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Tips for bouncing back after rejection

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5:15 am, Oct 6 2012
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Just got the rejection letter for a job that I interviewed for and thought I was going to get...But on reflection, maybe I did seem socially inept. I don't know, maybe I was too hyper?

I've applied so many times for the jobs in my field, and gotten interviews...but I can't seem to land an offer. I'm about to graduate, too.

Any tips for how you get past getting rejected for a job you really wanted? How many rejections did it take you before you got an offer? How long did it take you after grad to get a career job?

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7:05 am, Oct 6 2012
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Well over the last four years I've applied 1800+ times and got 8 interviews. At least you got a rejection letter; most employers never give you the decency of a response. cry

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8:08 am, Oct 6 2012
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Slice is right, usually you just never hear back. Just keep trying! Too hyper...? Well, that doesn't seem TOO bad. Anyway, I can just give you general interview tips. Smile (really), eye contact, firm handshake, all that stuff. Project confident, but respectful body language. If you feel like you're too hyper, calm down a bit?

Anywho, maybe pad your resume more? Don't worry, you just have to keep trying. If not, get some internships, volunteer, network, etc. Ask friends to give you a good word.

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