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Suki-tte Ii na yo Gets Anime

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3:50 pm, May 22 2012
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The July issue of Kodansha's Dessert magazine is announcing on Thursday that an anime adaptation of Kanae Hazuki's Suki-tte Ii na yo. (Say "I love you".) shōjo manga has been green-lit. (The illustration of the manga is on the lefthand side of the pictured magazine cover.)

The story of first love centers around Mei Tachibana, a girl who has never made friends or had a boyfriend in 16 years. One day, she accidentally injures Yamato Kurosawa, the school's most popular boy. For some reason, Yamato becomes interested in Mei and starts a one-sided friendship with her. He even protects her from a stalker — by kissing her.

Hazuki launched the manga in 2008, and Kodansha published the eighth compiled book volume this past January.

source: animenewsnetwork

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3:59 pm, May 22 2012
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Oh my gosh, that's really great! \(>o<)ノ I really love its manga! I hope the anime doesn't disappoint though ヽ(´~`;)Were there any extra details on who will produce this?

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4:49 pm, May 22 2012
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Thumbs up. (y)

(・◇・)/~~~ ♥
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7:46 pm, May 22 2012
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Great biggrin

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10:19 pm, May 22 2012
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That's awesome! I know what I'll be watching..... biggrin

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9:33 am, May 23 2012
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OH wow!!! I just read this and fell in love with it completely! I think it's high on my favourites, along with Kimi ni Todoke and Lovely Complex. They're all similar in a small or large way! I'm really happy it's going to be an anime now too! I can't wait! eyes

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7:45 am, May 31 2012
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wonder what they'll do with all the smut.

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Post #567381 - Reply to (#553788) by OneTreeHoney
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10:21 pm, Aug 24 2012
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dude, what smut? I'm following the scanlations, and so far there's been so little smut that it would be so easy to just skip the slightly sexy scenes in the anime sad

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1:03 pm, Aug 26 2012
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eek Howw?! It's soo new! I mean not new not really, yes it's been almost two+ years, but there's barely enough of a storyline out there to make a concrete season long arc. Barely any resolution on the intimacy front between the two leads too. And yes, I completely agree that the amount of smut I expected from the mangaka, is seriously lacking! What I hope isn't happening is what they've always done in Minami Kanan's works. They make two haphazard OVA episodes chopping up and distorting a storyline and leave fans confused and agitated! dead

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11:53 pm, Sep 7 2012
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lol, read other stories of this author...the smut is like so sexy D:
hope the manga doesn't get too long because now it has an anime. and hope the anime stays cute like the manga (i think i might be crying if i watch the story of the womanizer guy ;_; and i'll really fall in love with all the guys in fact i might be fall in love with boys and girls at the same time! and everyone will be with me lol!)

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5:51 pm, Oct 16 2012
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JUST found out about this and

OH MY GOD I TOTALLY MISSED THIS POST but oh my gosh I am fangirling so hard but


It's airing now and ugh I am just in awe and happiness and holy crapoly cows flying everywhere.


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11:16 pm, Dec 20 2012
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I´m watching the anime, and I´M LOVING IT, it´s as cute as the manga, great job.

I´m very happy as a follower of the manga, and as a follower of the mangaka´s work, because it´s very hard create a manga, and then to get it serialized it needs hard work and luck, but it also shows how popular the manga became.

For me when a manga gets popular and becomes an anime it means the recognition of all the mangaka´s hard work, and I also appreciate his/her hard work as an otaku. ^^

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