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looking for girls manga character

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11:24 am, Dec 23 2012
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i was looking for some girl character that have innocent face / cool / book worm / a quiet / the main character. if u have some manga to suggest to me smile it will be very welcome
please,,onegai eyes

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1:12 pm, Dec 23 2012
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wrong section ("I'm Looking For")

you are looking for a manga with female lead with any of these characteristics: innocent face, cool, book worm, quiet?

pick any manga, the chances there isn't a female lead that fits this - in other words one that is completely average - is about zero...

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5:20 pm, Dec 23 2012
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Innocent face? Can it be plain face? Bookworm? Can it be like a loner or a nerd-like person?

If that is the case, Warau Kanoko-sama and Koi Dano Ai Dano are what you're looking for.

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3:09 am, Dec 24 2012
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Maybe Last Game

Yeah I know my english is bad
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1:16 pm, Jan 5 2013
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Midnight Secretary - Not specified book worm, but innocent faced and cool.
Watashi ni xx shinasai! - Personally I think this fits in pretty well, but I dont like it very much.

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