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Why do people hate Sasuke?

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From User Message Body
Post #178652

7:56 am, Jul 13 2008
Posts: 369

i just think he's a cuntbag... and he looks like one

Spoiler (highlight to view)
for start off... he goes from konaha and goes to orochimaru who craves for his bod, and screws him over and make his own clan called snake to go kill itachi, now that he doesnt hate itachi anymore, now he joins the akatsuki after crying like a pus, and for what only god knows he might just screw them over in time... the most cunty character i've seen.. period

secondly, he acts like he's the shit... hate one of those prettyboy arrogant characters, and hes totally gay with naruto

Post #178654 - Reply to (#178455) by StarlightDreams
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8:13 am, Jul 13 2008
Posts: 178

Quote from StarlightDreams
I don't understand why people hate Sasuke either. He's not even that emo. He doesn't hurt himself physically, just kind of mentally. He blames himself, and blah blah blah, remorse here, tragic event here, kill itachi. But he's not emo. Even though it is fun to call him an emo duckbutt, haha. He works hard doesn't he. Oh, and just because he hasn't had his own original move yet, doesn't mean he can't fight. The only original move naruto has is that wind rasengan, but he didn't come up with the idea, so it's really just a variation, just like Sasuke's chidori sword is a variation ^_^ Don't hate on Sasuke! Even though he has duckbutt hair and a smartass attitude! Why am I getting mad talking about what a jerk he is? confused laugh

And yes, this is starting to sound like a bash sasuke thread....let's make a bash sakura thread!! biggrin

You know, Narutus wind rasengan is an original attack, since noone else is able to do it. The 4th couldnt, and neither could jiraya, or Kakashi. And most attacks are variants of others. but i mean literally, sauske has no original moves. Almost everyone BUT him has an original move

Sakura: She has that "Inner sakura" thing going, so she wins.
Shikamaru: He doesnt need original moves. plain and simple.
Chouji: He has those pills. Skinny chouji <3
Shino: His clan uses bugs, whats more original than that?
Hinata: She made her own form of gentle fist. Plus she has breasts hidden underneath, so shes win.
Kiba: Akamaru IS his original weapon.I dont think theres a dog thats as big/young as Akamaru.
WhatshisfaceSai: He uses ink. thats pretty cool
Ino: What does she do again?
Kakashi: he MADE chidori. He also uses 1337 hax and stole Sharingan.
And finally, narutu: He has wind rasengan, and like, a gillion clones. i doubt anyone can replicate that/make a variant that comes close.

In conclusion, i guess id just like to say that I think Sauske is a pretty cool guy. Eh is un-original and eh doestn afriad of anything.

Post #179244
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Lowly Member

6:49 am, Jul 15 2008
Posts: 3891

Yeah, I guess. If the fourth had lived...
But Sasuke will probably get his own move soon with all that just happened with him and itachi.

Spoiler (highlight to view)
He's got the cool looking eyes now, so now he's the only living uchiha guy(not including madara, he's immortal). And he's gonna make something big. He spent two years with orochimaru, he's got to have been doing something during those years.

Sakura: her inner sakura isn't really move, she doesn't have anything original either, she learned everything from tsunade
Shikamaru: Yeah, he doesn't need it.
Chouji: I think those pills are for his whole clan, so it's not only him.
Shino: this guy is cool, the bugs work
Hinata: She only made it during the filler arc, so I don't know if they put it in the manga. If not, then they should, everyone got stronger but her
Ino: Haha, she doesn't do anything. Said so herself

♪MONSTARR~ will eat all your cookies and steal your bishies~♪ Φ_Φ
Post #288677

2:22 pm, May 17 2009
Posts: 1

To all Sasuke hater, I have a rant to make XD.

Yes I don't understand the massive Sasuke-hating movement either, and from all the reasons I have heard, here are my responses. Please note I am biased towards Sasuke, but that does not change change the fact that I'll be logical here.

1)He is emo
That's gotta be the number 1 reason. First of all, people always misinterpret the meaning of emo. In this case, Sasuke's angst and loner attitude make people think he's emo. The fact is, emo (as a stereotype) pretend to be angst and alone, and they cry and get emotional a lot. That to me is just the opposite of Sasuke, he doesn't pretend to be angst, and he keeps his emotions well to himself. But yes, he is driven by the emotions of his past. But, it's only human nature to have emotions, even if that emotion is that strong that he couldn't get over all these years. Also emo is hated because they're claimed to be whiny, do you really think Sasuke is whiny? That type of emo is what people hate (and believe me, not all emos are like that), yet somehow Sasuke=emo=whiny little b****, I just don't see the connection.

2)Other character had it worse than him.
Yes, why can't Sasuke just step in their shoes. Well, Sasuke was made to have his story revolved around that goal, if he was just like the others, then all he would do is hang around Konoha and be like Naruto. The point was not for him to have a heart of gold. He's not like 'Oh well, my parents and the whole village died. I must get on with my life and try to make the world a better place.' To that, he is selfish to his own desires, but for a perfectly logical reason. Unlike the others who wanted to forget their past, he decided to do something about it, even if it meant betraying his friend. But I don't think that makes him a evil character, he has no intentions of truly hurting the ones he cares.

3)He's a jerk and all the fangirls think he's hot
Yea he is a jerk, but to what degree? He just doesn't know how to act towards people since all he's been doing is training. I get the feeling that he doesnt want people too close to him because they'll probably interfere with his goal and he might end up hurting them (which did happen) So he act like it without really meaning it. And yes I do dislike some Sasuke fangirls (I don't mean in the story) Things like 'omg he's hawt and awsome' is pretty lame. I personally don't think Sasuke is that hot, since he's a boy (even though I really like the yaoi XD)

4)He just copy other people's move.
Hey it's not his fault that his specialty is to copy other people XD. I mean, yes he could learn techniques without copying, but why should he? His goal was not to be be the awesome character who invented his own jistue(I don't know how to spell that word..), if he can learn something faster with copying, then he'll use that help to achieve his goal.

5)He killed Itachi
Itachi wanted Sasuke to kill him, it's not like Sasuke knew before hand Itachi was actually innocent XD

Yea.. there's probably more reasons why Sasuke deserves hate that I can't justify. Again those are just my reasoning.

Post #288746
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6:18 pm, May 17 2009
Posts: 1977

*I was looking back at my posts and found out this post sounded so dumb. eek So I'll edit. :3
I hate Sasuke because I just do. laugh (That posts sounds even dumber).

Last edited by Yenoh at 4:40 am, May 22

Post #288882

11:26 pm, May 17 2009
Posts: 93

Cause his wings look extra-homo.

Post #288885
user avatar
I am the Devil

11:35 pm, May 17 2009
Posts: 2083

Spoiler (highlight to view)
because he somehow survived a explosion that blows up a 10km diameter area by hiding in a snake. what. the. fuck?
nowaynowaynoway. the snake died and that emo should be dead too

Post #288893
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11:51 pm, May 17 2009
Posts: 5

CAuse he's better looking than the other guys thats for the guys hating on him
and for the girls cause he's to hot

User Posted Image
User Posted Image
Post #289011
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Sweetly Macabre

7:56 am, May 18 2009
Posts: 1005

Sasuke annoys the heck out of me.
-He spends all this time angsting over how hard his life has been, etc. Get over it already. Other characters in the series have moved on from unhappy pasts.
-Has no real personality at all. Do we ever see Sasuke go through true character development?
Spoiler (highlight to view)
He spent all that time with Orochimaru and his character did not change at all.

-Even while he gets more powerful, he remains an annoying emo kid inside. He should be getting stronger emotionally, too.
-I can't get over the fact that he never has any losses. You know Sasuke will win, because he is 'Special'
-Why girls, in both the manga and in RL like him, I will never understand. Who wants a guy who cares about nothing but himself and his own goals, acts like a prick to the people who care about him, and would stab them in the back instantly if it suited his purposes? Are they all machoists?
-He really isn't good looking, IMO. Perhaps I'm missing some vital clue as to why.

Post #291143
user avatar

12:03 am, May 24 2009
Posts: 405

Guys, you must be guys. I mean calling Sasuke a Homo.
Now that you mention it, he doesn't show any interest in females since this isn't your tipical romance or some $h#@! anime.
It's, okay, it's kinda of surprising how he always thinks about Naruto, but it's just like that because Naruto is always the one who is after him and worries about him. So there.

And people who are calling him an Emo, well that isn't, it's not right. haha, He's not depressed, and yes even if he might think about his past constantly, its because it can't go away, i mean c'mon-it was a massacre by his own brother, so it's understandable.

And well, what the hell do you want him to do? Smile all the time. The guy is alone and spends his time working his ass-off training like hell.
So you can't expect a character development. Only in strenght he developed well.

and well, regarding Sakura, she takes lil space on his mind.
Guys, you can't expect the characters in this type of anime to be interested in love and such. It' wouldn't be right. roll eyes

Among other comments that made me burst into my own bubble, but i won't discuss that =D
everybody has it's own opinions=D

User Posted Image
Post #291158

12:31 am, May 24 2009
Posts: 522

To put it short...because he is a stupid/manipulative emo who can't get over the past. He abandoned/hurt his friends who would have risked their lives to help him. Seriously...Sasuke can just go and die.

After all those things he has done...he can't just return to his happy life as nothing can't be like this:
Sasuke: Hey guys, I'm back. Sorry for making you worry.
Konoha people: No big deal. It's good you are back.

Post #291729 - Reply to (#291158) by bking
user avatar

2:25 am, May 26 2009
Posts: 2

Quote from bking
To put it short...because he is a stupid/manipulative emo who can't get over the past. He abandoned/hurt his friends who would have risked their lives to help him. Seriously...Sasuke can just go and die.

After all those things he has done...he can't just return to his happy life as nothing can't be like this:
Sasuke: Hey guys, I'm back. Sorry for making you worry.
Konoha people: No big deal. It's good you are back.

No sasuke isnt an emo and he is just a tiny bit over confident. He only abadoned his friends because he needed to get revenge. Seriously if the person you looked up to the most decided to kill everyone you cared about...what would you do? I will never hate sasuke...well maybe because im a tiny bit of a fangirl. Sasuke is the only reason im still reading this manga...Well i guess i like some of the other characters in it too. But honestly Naruto and sakura and most of the girl characters are VERY annoying.

~Dark Huntress666~
Post #291730
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The Kekkaishi

2:29 am, May 26 2009
Posts: 250

not so much sasuke from the authors perspective. More like sasuke from those obsessive otaku girls...

User Posted Image
Post #291734
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2:47 am, May 26 2009
Posts: 6

Why do people hate Sasuke?

Because Naruto is shit.

Kekekekeke Zerg rush.

User Posted Image
"Oh when you look at me like that my darling, what did you expect?"
Arctic Monkeys - 505
Post #291737
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2:59 am, May 26 2009
Posts: 838

I dont like sasuke cuz he makes me feel like both him and naruto are gay biggrin... or maybe cuz he is such a bad copy of vegita...

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