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Hana and Arashi

How do you feel about their undying love?
Don't Care
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5:14 am, Aug 28 2012
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Am I the only one slightly annoyed/bored by Hana and Areshi's "relationship"? Their undying love for one another and hope just seem unrealistic and angsty.
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I mean, everyone else gives up and accepts fairly quickly that their loved ones are dead, but those two still hold out despite all evidence the rest of humanity is dead. Of course, as it turns out they are actually both alive and were sent to the future due to Hana's father. But still...they had no way of knowing that.
I've found I liked both their characters a lot more when they stopped the continuous pining for one another every five seconds. roll eyes

(other than that, I reeeeeaaaaally love this manga! haha)

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7:39 am, Aug 28 2012
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I thought they learned about each other's survival fairly early on...

I couldn't care less about their romance though; I read for their adventures, not their relationships.

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7:03 pm, Nov 26 2012
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The romance might be annoying or bothersome for other readers since only glimpses of them together was shown by Tamura Yumi Sensei but once she fully explore their relationship then that's the time that the romance will be more believable. For me I find it interesting because of the conflicts that now sorrounds Hana & Arashi's relationship. I'm excited to see Hana & Arashi reunited because remember Arashi was told Hana is dead but he wasn't aware that Ango whom he trusted attempted to raped & kill her.

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5:28 pm, Nov 28 2012
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I agree the ongoing conflicts will spice up Arashi & Hana's romance.

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4:01 pm, Jan 10 2013
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I like their relationship. It makes me think that "true love" does exist biggrin I wish Arashi would be mine smile wink grin

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4:48 am, Jan 31 2013
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I know a lot of time has passed since the manga started, but has that much time passed in the 7Seeds world? I hope they meet soon...but who knows. When I look back at Basara, Sarasa and Shuri didn't really interact that much >_< And I think Hana knows Arashi is still alive.

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9:53 pm, May 7 2013
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I think their 'undying love' idea is 'romantic' but I hate Hana so... mostly, I don't care. The other main characters (beside Hana) are much more interesting to me.

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11:34 pm, Jun 6 2014
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Idk, I think a lot of it comes from, first, their denial. No one really believes the world is over at first, until they see the ruins of their own city with their own eyes. When they do, both Hana and Arashi fall into a depression. I think their stubborn belief that the other is not dead comes to be because, otherwise, they would have no will to go on living. They cling to life, comforting themselves with the SLIMMEST chance that their loved one is alive, because otherwise, they'd die. And death would rob them of that tiny chance. That tiny hope.

If they knew for sure the other one was dead, I'm not 100% sure they'd have the strength to go on living, even at this stage of the manga. But who knows, because they've made wonderful friendships with the others biggrin

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6:40 am, Jun 7 2014
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Honestly I don't care about their romance. For some reason I don't quite like Hana's character nor do I really like Arashi either. I think it's because of her relationship with Aramaki. And when
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Arashi ditched Aramaki :(
I'm probably just jealous because I'm practically in love with him.

I do enjoy
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Semimaru x Natsu x Ango's love triangle-ish
though so that's really the only romance I look forward to in the series.

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6:19 pm, Aug 27 2016
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I just....don't care anymore, especially with all the possible ships and to be honest i am not wholly interested in this manga for romance, which is a shocker because i only read manga for romance and I believe the whole true love and I am such a romantic at heart, but they way they presented the relationship as not being feasibly being mature or serious from the glimpses or flashbacks they showed us.

SPOILER!!! (Don't know how to use the spoiler code so im using this as a warning)

Serious being that it felt like a teenage love that wasn't going to last for very long (in all honesty) and mature (not that you can expect that from teenagers, but at least you can see the growth of something more and eventually growth in the individual partners in being able to counterbalance the other). But since they presented Hana as being perfect, Arashi as being perfect (he is despite the edge they were trying to play off where he almost killed a boy for trying to get handsy with was an attempt to make him look hard and serious bout his love) But nothing is hard and edgy when your boyfriend could have been put to jail. It felt like these are two people in love and i was with it until the flashbacks and i was this is what they are fighting tooth and nail for? Plus the focus are usually on them (which isn't bad) but detracts from the other characters. I want to know what happened to the other's and their families. Hana got her conclusion of her own despite how sad it might've been or disappointing (once she founds out and should already know by know that her father and friends created "bionic" children and slowly killed them off one-by-one until 7 remained) but what happened to Semimaru's mother? He said she got 1 million from the government and then what happened? Natsu's parents cooking her favorite foods and her brother? What happened? Its just so much focus on these two that we can't explore the others....this story isn't just romance, hence why i am pressing to know more....such as what happened to the Spring Team (I am on chapter 104 so if its discussed later on i wouldn't know until i get there)

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