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what are some good blind or deaf yaoi

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2:37 am, Aug 25 2012
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Well I read a blind yaoi and I thought it was really good so if anybody know some yaois were there are blind mute or deaf people can ya please tell me :3

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4:07 pm, Aug 25 2012
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Jouzetsuna Yubi he's deaf.
Dokunoaji He's blind.

I read one with a mute...but I can't remember the title ~sorry sad

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4:52 pm, Aug 25 2012
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Harem Days (blind, third story)
Iro wo mo Kaori wo mo (blind)
Rigel - Yuki no Seiza (blind)
Kimi no Koe ga Kikitai (mute)
Corsair (blind)
Haru jo On (blind)

that's all I remember... shy

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11:56 pm, Aug 25 2012
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ooh I forgot about Corsair.

Kanashii (Itoshii) Kotoba he's mute

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12:37 am, Aug 26 2012
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Mori no Koe and its sequels feature a mute demon

(incidentally, they are by Naono Bohra who also wrote the previously mentioned Jouzetsuna Yubi, Dokunoaji, and Harem Days) Yay for Naono-sensei for creating such a lovely wide range of characters!

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5:13 pm, Aug 26 2012
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I'm in love with Naono Bohra!!! eyes My favorite mangaka!

Mori no Koe is one of my favorite manga though wish it's longer. I love the art and couple Ao x Ian. Ian, the handsome mute demon, is my favorite character of all time.

Anyway, you can check out Spiritual Police by Youka Nitta?

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4:38 am, Aug 27 2012
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Thanks everybody these look good biggrin

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