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Rozen Maiden

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10:01 am, Dec 29 2006
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Has anyone read this manga? Is it different from the anime at all? From reading a description it sounds different from the anime cause it seems maybe that it isn't
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Sugintou who cuts off Shinku's arm like in the last episode of the first season, it's the girl with the hat who does(can't spell the name)
If anyone has been buying this manga from tokyopop, care to elaborate on how the translations are?

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2:37 pm, Dec 29 2006
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The manga starts out the same but becomes very different rather soon. Check out the wikipedia page for details, but be warned there are spoilers on it.

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6:07 am, Jul 15 2008
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So according to Wikipedia ( )

Peach-Pit has recently started Rozen Maiden back up under the same title. It airs in Young Jump now and as far as I can tell, an anonymous scanslator put the first chapter translated in English out on a torrent for download, which unfortunately is dead now. I know this is old news but since I don't see it referenced here I thought I'd throw that out there if anyone wanted to see about changing it in the database or something.

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9:52 pm, Aug 24 2008
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Tale 2 (Chapter 45) was released recently. Man I can't wait for more (College Jun is way more likable than the high schooler Jun).

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From the looks of Tale 4 (Spanish translation), Suigintou is the next to join after Shinku. I think it's pretty cool how his older jaded self is able to attract a more mature Rozen Maiden (Compared to Hinaichigo and Suiseiseki anyways).

Though I suppose she only joined for the sake of a common enemy (Kirakishou).

Even though it is serialized monthly in a weekly magazine, there should be raws for up to tale 6 now (At least). dead

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insomniac Kagehime

8:03 pm, Jun 22 2010
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maybe it´s been licensed.
Just watch the anime

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