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How large is your manga collection?

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Manga Otaku

1:25 pm, May 22 2009
Posts: 715


Aishiteruze Baby 1
Black Bird 1
Forget About Love 1
Full Moon wo Sagashite 1 and 5
Fushigi Yuugi 14
Gakuen Alice 1
Gokkun! Pucho 1-2
Kitchen no Ohimesama 1
Nana 1
Shinshi Doumei Cross 1-2
Skip Beat! 1
Urukyuu 2-4


1+1 1-3
7200 Byou no Romance 1-3 (Complete)
A-ri-sa 2-3
Akaishi Michiyo the Best Selection (Complete)
Attack No.1 1-4 (Bunko edition)
Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon 1, 2, 4, 11, and 12 (renewal) plus short stories
Boku no Shotaiken 1-2 (Bunko, complete)
Boku no Hatsukoi wo Kimi ni Sasagu 1-4 and 12
Bokutachi wa Shitte Shimatta 1-5
Charming (SHIMIZU Masumi) 6
Cherry! 1-2 (complete)
Cherry ni Kuchizuke 1
Chu Shite Bomb! 1
Danshi Kinshitsu!! (Complete)
Delicious! 6-7
Fashion Fade 1 and 4 (Bunko)
Funwari Karyuudo (Bunko, complete)
Giri Koi 1
Gokujou!! Mecha Mote Iinchou 1
Hana Buranko Yurete... 1-2 (Bunko, complete)
Hana no Bijohime 1-2 (Bunko)
Hajime-chan ga Ichiban! 1-4
Hakoniwa Angel 1
Harajuku Banbina 1-2 (complete)
Himekei Doll 3-4
Hitohira no Koi ga Furu 1
Honoo no Romance (UEHARA Kimiko) 1, 4-5 (Bunko)
Hoshii no wa Hitotsu Dake 2
Hop Step Kururinpa! (Complete)
I Love You (TAKASE Yuka) 1-4
Innocent World (Complete)
Kawaii dake ja Moto Tarinai! 1-2 (Complete)
Kimi wa Sakamichi no Tochuu de 1-2
Kiss me Host-gumi 1
Kiss Shite! Esper Girl (Complete)
Kirarin Revolution 1-3
Kodomo ja nai Kara! 1-2 (Complete)
Koigokoro Senpukuchuu (Complete)
Koi wa On Air! (Complete)
Loose Leaf (Complete)
Love Pani 1
Lunatic Honey (Complete)
Marybell 2 (Bunko)
Merry-Go-Round (YAGI Chiaki) 3
Midnight Children 1-2 (Complete)
Milky Magic 1-4 (Complete)
Milky Way (TACHIKAKE Hideko)
My Diamond Dramatic Love & Romantic Love (Bunko, complete)
Nakayoshi Mystery and Horror Masterpiece Collection (Bunko, complete)
Naka Tomoko Anthology 2 1
Naisho no Count 5 1-2
Ojousama no Inu (Complete)
Ojousama wa Oyomesama 1
Omoide Konpeitou (Complete)
Onigawara Yokochou Sanchoume 1-2 (Complete)
Ore-sama Kingdom 1
Osanpo no Jikan (Complete)
Oshiete Nanoka 1-2
Rising! 3-4 (bunko)
Rose of Versailles 1-5 (bunko, complete)
Saikyou Help xxx (Complete)
Saint Dragon Girl 1-3
Sakura Zensen 1-4, 6
Scramble Doumei 1 (bunko)
Seito Shokun! 4-6 plus bunko 1-2
Strawberry Holiday (Complete)
Suki Suki Daisuki (NAKAHARA An) (Complete)
Sweet Black Complete
Taiho Shite Mi~na! 1
Tasukete! Vampire (Complete)
Ten made Agare! 1 (bunko)
Tokimeki Tonight 5, 15, 16, 19, 21 plus bunko 1-2
Tonari no Hijiri-kun (Complete)
Toy Boy (Complete)
Wedding Cake wo Buchi Kawase! (Complete)
Yajuu, Futari (Complete)
Zenbu, Hajimete. (Complete)
Zutto Suki Suki Daisuki (Complete)

And I have lots of raws and some scanlated mangas on a file in my laptop.

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I read so much mangas, I'm too lazy to watch anime! bigrazz bigrazz bigrazz

Manga I'm loving ATM: Heart no Kuni no Alice
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Mysterious Being

4:54 pm, May 22 2009
Posts: 461

Most of the manga I read is my older brother's or my older sister's, so I borrow most of it. I also don't download any so I don't really have much manga.

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Evil Little Kid

6:27 pm, May 22 2009
Posts: 437

I have about 80 volumes of manga. They are all in English. Not that I can read anything that's not in English and Spanish.

I Like and want to still keep on buying them:
Fullmetal Alchemist 1-3
Momo Tama 1-2
Shinsengumi Imon Peace Maker 1
Calling You
Hoshi no Koe
Recipe for Gertrude 1-3, 5
Animal Paradise 1
Nosatsu Junkie 1-6
Bring it On! 1-5
To Heart 1-2
Figure 17 1
Full metal Panic! 1-6
Aventura 1
Switch 1-3
Sweet and Sensitive 1
Saint Marie 1
Aria 1-2
Crescent Moon 1-2
Penguin Revolution 2
Magical x Miracle 1
Crossroad 1-2
Millennium Snow 1
Xs Hybrid 1
Moon Boy 1- 5
Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion 1
Legend 1
Traveler of the Moon 1
Oyayubihime Infinity 1
Princess Princess 1
Kage Tora 1
Vampire Game 1
Backstage Prince 1
Cynical Orange 1
Metamo Kiss 1
D.Gray-Man 1-4
Zombie Powder 1-2
Yen Plus (magazine) 1-2, and 6

Don't Like and regret buying them:
Seven of Seven
Glass Wings
Godchild 1
Air Gear 1-3
Ral & Grad 1-2
Steel Angel Kurumi 6
The Boss 1
Naruto 16, 26
Almost crying <----I will burn this manga one day. D=

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4:12 am, May 25 2009
Posts: 135

Hmm. I still have to update since my last shopping trip, but over a thousand tankouban and artbooks, some collectors magazines, and more in transit over the Pacific Ocean right now. I usually get around 100-200 a year, in both kinds of Chinese, Japanese, and English.

In fact I'm in Shanghai on business right now, and will be dropping by Taiwan next week to buy more before going home to the US.

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4:41 am, May 25 2009
Posts: 55

Akira 1-6
Liar Game 1-7
One Piece 1-40
Junk - Record of the Last Hero 1-7
Gantz 1-10
Ubel Blatt 1-6
Soul Eater 1-12
Kuroshitsuji 1-6
Pumpkin Scissors 1-8
Torikago Gakkyuu 1
Death Note 1-12

Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle 1-13
Hellsing 1-6
Priest 1-16
Berserk 1-20
Claymore 1-5

and many more. im too lazy to write them all down
somewhere like 80GB on my hard drive

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5:24 am, May 25 2009
Posts: 15

Wow! I'm definitely jealous of some of the list I saw. I'm still at a meager ~200 english mangas. 50 Japanese and around ~50 Chinese. I'm currently converting to Japanese mangas since 1. It's cheaper. 2. It's easier to buy. 3. It's smaller. 4. Its the original. Some expressions are lost in translation so reading it in Japanse retains the original idea and humor.

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4:19 pm, May 25 2009
Posts: 405

ooh well let's see: I only have digitally cause' i don't got space in my room , heck it's not even my own room.
So computer its where i store everything: , got like...21.8 GB
mostly Yaoi [BL] and some shoujo and thats without counting the artbooks [175MB] and doujinshis [256MB] plus other stuff like anime vids and such=D keep growing baby!!<M laugh

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7:43 pm, May 25 2009
Posts: 2

Well, I just counted the ones I own, (and have read), and it totaled to 919. I have been collecting for almost 4 years. I thought I had more than that.

But, if you count all the ones I've read online and downloaded, it's well over 1000.

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The Gorilla Killaâ„¢

9:48 pm, May 25 2009
Posts: 3229

I only have manga on my hard drive because the scanlations are better than the official translations.

And I think it's around 34.4 GB. It's mostly made up of a few long-running manga because I rarely collect any manga to keep on my computer.

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11:58 am, May 26 2009
Posts: 118

Recently started buying some licensed manga because I found a comic shop in the city.

Currently own:

Kamisama Kazoku vol 1-2
The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya vol 1
Sumomomo Momomo - The Strongest Bride on Earth vol 1
Inukami! vol 1

Still wanting to buy more when something piques my interest. I have about 32 GB of manga on my computer, most of them are shounen and seinen romances. bigrazz

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6:44 pm, Jun 16 2009
Posts: 8

i own about 330 and only 2 r n Japanese ive been collecting since i was 17 im now 22 and have read many more online and with ddloadinig scans.

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8:17 pm, Jun 16 2009
Posts: 34

hmmmm, about 1500-1600 volumes, and over 200gig digital, think i have bought every manga (manwha) i have on my HD: bigrazz

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5:00 pm, Jun 17 2009
Posts: 187

I have 20 books.

Aishiteruze Baby 1~3
Chi's Sweet Home 1~6
Doraemon 1~5
Pastel 1~2
Saint Oniisan 1~3
Feb. 2005 Ribon Furoku


As for digitally...None. I don't like downloading because it's not really the same. I usually read new series online. biggrin

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Mistress of Sorrow

5:58 pm, Jun 17 2009
Posts: 25


I have 49.
The majority of those are Bleach because I have the special vol. 1 -21 box set. That I got as a gift....I really don't have money to buy manga cry

Thank god for scanlation sites and onemanga!! biggrin

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6:00 pm, Jun 17 2009
Posts: 539

~35 GB
I bought only one manga - Mr. Arashi's Amazing Freak Show in Russian. A surprisingly good book. With notes and some play script o_o Yum! I looked through the English license and it does not have that script and pages in red-black-white as well.

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