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About the two final messages in Alive the final evolution final chapter

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3:23 pm, Jan 3 2013
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I know its once again unrelated to the tokusatsu thing But i just needed to know about the two final messages after the end of the manga series "ALIVE the final evolution" Its not translated and i want to know what it means:
The two messages:
First one is the the message of the author before his death: al-evolution-1721675.jpg
Second one is the message from the artist himself under the staff page: al-evolution-1721676.jpg
So can anyone tell what the message really says in English ,I really i need to know what the messages really says

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10:26 am, Sep 14 2013
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My serialization across these 7 years has come to an end
Many ideas were packed into the story called Alive.
The beginning was based on a world of family.
I saw a person's death as a sad thing, but now I have a bit of a different feeling towards it.

I was able to feel enjoyment.

At that time, on the other side of sadness, I came across many good thoughts.
I probably discovered the theme of Alive during those moments.
Somehow you can't show that life is precious through people's shells, but i think i might have accomplished a little of that.
Isn't "living is precious" similar to "dying is precious"?
I started to think from that point of view.
Despite people being burdened with various karma and sadness. I wrote "living like that is correct" but is it satisfying?
Even from then and now Alive was joyfully serialized.
I've met with the rapidly improving Adachitoka and through this long term serialization, Adachitoka has surpassed my expectations.
*Adachitoka is the artist btw*

The ending at first was about my life being presented.
Finally I had a clear vision, but it became an unclear shape.
Thinking back about it now, I feel happy.
I wasn't god or buddha, just a single normal person.
The large eternal theme, I can say that the answer came to be "life".
Wasn't it ridiculous?
Anyway, "living is right", "dying is bad", but life, what is life.....
That is for all you readers, everyone, to think about on your own
It has reached the end, to those readers who cheered me on up until the end of Alive, to the ones in charge of us ( he list three specific people but i really dont want to look up their names), to the editorial department, and to person who has done the most for me, Adachitoka
Thank very much!

Translated by KuroKy

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