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Best first main character introduction/entrance

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7:42 pm, Nov 6 2012
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I'm looking for mangas which have/had the best MC introduction (so the first time the readers gets to see the MC)
I'd prefer action mangas where the MC enters the scene end everyone is like 'woah that guy is badass" or something like that.

This scene could also happen after a time skip in the story. I'm also okay with those.

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9:08 pm, Nov 6 2012
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i'd say the best for me would either one piece or beelzebub

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9:17 pm, Nov 6 2012
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Onepunch-man definitely laugh

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12:50 pm, Nov 7 2012
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There is nothing on par with Maria's introduction in Hakomari.
Another famous introduction is Haruhi in Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuuutsu.

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Post #576219 - Reply to (#576165) by kropka76

2:40 pm, Nov 7 2012
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Quote from kropka76
Onepunch-man definitely laugh

this one definitely...

usual shounen with strong MC often use that kind of entrance, such as when Luffy start his adventure in One Piece or when Sena play american football for the first time in Eyeshield 21.

Other than MC, I really felt intimidated when MC's father in Vinland Saga take action.
He IS the definition of badass...

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Space Patrol

3:05 pm, Nov 7 2012
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Shin Angyo Onshi has one of the best MC introduction!

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3:40 pm, Nov 7 2012
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blood bath

Post #576234 - Reply to (#576220) by Ame_Sama
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6:08 pm, Nov 7 2012
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Quote from Ame_Sama
Shin Angyo Onshi has one of the best MC introduction!

When i read "Best first main character introduction/entrance" i come here thinking exactly that.

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An F to judge M!

5:17 am, Nov 8 2012
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Senjougahara Hitagi of the Monogatari (Novel) series leaves you with warm fuzzies when she introduces herself.

Second Hakomari.

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10:03 pm, Nov 9 2012
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The seinen series Dorohedoro where the MC bites other people's heads to find out who he is.
Spoiler (mouse over to view)
It didn't work and he has to go to the magic-users' world. After that, the fun keeps going and going.
But yeah, it has one of the best/funniest MC intro in manga history biggrin

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