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Title listed in 2 different lists

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4:28 am, Jun 7 2012
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I just tried making a new list where i can have all the ones that are keepers/favorites in, but the problem seems to be that if they are completed, it doesn't allow for it to be listed both in my completed list, and my favorite list. I could keep it on my favorites, but that would mean that if i stumble upon the title again it will only show up to which chapter i have read, rather than the fact that it has been completed.

It's really late so i'm not sure if i'm making any sense. But i would really would want to have those titles that i have completed or listed as on hold, also on my "new" favorite list. You guys have done a wonderful job, but it would be great to have titles limited to 2 lists instead of just 1. Perhaps it can be specifically listed in one of the "main" lists, and 1 of our own made list.

Thank you in advance! smile wink grin

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5:29 am, Jun 7 2012
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You can set your Favorite list to be a "completed" list. You can do this using the "Edit lists" link in your reading list. You can set any custom list as a reading, complete, or wish list.

For example, I have seven custom lists set as completed lists.

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7:35 am, Jun 7 2012
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You can make two "favorite lists", one for those you are still reading and one that you have already completed.

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6:27 pm, Jun 7 2012
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Wow, didn't even notice that. Thanks, works perfectly! biggrin

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