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If your best friend kissed you?

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9:42 pm, Aug 1 2011
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damn...I don't even wanna think about that...

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10:26 pm, Aug 1 2011
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Been there done that, didnt feel/do anything special

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10:58 pm, Aug 1 2011
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I wouldn't be upset at all :\ actually there different kind kisses on lips out there and one them you can use on your friends as long it's not the romantic type kiss.

edited: i'm asexual/aromantic so it's doesn't matter to me.

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Inactive Phantom

10:59 pm, Aug 1 2011
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Swiftly punch him in the gut since I'm not gay and neither is he. Must've drank too much, the horny bastard!

(Off-topic, but 1000th post! cool )

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11:13 pm, Aug 1 2011
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Well first of all, it would most likely never happen. Most of my friends know (and the rest at least suspect... I think) that I'm simply not interested in relationships.
I'm not shy in saying I'm asexual (which I consider myself to be), but I also don't shout it out to everyone I meet... Oddly enough, homosexuality is pretty much accepted where I live (at the least tolerated and not something you'll get bullied about) but asexuality is considered weird by many I know bigrazz .

But, hypothetically, If my best friend would kiss me (with serious intentions)... I'm not sure how I would react, I'm quite sure I wouldn't be disgusted or offended (though you can never now this for sure without it happing once)...
I probably would be flattered, but I think no more than that.

Definitely wouldn't change my opinion of or behaviour around that person though, I'm not really one for caring about gender or sexuality.

Why would you care if romantic advances were made by the same-sex or the opposite-sex?
Sure, you might not reciprocate those feelings, but hey... Someone liking/loving you is not a bad thing, is it?
The fact that someone of the same sex is willing to show he/she has feelings for you is something to be congratulated (these days less so then 10-20 years ago).

Never understood, and never will understand all the sexuality hate/disgust out there. If it bothers you, keep it to yourself!
You don't hear me complaining about all those heterosexual couples showing affection in public (no it doesn't really bother me, but it's also not something I look forward to seeing).

There isn't really a strict definition of asexuality, though I consider it to be both on a romantic as sexual level. There's a whole spectrum of romance/sexual degrees and combinations available to choose from and you can make it as complicated and confusing as you want it to be smile

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12:20 am, Aug 2 2011
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Ahaha want to die buddy ^^

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12:22 am, Aug 2 2011
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Wash my mouth.

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Post #486404 - Reply to (#486384) by Joentjuh
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12:51 am, Aug 2 2011
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Quote from Highway-STAR
Swiftly punch him in the gut since I'm not gay and neither is he. Must've drank too much, the horny bastard!

shit, this made me gay

Quote from Joentjuh
Well first of all, ....

lol long answer

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1:05 am, Aug 2 2011
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I would be a bit shocked at first, since I didn't expect it at all. But I would explain that I didn't feel that way for her and also that I wouldn't get scared and get away from from her because of it since the pain of losing your friend and the one you love is more painful than having them stay at your side with nothing having changed. Of course, I would acknowledge it and not put it off to the side like an ignorant moron. biggrin

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1:15 am, Aug 2 2011
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Be in shock for a few seconds, then shout wtf?! and ask her why she did that because I know she does not swing that way.

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1:33 am, Aug 2 2011
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having doubts about if he was gay and kissed but didnt last long,cause he realized that he didnt swing that way,there was an awkward phase but after he got a gf we were fine again

Post #486418 - Reply to (#483123) by DorkFishOK
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1:56 am, Aug 2 2011
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Quote from DorkFishOK
Quote from Reinrin
if it happened.. i will pushed her away and slap her... and scream you're not a normal.. how come!!! so crazy!!
i'm a girl and you're a girl and i'm still normal.. i love a boy!! i just wanna a boy a person who i love who kiss my lip not you!! bastard and liar!! i don't wanna being a good friend with a normal girl like you again.. you broke it up yourself just now!! go away from my life abnormal girl!!

That's... really mean. If my best friend kissed me I would be unpleasantly surprised. I might need a defibrillator to revive me from my shock and horror but I would never say that to my best friend. How could you say those spiteful things to someone who is your closest friend, even if she is a girl? Isn't that one of the points of having a best friend, having a friendship with someone who is willing to accept you despite the choices you make? How could something like a kiss end a friendship? Hell, it's a sign of love. Even if you don't reciprocate their feelings, their love shouldn't give you an opening to hurt them. :/

"What is a friend? A single soul dwelling in two bodies." -Aristotle

Reinrin: You're a jerk and friendship is pointless to you, because in the end it amounts to nothing.

DorkFishOK: You're a really cool person, and you're totally right. eyes

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2:09 am, Aug 2 2011
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Well I don't exactly have a best friend right now, but seeing as how the last person i considered my best friend was my girlfriend, and the people closest to me are all girls, I definitely don't think I would have a problem with it.

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11:16 am, Aug 2 2011
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Let her kiss me, then fight over it, insult each other and get on with life. As long as it's not my frist kiss smile Or if it was my guy bff, I'd make sure he doesn't have a gf and if he does, i'll make sure it's just for practice biggrin I dont want other people thinking we're a couple rather than best friends wink I could take a few on the cheeks, but on the lips, i dont think i can. It's rather common especially when you're in an all girls/all-boys school. So I dont think kissing as friends is a big deal, but....I thought about it, as best friends, who aren't romantically involved, i think it's kinda awkward. I've had several guy bffs before (Imma girl, if you havent caught up on that.) and I think they always know who i like and they try their best to not let my crush misunderstand.
Though there was one instance where...he (bff) kissed me (almost on the lips) in front of my crush (who appeared to like me back). Then I realized, that my bff was in love with me all along. That's when I started being distant and awkward around guys. I shifted to an all girls school and since then i have never thought of having a guy bff. no

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7:26 am, Aug 14 2011
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do nothing.

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