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Post #574746 - Reply to (#574742) by AceBunneh
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7:47 pm, Oct 24 2012
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Thats actually an excellent question....dont think well get an answer though.

Post #574747 - Reply to (#574726) by jrdragon2003
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Sam the Eagle

7:49 pm, Oct 24 2012
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Quote from jrdragon2003
I agree, she manipulates time without penalty, so she can reverse the state of death too. I think she did actually too, that Arrancar girl gaurding her was killed by Grimmjaw, but Orihime revived her.

As for the Quincy thing, how come we've never seen signs of this before? If his mom was a Quincy w ...

I can't remember where, but I brought this up a while ago, when Isshin was talking to Ryuken Ishida (I believe it was the beginning of the arrancar arc). I thought they knew each other too well, so Ichigo's dad probably married a quincy...maybe even an Ishida. We've never seen Ishida's mother either, so I was thinking that a quincy mother might lose her powers when she has a child.

If you remember, Ichigo's mother yells after him, when he runs down toward the Grand Fisher. If she didn't see the Fisher, she would just say be careful by the water. Instead, she runs down and blocks the attack. It's possible that she was just so worried about her son that she forgot to use her powers, but I would say that it's very unlikely.

Post #574796 - Reply to (#574726) by jrdragon2003

5:02 am, Oct 25 2012
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Quote from jrdragon2003
As for the Quincy thing, how come we've never seen signs of this before? If his mom was a Quincy why would she not notice Grand Fisher, or better yet kill him before he harmed her son? Kubo's inconsistencies reign again.

Actually, she did notice Grand Fisher, since she knew to get her son away from it. And as for why she couldn't kill it, that could be explained in one of many ways. First, maybe she had the strength/skill level at or lower than Ishida Uryu. As his father likes to point out, Uryu is basically talentless as Quincy go. Masaki could also be talentless. Second, Grand Fisher was apparently uber strong (until all the power levels got messed up... think Vegeta or Nappa from the first section of DBZ, before the Super Saiyan stuff or Frieza). Grand Fisher was a "Shinigami-killer" who would subsist primarily on trained spirit soldiers and people/beings with high reiatsu. Third, there was no time to fire an arrow (they don't sail at the speed of light), so she just used hirenkyaku and blocked him with her body in the nick of time. Fourth, and admittedly least likely, Grand Fisher HAD Ichigo, but spit him out when she offered herself in exchange.

As to why Ichigo doesn't have Quincy abilities, it's because both of his parents made the conscious decision not to tell their kids about them. Ichigo didn't even understand the concept of reiatsu until Rukia explained it. Ichigo just knew he could see ghosts, but never seemed to care about why until he met Rukia.

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7:53 am, Oct 25 2012
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Is everyone forgetting where Ichigo was trapped for the last some odd chapter. Is not the same portal/tunnel that he goes through every time to get to Soul Society. And if it is we know the time is different in that space (Aizen arc). Therefore if Quincy abilities can be learned because it is just a human with a strong spiritual energy (which Ichigo had from the start) is it then not logical to suppose that during his time (which could have been much longer, even months compared to real time) in that area he could have learned some Quincy techniques maybe from Ishida or someone else with lots of knowledge (Urahara). If so it could also explain his beat up state. I don't remember him being so beat up when he left Hueco Mundo (could be wrong though it was rather long ago).

I've also been thinking that the Vandenreich are all dead Quincy. It seems reasonable that Quincy would not lose their spiritual powers when they die and logically go to soul society. So what if the Vendanreich is already dead?

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