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Favorite RPG

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10:43 pm, Mar 23 2010
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Gothic 1-3 and Risen
Epic dialogues, never found a game that got close to it. smile

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Kunoichi Hime

3:34 pm, Mar 25 2010
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Planescape Torment

Cult classic and to me, HOLY

Post #366355 - Reply to (#366334) by Divina=^.^=
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5:58 pm, Mar 25 2010
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Quote from Divina=^.^=
Planescape Torment

Cult classic and to me, HOLY

Yes, Yes.

Good to see there's people appreciating classics.

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0n3 Winged

4:42 pm, Mar 26 2010
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Quote from Pirate1019
I don't think I can in good conscience give this to any game but Tales of Symphonia.

Tales of Symphonia isn't a game that I played. It's a game that stole my life. All game saves included, my total playtime is somewhere between 400 and 500 hours.

I can't play it anymore though, because Tales of the Abyss and Tales of Vesperia have spoiled me with the free run skill.

right on!


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4:52 pm, Mar 26 2010
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i think elder scroll is the best
specially morrowind

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Mr. Dark

5:18 pm, Mar 26 2010
Posts: 54

Final Fantasy XII (12). Hands down.

Quote from Makaveli
wat should i get....FFXIII or Dragon Age....for a first time rpg player

Advice: Dragon age.
Why?: The gaming experience is like no other, epic cut scenes, interesting plot.
FFXII: The story plot is pretty linear, much like the leveling up system, unlike dragon age.

But then again, this is just for the first time RPG player. In the end you should get both smile

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Coffee Clouds

8:08 pm, Mar 26 2010
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Final Fantasy X anyone?

Nobody is up for voting for the classics.

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12:21 am, Mar 29 2010
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Played on 2 servers before
Psiblade (gone now)
Symphonic Ro (the rebirth of Psiblade) ;D

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2:48 am, Mar 31 2010
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If I had to choose among my many favorites, the top pick would have to be Baldur's Gate 2.
Bioware games = Love-nessss

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I am gorgeous pill

10:37 am, Apr 6 2010
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Not sure if FF still counts but 6 (Terra, Espers, etc) is fond in my heart

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11:27 am, Apr 6 2010
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The all time favorite RPG is no other than Final Fantasy 7. I know that the graphic n animation compared to now is worse. I actually compared whether Final Fantasy X n Final Fantasy 7.But the conclusion is Final Fantasy 7 is the best,because...
- In that time FF7 is the 1st RPG games that have 3D animation,the 1st.....this is why Final
Fantasy 7 become the 1st instead of Final Fantasy X
- The story,honestly....magnificent!! the tragedy of Aerith death (i actually cried), the feeling of Tifa for Cloud, the unexpected villain that revealed (Sepiroth,just like Crocodile in One Piece)...just amazing
- The amazing but not complicated gameplay such as materia weapon (it can give birth too,amazing!!), the Limit Break (all of the character final Limit Break are splendid,especially Cloud's OMNISLASH!!) and the 3D animation of Summoning n the variety of them (Ifrit,Shiva,Bahamut,etc)
- The Chocobo!!!!!! The Battle Arena!!!!! Simply amazing...
- The music..... Aerith Theme, Eyes on Me n One Angel Wings (background music of the final battle)
- Finally...the secrets!!!! So many secrets in FF7 such as how to breed Golden Chocobo n the purpose of it so it could walk across the ocean n to finally get the final Summon....*its a secret*lol, how to get the characters final Limit Break,the characters ultimate weapon n the mighty Weapon that their strength n the difficultness are far greater than the main boss (Sepiroth) n many more...

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9:36 am, Apr 7 2010
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I'd have to agree with some of the masses. FFVII is one of the best RPG made. The graphics was superb at the time and the story is good to.

Looking forward to Monster hunter Tri to Wii tho, since that looks to be kinda good to. Donno if it's a RPG tho. Looks like it anyway. cool

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5:57 am, Aug 21 2010
Posts: 61

My overall favourite has to be Dragon Age Origins. \m/ Bioware \m/
other good titles for pc are: THe Witcher, Mass Effect series.

Game-play wise has to be Mass Effect 2
Story wise it has to be Digital Devil Saga 1 & 2.

For consoles I would say the best is Shin Megami Tensei Digital Devil Saga 1 & 2.
Other titles i dig are
FF series(havent played the mmorpgs or 13),
tales of the abyss (havent played the others ... yet),
star ocean series,
breath of fire series(played 1 n 2 only)
suikoden 1 and 2

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6:13 am, Aug 21 2010
Posts: 214

This is a hard one but my favorite RPG of all time has to Xenogears. The story was just so awsome and ya gotta love the giant mechs.

Other close contenders:
Breath of Fire 2 & 3
Suikoden 1 & 2 & 5
FF7 (Got me hooked on RPG's)
Chrono Trigger
Dragon Quest 8 & 9
Fallout 1 & 2

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7:09 am, Aug 21 2010
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Final Fantasy 3 on the super Nintendo, and Setzer is awesome.

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