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Why are they trying to kill -- in vampire knight?

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5:26 pm, Jul 29 2012
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In the latest chapters, I don't understand why they are trying to kill kaname....can anyone explain?

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Noblesse Forever!

5:40 pm, Jul 29 2012
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Discussion about a manga should be done on their repsective forum.
(This is what the bosses will say.)

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In hibernation.

5:41 pm, Jul 29 2012
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Could you edit the thread title, so that it doesn't contain the spoiler?


Why are they trying to kill -- in vampire knight?


Why are they trying to kill him in vampire knight?

or something like that?

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12:16 am, Jul 30 2012
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1) he is disturbing the peace
2) he has become a pure blood killing maniac

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5:17 pm, Aug 3 2012
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I'm just confused why Kaname is
Spoiler (mouse over to view)
killing others (non-pureblood such as Aido's father)
Definitely, he's disturbing the peace. I don't get his intentions in disturbing the peace, but I know that
Spoiler (mouse over to view)
he's trying to become the King-chess piece by killing off other dangerous purebloods that may harm Yuki.

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9:45 pm, Nov 9 2012
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No one understands why he has done any of those things.... even in the most recent chapter Yuuki thinks to herself [spoiler] so, atleast we know the issue will be addressed in the end... (or maybe it won't? Dun dun dun...) But Yuuki has a big sense of justice... and I don't think she can get over this matter either. So I think that she will definitely ask Kaname about it even if he tries to avoid the topic.

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