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releases.html Updates every 3 days.

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4:05 pm, Dec 30 2006
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Is this normal?

Today, we are saturday, and the releases.html page is still the Thursday page. The releases.html page has been like this for a week.

And surprinsingly, my RSS feeds are still working!

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4:46 pm, Dec 30 2006
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It's your cache which is screwed...
Do you use Firefox, IE, or Opera?

Back. Yet again.
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8:47 pm, Dec 30 2006
Posts: 2344

It's definitely got to be your cache or your isp's cache.

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4:17 pm, Dec 31 2006
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It was my Opera cache. It was programmed (by me) to never check updates, for documents and images.

Thank you biggrin srry, my bad^^

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9:11 am, Jan 7 2007
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Hmm, someone forgot to lock thread...

Free post~

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