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strobe edge ending

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1:54 pm, Oct 31 2012
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Hai all

I just read Strobe Edge. But I did nt get one point at the end.please help me in understaning this.
It is in chapter 35... Ninako explains to Andou why she rejected Ren's confession..
Althouth i read it many times again and again,, still i didnt exactly understand the reason.

Can anyone please explain me in detail what happened in that chapter? and what Ninako feelings are for Andou?

As it was claimax,if i did nt get that one.. i am unable to understand total travel of that charcater Andou.and author intentions on Andou's personality.

please explain me what did she tell to Andou and why Andou accepts her reason?

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2:42 pm, Oct 31 2012
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I don't remember much but the thing i remember if i'm not wrong, is she rejected him based on what they went through in the past, they were like bffs and a girl made them separate so she doesn't want to accept him because it might happen again, since both love her...
Oh and adding something else, i think is obvious she likes Andou, he is important to her, but in a different way compared to Ren, whom she loves.

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5:03 pm, Oct 31 2012
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Ninako rejected Ren because, as she says, she didn't want to be "the bad guy". In other words, she felt that rejecting Andou and then accepting Ren's confession right afterwards would have made her look bad, so she rejected Ren to save herself (both from other people's criticism and her own criticism of herself). It was an act that seemed selfless, but Andou helps her realize that she was actually being selfish, because she hurt Ren and didn't help Andou at all. Andou is actually really helping Ren and Ninako at this point, even though he doesn't want to admit it. He's sad that he got rejected, but at the same time he wishes for the two to be happy. He's probably one of the least-annoying love rivals I've encountered in a shoujo manga.

Ninako cares for Andou and sees him as a friend, just not as somebody she'd want to go out with. She does admit that she pitied him a little when he confessed to her and she couldn't return his feelings.

That's how I interpreted it, at least ^_^

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2:53 pm, Nov 1 2012
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Hai Evelyn522

Thank you so much.
You have clarified my doubt clearly.

One more small doubt, the same scene continution, Ninako tells to Andou that..
"i am sorry for making you a bad boy" if i remember correctly,what does that mean?

It would be very nice,if you can clearly explain me that total scene i.e.Ninako's last talk with Andou.and the next scene,Ninako confessing to Ren.

If you have time,please explain me.As it is the crucial point of the story,i want to fully understand it.
please explain me fully what exactly she conveyed her actions to Andou? and How exactly Ninako is convincing her own actions?
Thanks a lot for your valuable help.
please help knowing.. what she exaplained to Andou about her actions..and why she is now going for Ren?

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12:46 am, Jan 24 2013
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Hello satochan16! Sorry it took me so long to reply to your last questions - I forgot to check back.

I'll start explaining from the beginning of Ninako's conversation with Andou.

Andou basically wants to understand why Ninako rejected Ren even though she likes him. He points out to her that it's because she feels sorry for him and because she pities him for losing to Ren twice (because his past love used him to get closer to Ren, remember?) . He then asks her why she's putting on such a "good-girl face". She refuses to go out with Ren because, deep down, she just doesn't want to be responsible for hurting Andou. But Andou tells her that she's already hurt him by rejecting him and that her refusing to go out with Ren is not helping anybody; it's only making her feel better about herself.

So... Andou kisses her, she almost slaps him but stops, and then she finally admits to rejecting Ren for completely selfish reasons. She says "I am sorry for making you play the bad guy" because Andou forced a kiss on her and taunted her (pretending to be mean) in order to get her to understand what she was doing. She's sorry that he had to do that because of her selfishness.

So after that, she realizes that using Andou as a reason to reject Ren isn't really acceptable. So she runs to Ren, explains the whole thing to him (that she thought that being happy with Ren while Andou was hurt would make her a terrible person, which is why she rejected him). Then she confesses and we get our HEA smile

I hope this was clear enough!

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