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President Election: Obama VS Romney

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Who would you vote for?
Barack Obama
Mitt Romney
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From User Message Body
Post #569111
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Big Bucks

6:28 am, Sep 7 2012
Posts: 206

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Who do you believe would be the better choice for America?
You don't have to explain your opinions.
I don't care if you are too young to vote, or if you live in a different country.
This is your chance to voice your opinion.
Are these two candidate even worth electing? You choose.

Post #569112
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6:31 am, Sep 7 2012
Posts: 716

Whoa! This thread is flame bait!
I'd personally go for Obama but that's me (I can't vote until I turn 18 in March though)

Is this me in a nutshell?
Pretty much.
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Post #569114

6:45 am, Sep 7 2012
Posts: 107

remember to keep conversations civil, guys!
I'd go obama but i havn't read up on either candidate to make a truly responsible decision. I'm not yet a citizen which is why I havn't been keeping tabs. So far Obama because of his lgbt stance. oh, and i hear he has been pretty gun friendly.

Post #569167
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12:25 am, Sep 8 2012
Posts: 329

I'd vote for Obama...Sadly, my 18th birthday is a month after election. :\ Romney seems really eh and I don't agree with him on most topics--controversial or not.

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Post #569170
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Mythical Creature

12:37 am, Sep 8 2012
Posts: 284

Romney. My prediction is this thread will turn to flames on the second page.

Post #569172

2:32 am, Sep 8 2012
Posts: 70

Obama smile glad I turned 18 during an election year.

Post #569174

2:39 am, Sep 8 2012
Posts: 148

Obama. The older republicans had some really insightful views on economics, and I would've considered myself leaning towards financially conservative 15 years ago.

But *now*, when the republicans can't even draft a budget that doesn't *knowingly* increase the national debt while giving millionaires $250,000 tax breaks, and they even have shifted most of their focus onto their complete shit social policies that hate lgbt, women's reproduction rights, and races other than white (notes: I am a straight, half-white male), only assholes and morons vote for them now. Sadly, this is nearly 50% of my country.

At least Romney is still a *little* better than his party, but he has been seriously selling out the last five years.

Hey, Cthylla (wow, sounds like a female cthulhu, how appropriate for someone obviously evil!), you were wrong, it's still the first page!

silent killer
Post #569177
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chasing oblivion

2:47 am, Sep 8 2012
Posts: 1366

Ron Paul? confused

Sarcasm just doesn't work over the internet.
Post #569179
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Local Prig

3:03 am, Sep 8 2012
Posts: 1899

Obama by miles. I don't think Romney would be a disaster or even all that bad -- on the contrary, I'm certain he's moderate enough to stay the course and keep a real recovery on the agenda, rather than just swinging to the far right and appeasing the extremists. But, and this is a big enough but to begin a sentence with it, he's a wet blanket with the international community, which bodes badly when the global economy is this tightly integrated, and generally seems more interested in the idea of the presidency than actually governing. Obama, on the other hand, has done a pretty fine job, which history will vindicate regardless of the results in November. Nothing revolutionary or inspirational, but he's done things by the book and done them as well as possible given the circumstances.

I'd vote for Romney before Ron Paul. Paul would be the perfect president if this was 1872. Sadly, globalized society isn't compatible with a lot of the theories he loves espousing. He'd run the ship ashore in no time, all while meaning the very best.

I may have voted for Huntsman, for what it's worth, if he had been nominated. A sharp, capable Chinese speaker with realistic policies? Hard to complain about that.

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NightSwan also said that she wanted to peg me, once, but I'm not sure whether to take that as a compliment or a threat...
Post #569180
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3:07 am, Sep 8 2012
Posts: 73

How bout neither, and vote for another person for the lulz. vote Barack Romney.....there's gotta be at least one in the U.S. bigrazz

Post #569183
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3:46 am, Sep 8 2012
Posts: 109

I'm with neither, but if I HAD to choose it would be Obama.
Republican Party<=Democratic Party< Anything else...PLEASE

(I liked Huntsman too ;D)

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Post #569184
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3:49 am, Sep 8 2012
Posts: 87

Obama's administration has straight up saved many peoples lives by helping pass the affordable care act. I honestly don't know what my life would be like right now if I wasn't capable of staying on my parent's health insurance plan till I was 26, and I'm not even one of the people with horrific illnesses who were kicked off every private health insurance plan in the country and only have health insurance now due to provisions in the affordable care act.

The stimulus saved millions of jobs and stopped our economy from falling of a cliff. It also provided an enormous amount of tax relief for middle class families. If the stimulus had not passed, there would have been hundreds of thousands of government jobs lost over the last few years.

The auto-bailout saved over a million jobs and literally prevented the wholesale destruction of the American auto industry.

He supported the Frank-Dodd legislation that put into place a few more important financial regulations, although it obviously didn't go far enough.

His executive order that prohibited the deportation of children who were brought to this country illegally by their parents at a young age, is an incredible decision that has and will continue to limit the pain and suffering of undocumented Americans across the country.

He honored the agreement with the Iraq government to remove our troops from any combat role, essentially ending the war in Iraq.

Passed the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act that makes it easier for women to legally challenge companies that engage in sexist pay discrimination.

He also supports gay marriage unlike the entirety of the republican party in congress and Mitt Romney. This is the civil rights issue of our time and I am incredibly happy that we have an advocate for gay marriage in the white house.

There are way too many more accomplishments to list here but suffice to say Obama and his administration have accomplished an enormous of positive things, many of which empirically kept people from losing their jobs, homes, and access to health care.

Mitt Romney is just a despicable human being on every level. This is a guy who when he was in high school chased down a homosexual student held him to the ground and cut off his hair. This is a guy who in college, got a state troopers uniform and would go around pulling people over and impersonating police officers. This is a guy who put his dog in a carrier on top of the roof of his car during a road trip and the dog was so frightened it pissed and shit all over his car. This is the man who claimed in the early 90's that he would be a bigger advocate for gay rights than Ted Kennedy.

His actual policy positions are just the typical right-wing extremism. Cut every federal agency, so it can't competently do its job. Remove environmental regulations that prevent private businesses from polluting our rivers, oceans and forests. Remove labor regulations that prevent businesses from treating their employees like shit. He is completely anti-union and completely unwilling to acknowledge the important role trade unions played in the development of this country, politically and economically in the 20th century. He wants to reduce the tax rates for the extremely wealthy despite there being a world of evidence to prove that doing that does not work. He literally wants to increase tax rates for poor and middle class families. He supports a federal ban on gay marriage. He has also made the ludicrous claim that Russia is America's #1 geo-political enemy.

If you need any more evidence as to what kind of character Mitt Romney has take a look at this video.

Post #569185

4:08 am, Sep 8 2012
Posts: 103

screw them both. GOKU 2012!!!

Post #569186
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An F to judge M!

4:11 am, Sep 8 2012
Posts: 382

I'm middle-class, and bring home around $1200 - $1600 a week, after tax. Looking at this week's check before tax, I earned $2015.20. With tax, that's $1318.16.

I'll have anyone who's even remotely political interpret that the way they want.


Last edited by Badkarma at 5:18 pm, Sep 8

Post #569187 - Reply to (#569186) by Badkarma
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4:22 am, Sep 8 2012
Posts: 716

Quote from Badkarma
I'm middle-class, and bring home around $1200 - $1600 a week, after tax. Looking at this week's check before tax, I earned $2015.20. With tax, that's $1318.16.

I'll have anyone who's even remotely political intemperate that the way they want.


More than 1k a week?
Pardon my language but what the fuck is it that you do!?

Is this me in a nutshell?
Pretty much.
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