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New Poll - Manga Flavors

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6:58 pm, Sep 5 2012
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Sweet and sour.. Which isn't one of the choices. >.>; I'm Chinese. I had to make a joke about this! D:

Any who.. I'm not sure.. They all seem pretty good.. But why not savory? D:

Any how...... Um.... My top three of the given choices:

Sweet and heartfelt
Chewy and necessary to ponder over
Quick like a sugar rush

I could probably add my own which would fit in describing manga, or just joke ones (my dad was a cook) but meh.. I'm tired and distracted mentally.. Dx Guess I'm voting for Sweet and heartfelt then. :3

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11:56 pm, Sep 5 2012
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What the heck is this poll even supposed to mean? roll eyes


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2:07 pm, Sep 7 2012
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Quote from secretdesires
I have a hard time responding to this poll.


Also here are my choices:

Hot and steamy
Cold, salty, and/or teary
Spicy and exciting
Medium with a bittersweet aftertaste
Sweet and heartfelt
Quick like a sugar rush
Hard and blunt

I have many tastes smile wink grin

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3:28 pm, Sep 7 2012
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I like "bland and typical", with generous helpings of average, by-the-numbers and predictable.

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Mad With a Hat

5:02 pm, Sep 7 2012
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At first, I was like "huh?"...

Anyways, I'd go for Hard and Blunt followed by something Chewy as a second (choice).

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