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Post #115482 - Reply to (#115480) by Spanky151
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3:09 am, Jan 26 2008
Posts: 2581

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Quote from Spanky151
There were some misguided fools that speculated he did what he did to protect Sasuke from something horrible and he actually cared for his little brother,
Spoiler (highlight to view)
not just his eyes, lol
and that he would die saving Sasuke becoming a martyr.

If that happened, Itachi wouldn't be nearly as badass. And I can't really picture Itachi as anything but a sociopath.

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Post #115484
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3:14 am, Jan 26 2008
Posts: 8

well, unless sasuke has the mangekyou or some way to counter it he is completely screwed cause itachi is gonna use the mangekyou the whole time seeing as he thinks he'll be getting new eyes anyway. no need to worry about going blind.

Post #115490
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3:52 am, Jan 26 2008
Posts: 528 much as a like itachi this is finally getting interesting! now i wonder if he'll really die or just become blind, since i think 4 itachi going blind would probably be worst than death? or maybe sasuke's gonna die?(if i had to chose between the brothers, i'd go 4 itachi, so sorry sasuke if u have to die..)

Post #115522
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6:25 am, Jan 26 2008
Posts: 217

i believe konan is aware of tobi's identity as well. i cant wait to see this new mangekyo sharingan. i hope madara uses it on team konoha.

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Post #115524
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6:39 am, Jan 26 2008
Posts: 1130

It's very possible that they already are in the middle of it and don't realize it. I mean it's clear he was using a genjutsu of some sort seeing as naruto kinda passed right through him.

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Post #115556
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9:58 am, Jan 26 2008
Posts: 3342

Honestly, i'm disappointed. Think about it, we have waited over through 380 chapters to find out why Itachi killed his clan, and this is the answer I get...

I'm kinda upset. I thought it would be some reason that reveal some sort of secret that would lead to something more. I guess the anime is coming to an end...

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Post #115565 - Reply to (#115475) by Spanky151
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10:35 am, Jan 26 2008
Posts: 4029

Quote from Spanky151
Well does anyone still think Itachi is a "good" guy? This chapter show fairly definitively his is one evil bastard, and slightly off his rocker as well.

I did before~ laugh Which is why I love this chapter <3 He's evil to the core and his words in the past made total sense now.

Post #115568
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10:48 am, Jan 26 2008
Posts: 439

not going to lie here, thought it was amazingly lame when the one of the most stoic and emotionless characters suddenly busts out the crazy face accompanied with the gwa ha ha ha type laugh.

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Post #115593
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1:21 pm, Jan 26 2008
Posts: 3502

too much information for one chapter, so madara isn´t almighty right now...
still, sasuke doesn´t have mange sharingan right now and if the requeriments were true (kill your best friend) so he won´t awaken it during the fight (since he didn´t kill naruto). If Sasuke wins, will he take Itachi´s eyes? his goal were only to kill Itachi, and if he can defeat a mange sharingan user without mange sharingan it´s somehow pointless unless he puts killing Madara as his next goal.

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Post #115595 - Reply to (#115568) by cano435
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1:31 pm, Jan 26 2008
Posts: 452

Quote from cano435
not going to lie here, thought it was amazingly lame when the one of the most stoic and emotionless characters suddenly busts out the crazy face accompanied with the gwa ha ha ha type laugh.

He, he I loved it. He has always been the psycho type and this certainly adds some spice to that. This is his true self I expected.

I can't help to feel it's more to this than what Itachi said though...

biggrin cool

mwa ha ha ha...
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Post #115617

3:38 pm, Jan 26 2008
Posts: 54

umm does this mean kakashi can use the permenant magenkyou like madara?

Post #115623

4:21 pm, Jan 26 2008
Posts: 1650

I don't know about Kakashi. You have to remember, he didn't really kill Obito directly, like Itachi and Madara did. Maybe the secret is to actually see your best friend die in front of your face. If you kill him, your eyes will begin to fade and cease to work for YOU, not your brother.

I don't think that Madara is Tobi, after all , Itachi is implying that he is crippled as of now. Perhaps Tobi is a golem of Madara made of Obito's body.

But what we do know is that Itachi is evil and that Sasuke doesn't have the Mangekyou Sharingan.

Post #115626
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4:57 pm, Jan 26 2008
Posts: 301

Kakashi can't even use the full power of the normal Mangekyou Sharingan
no way he's able to use even something more powerfull!
besides he doesn't have someone who he could've stolen the other Mangekyou

it wasn't said if he has it or not so we can't say that for sure
guess we will know in the next chapter or so
besides if he doesn't have it Itachi would look like a real fool none

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Post #115634
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5:50 pm, Jan 26 2008
Posts: 217

madara is old and crippled eh... someone else is also old and crippled too. maybe madara really is danzou.

i like the golem theory. it makes sense that tobi is a resurrected tool.

psycho itachi is super cool. was that his demon form? regarding what he itachi said, is he the strongest sharingan user right now?

i'd also like to point out that madara got beat twice both times by non sharingan users... what is the senju clan and is the naruto a descendent??

oh yea and apparently everyone's mangekyo sharingan is unique

if you guys noticed, the demon behind madara had four eyes behind it once he plucked out his brother while itachi only has two, accompanied with two empty ockets. so i don't think it matters if sasuke has the mangekyo or not as long as he has the sharingan his two eyes will fill the wholes.

Last edited by deathinvenice at 6:19 pm, Jan 26

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Post #115851
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10:16 am, Jan 27 2008
Posts: 301

Itachi isn't the strongest just yet
he need the other Mangekyou Sharingan to be able to claim that position in the first place

the senju clan were some people who lived in some forest and together with Madara they built the future village of Konohagakure
so you could say Naruto is their descendant but the clan didn't really have something special about them(it's the same as,for example,the celtic tribes in Europe long ago)

the Mangekyou Sharingan seems to have only two forms - the one of Itachi and Madaras brother and the one Madara has(and Sasuke(or he will))
since Kakashi isn't a member of that clan his eye looks different

if there's someone who didn't notice that then he propably didn't really read or cared to read the chapter smile wink grin
it still does matter if he gets Sasukes eyes with or without the Mangekyou
because if Itachi gets Sasukes eyes and Sasuke still doesn't have the Mangekyou by then then Itachi would still loose his light someday

you do get greater power if you have two pairs of the Sharingan but you are only able to withstand the lost of your sight when you have two MANGEKYOU Sharingans

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