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How do you think Skip Beat will end?

How do you think Skip Beat will end?
1. Kyoko is still bitter towards Sho after losing the bet and working at his family's dinner
2. Kyoko overcomes her fear of love and marries Ren, leaving Sho in misery
3. Kyoko gives Sho a second chance, making Ren turn into Kuon and go into a rampage
4. Kyoko is tired of her revenge scheme and decides to go somewhere new to start over
5. Other - (Please explain) -
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2:25 am, Jan 2 2013
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I want to know your thought on where Skip Beat is heading. confused
Even if you review, or poll, or maybe even both, just let me know where you think this manga is standing. biggrin

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2:35 am, Jan 2 2013
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I think it's fairly obvious that Kyoko is going to end up with Ren, especially as she is starting to realize her feelings for him.

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2:45 am, Jan 2 2013
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I agree. She's totally going to end up with Ren. I also think she will become a successful actress. But I don't think she'll leave Sho in misery. I think he's going to realize that he was wrong and move on.

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1:28 am, Jan 3 2013
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i hope that she will end with Ren. they are so lovey-dovey in Skip Beat! chapter 196 >.<

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5:43 am, Jan 4 2013
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Chapter 196 didn't quite happened the way I wanted it, but it's definitely good. I was in despair, though... when I realized that Kyoko "sticked to the role", if you know what I mean. I was sooo anticipating the lovey-dovey scenes.....

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6:27 am, Jan 4 2013
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Kyoko will eventually end up with Ren. Sho will probably be shoved to a side character from somewhere or become a main character in a spin off series. And then Kyoko will become an amazing and famous actress, possibly in Hollywood because she seems to speak fluent English for some reason, and then Kyoko and Ren will get married. Because all comedy will end with a wedding.

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11:05 pm, Jan 5 2013
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As much as I want Sho to be trampled beneath Kyoko's boots, I think they are getting to a point where by the end of the series they will be friends again. And of course Ren and Kyoko will be together, unless Ren explodes into a fiery ball due to sexual frustration (which is a possible ending for chapter 197)

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2:30 pm, Jan 10 2013
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I think I would like a time skip ending where I will see Kyoko & Ren celebrating their 20th aniversary in LME with all their love ones present including Shou who remain a good friend of Kyoko which make Ren jealous every time he sees their closeness together. lol!

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6:53 am, Jan 14 2013
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Other. She'll forgive, but not reconcile with Sho, overcome her fear of love, become a top actress and then realize her feelings for Ren, and Ren will "lose" to her. Forgiveness and reconciliation aren't the same thing.

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2:17 pm, Jan 16 2013
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Well, In my opinion, Kyoko will surely end with Ren and be a sucessful actres. Tough I don't know about how her relationship will be woth Sho

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6:28 am, Aug 8 2014
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it will never ever ever f****in' end.
not ever.

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10:20 pm, Sep 9 2014
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I think skip beat will end with Kyoko and Ren getting married. I think that eventually they'll start dating but Kyoko will leave and go to America, vowing not to return until she's an actress on equal footing to Ren. because I don't think she would want to be in another relationship where she's not on the same level. their will probably be a couple of chapters full of drama about her leaving and Ren will be upset but soon will give his full support.
Sho will probably be upset about Kyoko and Ren's relationship but will soon get over it. I think he will fall in love with Kaname. that would be a twist. but Kaname won't like him because of how he treated Kyoko. that will make him realize that he needs to change and inspire a spin off for Sho.

The manga will end with Ren watching Kyoko's plane as leaving as she travels to America.

or it could go the other way, with Ren leaving to make things right with the people he wronged in America as Kuon. he won't want the bitterness of his past to effect his relationship and will leave. then Kyoko will surprise him by being on the plane with him. then end with Ren asking her to marry him on the plane.

or maybe Kyoko's mother comes back.

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