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Yaoi Manga that focus on characters' whole life?

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3:10 am, Aug 24 2012
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Just finished bawling my eyes out after reading New York New York. Who loves that manga? It's so perfect! I just wish 2nd half of the story is longer.

Anyway, please recommend me Yaoi manga that focus on the couple's whole life?

I know Complex is one, any other?

Manga that will make me cry like a baby will do too lol.. Thank you. *bow* eyes

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9:04 am, Aug 24 2012
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Ichigenme wa Yaruki no Minpou

Hyakujitsu no Bara kind of? There's a time skip but many flashbacks

J no Subete and its prequel Barairo no Hoo no Koro


Oriolidae & Sparviero
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7:02 am, Aug 27 2012
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New York, New York
From youth till death, I think these are the best

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