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From User Message Body
Post #573280

6:25 pm, Oct 11 2012
Posts: 33

could someone please delete the "Harem" genre? although, of course the main character is male and there are a lot of females around him (some male too), but it's not like they necessary him. they are attracted to him because he is...well, the bridge between course 1 and course 2 students and several other reasons (not that many, just read for yourself). right now, you cant call it a harem since we dont know for sure what their true feelings are...
Spoiler (mouse over to view)
they could change their heart...Mibu Sayaka, who loved him at first but still got her heart stolen be someone else. and you cant consider Watanabe Mari since she already has a boyfriend (at least for now, who knows what might still happen?). as examples.

instead could you, the one who might change the genres, put in psychologie? there are some hints to the human minds.
Spoiler (mouse over to view)
the cause for the descrimination is being explained. the conversation between tatsuya and his sister miyuki about blanche at their home in volume 2 chapter 7...isnt that too a concept of the human mind?

i'm sorry for my bad english...but i still hope that you understand what i mean

Post #575422

2:51 am, Oct 31 2012
Posts: 10

A series involving one male character and many female characters (usually attracted to the male character).

Unless you want to come up with new tags/genres for four characters showing confirmed romantic interests (love square?) and characters that are giving mixed signals (ambiguous relationships? Erika has a childhood friend and treats Leo strangely, but treats Tatsuya very differently from everyone else. This is actually clearly stated in one of the chapters. Mari has a boyfriend but still acts a little too friendly sometimes, and Shizuka apparently drops hints too.)

Furthermore, until a work ends, you don't know any character's "true feelings." Changing feelings are often a part of the story. On a whole, the series is not really a harem, but the subplots are pretty content heavy so it might as well stay.

Post #576922

12:52 am, Nov 14 2012
Posts: 30

I would disagree with BG. Seriously the only one that shows any real possible romantic feelings is the Council President. The rest of the girls I find refreshingly aren't particularly romantically inclined towards him. Sure they are flirtatious on occasion but the story makes it fairly clear for most of these that it is simply showing interest in an interesting enigma, rather than a wish to jump in bed. You say that some treat him differently than others. Treating people differently in entirely a fact of life, and I would be surprised if the characters didn't treat him differently, treating a person differently =/= love. Unlike most I would also say that the sister isn't overly romantic towards him, possessive certainly, but it it fairly clear she sees it as simply futile to be more than that. Certainly things may change, but I don't see the story ever doing romance between any of the characters apart from said president, and possibly the sister if things change, which they most certainly will if the author wants to do 25 volumes. Still I do see the harem genre as fairly warranted, the story doesn't show a great interest in guys. biggrin

Post #576923

1:11 am, Nov 14 2012
Posts: 58

He already has 3 girls who fell for him. Even if one of them backed out because of inferiority.

Post #580877

9:14 pm, Dec 17 2012
Posts: 10

Someone went and removed the genre tag anyway. They also seem to have nixed anything about relationships outside of brother complexes and sister complexes. I'm putting it back after I make this post. The harem tag means that, more or less, there's a lot of girls and many of them show an interest in the main character. Not necessarily "I need to get in bed with this person."
This seems to check out:

(1) Miyuki.
Possessive is an understatement. Everyone makes a reference to her being a bro-con despite the constant denial. She hates when any female so much as gets friendly with Tatsuya. She says that she doesn't feel romantic feelings for Tatsuya to Shizuku, with the caveat of "expecting or wanting him to return my feelings."

(2) Honoka.
I don't really need to make any arguments because she flat out confessed to him in volume 5, and said she would continue to love him until someone else comes along.

(3) Shizuku.
Drops a few hints now and then, but seems to have given up on Tatsuya in order to support Honoka.

(4) Mayumi.
Gets teased about it every now and then by her friends, drops hints pretty frequently. Might as well be oblivious if you can't see this one.

(5) Azusa.
Calling it an attraction may be bit of a stretch, but her interest in Tatsuya is practically a given with her hobbies. She's only had several entire sections dedicated to her thinking about Tatsuya.

(?) Sayaka.
Admits to loving Tatsuya, but gives up on him because she doesn't think she will ever catch up to him. Starts to like someone else.

(?) Erika.
Somewhat ambiguous relationship between the two, but she does flirt with Tatsuya on occasion. While she has something of a brother complex as well, she doesn't seem at the level Miyuki is. Puts a clear difference on this relationship compared to the rest of her friends though, which is odd considering she has that brother complex and ... probably ... considers Mikihiko a childhood friend.

(?) Mari.
More or less confirmed to be involved with Erika's brother, but she acts strangely towards Tatsuya every now and then. Probably just admiration for his skill, but for the sake of argument...

(?) Random girls.
School competition popularity, Taurus Silver, etc.

No male characters outside of Tatsuya are given as much time as many of these girls are, and only two of them have a significant presence over other characters in the first five volumes.

Post #580889

10:46 pm, Dec 17 2012
Posts: 325

This basically is a harem though. Just because there isn't a romantic connection or a direct love connection, there is a like/interest/admiration involved. It's basically one guy with lots of girls. The only way it differs is that these girls do have their own interests later, it'd be similar to onegai twins but with more girls.

Although the author does mention that the main character is unable to feel extreme emotions such as love, it doesn't mean it isn't a harem. As well, because the moral code of the society is a lot higher than modern day (they cover up a lot more, and things like showing your elbows or knees are not normal except during phys. ed) they are a lot more prudish with their feelings. Nevertheless:
-Miyuki + Honoka are two obvious supporters with Miyuki being the impossible love interest and Honoka being rejected.
-Mayumi sees him as a "younger brother" but the interest/affection is obviously there. It is referenced a few times with the fact that she goes to him about issues, the fact that she feels secure after discussing things with him, and her obvious awareness that he is watching her during competitions. As well, she defends him and Mari even makes fun of her for it, hinting she has feelings for him. This is the love interest I am rooting for the most (aside from Miyuki)
-Azusa is a worship/admiration kind of relationship, mainly the worshipping of Taurus Silver. She has deduced Tatsuya's secret identity and at that moment spends a lot more time with him. She takes on a younger sister archetype and while her interest in him is solely based on his identity as Taurus Silver, she is still a harem member.
-Mibu is the ex-love that ends up liking someone else, but even onegai twins has the one student council member that ends up liking the friend.
-Erika they did hint at the beginning that she likes Tatsuya, particularly more than other guys, but now they are hinting that she may like someone else; she seems to match Leo and has connections with Mikihiko, so she'll probably end up like Mibu.
-Mari isn't a love interest at all, she has a fiance, but she does have confidence in him. I'd say she's more of a comrade and or friend.
-MOST OF THE FIRST YEAR GIRLS - they are all over him because of his skills as a CAD engineer.

If 2 chicks that obviously like him, 2 chicks that are interested in him, and 1 chick that switched from him isn't enough to make it harem, then the entire first year girls competing in the tournament should be enough to make it harem. It isn't as full out or comedic as some cliche shounen harems, but that's because the series isn't much of a comedy.

It is a very serious series so the romantic portion is developed in a serious manner, but with the constant surrounding of women and the many references to him being a player, it is undoubtedly a harem genre!

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