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From User Message Body
Post #572174

5:14 pm, Oct 2 2012
Posts: 155

Kubo is trolling with us again. Old habits die hard, I supposed.

Last edited by movingstone at 5:46 pm, Oct 2

Post #572175

5:21 pm, Oct 2 2012
Posts: 8

I didn't like this chapter sad
I totally don't like this last boss. He is too over powered sad

Post #572176

5:24 pm, Oct 2 2012
Posts: 486

Not much surprise in this chapter outside of the visit to aizen.

Post #572181

6:02 pm, Oct 2 2012
Posts: 678

If the Yamamoto is defeated next chapter, even though I've been through this before, I will be upset. It's really dumb to keep pulling the same move on us all the time. It also makes me realize that if Kubo was to ever make another manga I'd probably leave it alone after all of this.

Last edited by jrdragon2003 at 6:08 pm, Oct 2

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Post #572185
user avatar

6:29 pm, Oct 2 2012
Posts: 103

Lol, what a dramatic twist. none

Post #572188
user avatar
Slightly obscene

7:10 pm, Oct 2 2012
Posts: 494

Yeah. The part about wanting a chat with Aizen was the only part that we didn't see coming.

Eh, enough of SS being mangled by the quincy. Show us Grimmjow already.

User Posted Image
Post #572248
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3:06 am, Oct 3 2012
Posts: 95

Yeah. The part about wanting a chat with Aizen was the only part that we didn't see coming.

Eh, enough of SS being mangled by the quincy. Show us Grimmjow already.

I'm with you friend, can't believe this is what happened, so D*mn predictable its sickening. Though I'm still waiting for the "you underestimated me..." line or any of its incarnations followed by the power up reveal and the "no, you underestimated me..." line. Though I think Yamamoto said this with his stare a couple of times already laugh

Grimmjow's appearance is the one thing I'm looking forward to, plus hole-in-the-chest hollow Ichigo. With the king-god-spirit-whatever people who've come to stop the war and balance sh*t out... and they shall be Scottish themed... or American or African... I want a Sean Connery like character so I'm hoping Scottish biggrin eyes

"Religion is like a gun, It's only as good as the people holding it and it can easily take a life."

-Personal thought
Post #572254
user avatar
A dignified

3:27 am, Oct 3 2012
Posts: 507

It was obvious from the start, and I said so a while ago: Yamamoto isn't going to beat Bach because beating the boss is Ichigo's job.

"People don't change, they just give in."
Kubera is the best.
User Posted Image
Post #572260

3:54 am, Oct 3 2012
Posts: 30

what hurts me the most about these last chapters is how stupid the captain commander appears. I mean, he could have gotten rid of the underling with one of the four directions but he chose to actually display all of his powers so that Juha would be humiliated in the fight and in his death. I expected more of him in the sense that he would be more practical and use just the amount of power necessary (he did hold out during all previous arcs right?).

Meh, whatever... Now I'm excited to see the other shinigami's reaction to the demise of their motivator.

Post #572340
user avatar
Prinny Puncher

9:27 pm, Oct 3 2012
Posts: 120

Sigh... well... boo...

Honestly, words just fail me. Didn't expect Aizen to pop up in any manner, but still.

If there was a real evil in the universe it would be the illusion that man creates to defend its Forsaken Ideals.
Post #572417

1:27 pm, Oct 4 2012
Posts: 1

Well, it seems that everyone is annoyed about the flow of the story dead ( indeed , there is a lot of holes in the plot of kubo , which make him a human like us ).
Aizen visit was quite a surprise ( Why a quincy want to recruit a shinigami confused )
Also Aizen ARC or PLOT didn't end yet cool , that if you remember the last conversation between aizen & Urahara ( which will make the story interesting in the future - I think eyes - )

Post #572456

10:51 pm, Oct 4 2012
Posts: 110

Personally, I wasn't surprised about the Aizen visit. I figured that any group that wanted to destroy soul society would try to side with him. All he really needs to do is want it again and no one can stop him. I did think it would come later, but now I have a sinking feeling that once things get out of hand he might join forces against them, say, if Ichigo goes to visit him.

Also, for me this chapter immediately removes the whole idea that "Yamamoto made a mistake" by revealing his full bankai power. Which returns me to my theory that Ichigo is special because his mother is a supernatural (be it quincy, fullbringer, shinigami in Urahara-gigai or other).

Post #572462 - Reply to (#572456) by xdude101
user avatar

11:26 pm, Oct 4 2012
Posts: 920

I think the only reason why it wasnt obtainable was because as Juha Bach stated his copy/fake couldn't handle the bankai's potential/strength/power and im having a hard time believing that a quincy, fullbringer idea of yours is quite implausible seeing as they would atleast have been able to fend off that hollow whose name i forgot, and the shinigami in a gigai is not valid since i think it was stated that his mother was human. Plus i kinda find it weird they would try to recruit someone they look down upon or called weak.

Post #572516 - Reply to (#572462) by Kaitentsuki
user avatar
Slightly obscene

12:19 pm, Oct 5 2012
Posts: 494

Quote from Kaitentsuki
been able to fend off that hollow whose name i forgot, ...

Grand fisher. Yeah, like Rukia should have been able to wtf-pwn-stomp the hollow that messed her up when she was jumping the proverbial bullet to protect Ichigo instead of just fuckin up the hollow as she should have, considering she was at a seated officer level of power at that point (or at least should have been. No power limiter was ever discussed with her case and as she was not a captain or a vice-captain at that point, I don't think it would be plausible.)

The mistake here is to expect logic or any sense on continuity for all the ret-cons we are constantly being subjected to. It is arguable, but very likely that Masaki was able to see Grand fisher back then. This would mean that she had at least some latent or weak power, whatever it may have been.

User Posted Image
Post #572545

7:01 pm, Oct 5 2012
Posts: 110

1: Chapter 175 reveals that Urahara created a gigai which transforms a shinigami into a human, so Masaki could very well have once been a shinigami. (which incidentally is the reason Rukia couldn't do anything to Grand Fisher either)

2: Remember that Ishida was/is quite "talentless" or otherwise weak as quincies go, but being a quincy is apparently passed down through a bloodline, so whether or not she could defeat Grand Fisher, who by the way had devoured countless shinigami prior to meeting Ichigo, doesn't mean anything as far as her actual abilities are concerned.

3: Fullbringer abilities aren't always offensive or defensive. They depend on the person. It also depends on whether the item she used to create it was with her at the time.

4: The major logic that guides my theory is that she had to have seen Grand Fisher, because she knew to chase and save her son. Also, her ability to affect Grand Fisher after being eaten whereas no other soul could do that makes her special in my mind. Beyond that, I don't make any claim as to what her powers were, simply stating that anything is possible. I just believe that the inability to capture Ichigo's bankai (as opposed to their refusal to capture Yamamoto's bankai) is not a factor of his zanpakutou or its abilities, but rather a matter of his lineage, more specifically the power his mother may (or admittedly may not) have had.

What I'd really like to know is Isshin's backstory, since he's obviously a former captain, but not even Yamamoto recognized the name Kurosaki when Ichigo showed up. How did he fly so far under the radar? That's been bugging me since he saved Kon.

Last edited by xdude101 at 7:07 pm, Oct 5

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