and nothing alike to the events I am not part of. While one can say that all events in different lives are unique, it is not completely so. They're like the same play by different actors. What I speak of are two different plays. While there are stories that share much in common with mine, they are scarcely linked to this story, merely happening on the same planet on the same time or far apart. My view is not unique globally, neither my role, but for this story it is.

Post #552412 - Reply to (#551800) by Joentjuh

7:21 pm, May 23 2012
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Quote from Joentjuh
euh... "if your life was a manga", that would always make you the protagonist.
I'm just going to assume the question was badly phrased.

Well, I guess you could see it that way but idk.. Maybe I should of said if reality was more like a manga or something, but I'm still not sure. To be fair I wrote quite a few polls in succession and just posted them all at once..

Still, I remain that you wouldn't have to be the main character because there's quite a few manga and stories where the protagonist isn't the focus of the story.. It really depends on the writing style used and the genre..

Any who, I guess I should answer my own poll, although I don't think I will pick an actual choice because I can see the benefits and downfalls of all of the choices depending on the manga and its genre, but I think I'd stick with a Supporting Character or Narrator. Any how, I've other things to do.. ^-^;;

One more thing though, I'm glad for those who enjoyed this poll. I'm sorry that the choices didn't cover everything, but if I added all the possible plot twists, character development, and other such things then there'd be hundreds of choices, from antagonist later turned friend to former love interest fading into a background character, to easter egg type characters who appear all of the time but have no actual impact on the story and may be the main focus of a side story.. That's my excuse and I'm sticking with it. >.>;

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4:09 am, May 24 2012
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I'd love to be the main character's best friend. Isn't it so, that usually, the best friend is the person the protagonist consults to when they have a problem (yes, I'm talking about romantic stories). Knowing what's going to happen would be half as fun as hearing and knowing the story bit by bit from the main char's pov. I'd like to be on edge from their story. Plus, I'd like to be on the light, not as much as the main but not as little as some other characters. smile

If some action manga, I think I'd go for the narrator. Just because I don't want to go through all the fight scenes just to get to know the story.

If pure gag story, I'd be thrilled to be the main character because they're usually awe~some (Barney Stinson, hah).

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6:33 pm, May 24 2012
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I picked "Best Friend" because that's what I'd most likely be in real life... my second choice would be "narrator," because I write for a living in real life, too. How about the best friend who's the narrator, like in The Great Gatsby?

Post #552834
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3:34 am, May 26 2012
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Duh. Protagonists get the harem.
Protagonists' best friends are just comic relief.

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5:44 am, May 26 2012
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Choosing to be the narrator is too safe. I'd prefer to be the protagonist, plus I already have an arch-nemesis.

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