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Why I really hate vampire knight

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From User Message Body
Post #585366
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7:09 pm, Jan 27 2013
Posts: 4

Yo, I will probably be hunted down for saying i hate "Vampire knight"
but its true, the plot has to be the worst ever, its so boring and predictable
like twilight laugh
I'm not a fan of romance between vampires and humans.
I'd rather have the vampires attack the humans instead of falling in love with them confused
If there was a real vampire attack on the world even as unrealistic as it seems, I guarantee you wouldn't fall in love with a vampire and the vampire wouldn't fall in love with you. and the second thing.. haha there is a damn academy for these vampires... ehhh i might aswell rename myself "why bother"
its the worst love anime/story since twilight, the main character is a girl and she loves a vampire and blah blah she would have been bitten by now.
You know if vampire knight was a Yaoi i would defo watch it im telling you smile wink grin

Cyaaa c:

I want to go far, far... faraway-- beyond the city~
Post #585371
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7:44 pm, Jan 27 2013
Posts: 9

Honestly, i don't really like Vampire Knight that much either and i'm stuck on the same chapter (chpt. 50). But i don't agree with you, you must not have read far enough in the manga. I don't want to spoil the story for anyone some i'm just gonna say, if you keep reading then you'll see why your post is wrong. There is way more to this story than a girl falling for a vampire.
Spoiler (mouse over to view)
Well it's not like none of the vampires sucked her blood, she got her blood sucked twice, including a vampire who sucked her blood more than once and is also in love with her.
I wouldnt like the story even if it was a yaoi, and trust me, i love me some yaoi. Even when i watch the Vampire Diaries i'm always waiting for Damon and Klaus to get together and just do it, though i know it's never gonna happen -_- Well i still have hope.

BTW. I hate Twilight too! I'm always getting asked "How can you not like twilight?" "Because it's boring and stupid, and it's also not enough action for a vamp story"

Post #585374
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8:04 pm, Jan 27 2013
Posts: 4

Whatever, its your opinion.
I was just saying, and I don't really want to read/watch any more than i have done or
ill go insane. laugh

I want to go far, far... faraway-- beyond the city~
Post #585381
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8:49 pm, Jan 27 2013
Posts: 204

Well, if you don't want to continue here's some spoilers (up to chapter 63-ish). Though is was some time ago I read the manga. biggrin
Spoiler (mouse over to view)
Yuuki is a pureblood vampire to begin with and not human. Her vampire part was just sealed by her mother.
She's also Kaname's little sister and fiancé which then later it is revealed that Kaname is in fact an ancestral vampire and also knew the one that helped the vampire hunters with their anti-vampire weapons thousands of years before. Zero is also a psycho vampire hunter.
So there's no actual (that I've read) human vampire love. The actual love seems to be gone too as Zero is hateful toward everyone and Kaname is just manipulative.

Still, there are better manga out there but this is definitely way better than the Twilight books and movies. Also not the worst manga out there.
My personal opinion? I just don't like it(characters feel forced) but I don't hate it as much as you. In fact I will finish it even if it is a low priority read.

On a side note: Vampire stories does not equal action. They should either be horror, suspense or action. wink

Post #585387
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9:24 pm, Jan 27 2013
Posts: 343

Firstly, I will admit that the manga started well and that I probably didn't read far past chapter 60 - don't remember so I may not be up to date on the storyline. I also accept that Vampire Knight suits other people's tastes - it just doesn't suit mine.

Ok so I was super into it back in the day but it just turned a bit too unromantic and unenjoyable for me. Here's why and I'll stick it in a bit fat spoiler just in case:

Spoiler (mouse over to view)
To begin with I really liked the chemistry between Yuuki and Zero.
But now he's all like "I'll kill you one day". Ok so the pairing I wanted to see has bit the dust. I'd probably have to wait 100 chapters for them to reach some kind of mutual agreement on whether they hate or love each other like marmite - not got that much time on my hands to be honest and when it comes to a bit of angst between two main characters, I'd prefer they wrapped it up in two chapters or less.

And it was such a turn off when Yuuki turns into a vampire and suddenly she's all over Kaname spouting nonsense like "I desire nobody else but him" - that ended the romantic feel between the two and she barely even tried to repair things with Zero. I'll admit I was more a zero fan than Kaname but honestly, he's a really unappealing character. You never really know what he's all about.

And on that note I'm gonna start on Zero too. As soon as he finds out she's a vampire, even after everything she's done for him - BOOM, time to kill. Please.
Suddenly - I didn't like any of the characters so I no longer cared to see how it all ends.

Man, I couldn't bring myself to read on. Too much angsty blah. It just started to feel like another Naruto-length manga: eternal.

Post #585389
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9:43 pm, Jan 27 2013
Posts: 4

Thanks for your opinions all laugh
I guess people into twilight may appreciate this manga more than other people or may not, well i think its a waste of space eyes

I want to go far, far... faraway-- beyond the city~
Post #585390
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Sims3 Maniac

9:47 pm, Jan 27 2013
Posts: 378

On chapter 44, I got really... turned off when

Spoiler (mouse over to view)
We discover Yuuki is actually a vampire and the idea that her brother was in love with her or something

I don't know. Normally that kind of thing would attract me, the
Spoiler (mouse over to view)
being a vampire all this time part, not the incest
, but I was just turned off and stopped reading completely after that even though I didn't expect I would.

I tried to read further a few times, but I just started to dislike it more and more and completely lost interest. The beginning was interesting enough, but it lost something along the way, I'm not sure what.

I don't read yaoi, but a bad story is a bad story. I don't know what the difference would have been if they were homo instead of hetero since the story itself is not worthy, but to each his own I guess. none

Why, hello there!!!
Post #585392
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9:58 pm, Jan 27 2013
Posts: 27

I just hate how it went from your usual shoujo to a dark and more intricate story line.

To be honest, if the manga just went one way or another, I would have been okay with it.

Spoiler (mouse over to view)
If it went down the shoujo story line, Yuuki really shouldn't have suddenly become a vampire once again with the incest and hateful Zero. Her original personality suddenly went out the window and there wasn't really anything sweet or romantic at all, just weird vampire lust.

If it was to go down the darker story line, which I think would have been good considering the plot is actually pretty intricate and suspenseful, it shouldn't have started out so much like a typical shoujo and started out more serious. The school setting doesn't even have anything to do with the story any more and once again, Yuuki isn't even the same character anymore, going from cute and bubbly to sadistic and dark.

Post #585397

10:22 pm, Jan 27 2013
Posts: 1

I've always called it the Twilight of anime. As someone else said, the series as a shoujo wasn't that bad... in the beginning. But in the last arc with Sara, it's just been... awful. It's like they're trying to turn it into a super serious drama of a series with an actual war, but they are just failing hard at it. Thankfully, the next arc is the final one.

Spoiler (mouse over to view)
I'm sure Kaname will go bat shit crazy, or just do what he's been doing... pulling a batman and showing up randomly and NOT SAY ANYTHING. "Grab ye weapons men, we have us a vampire troll to kill!" Then he poofs and they're left feeling dumbfounded. And maybe they will finally make a cut through the obvious romantic tension that is obviously going to lead to Yuuki and Zero hooking up in the end.

I loved this series in the beginning, I really did. I mean, I LOVED it. I love a good shoujo manga for when I need to get my girly filly, but this series is just sad now.

And that's another thing that the post above me pointed out. Yuuki's character is just not suited for a series like this. She has NO personality whatsoever with how flip floppish they are on her. Her personality varies per situation and its too convenient for story writing. She's a cookie cutter Mary Sue. She goes to fight, but has she done anything? No. And sometimes when she's supposedly ready to, it's just at the worst time possible and you know it's not going to happen.

Post #585398
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The tide is dying

10:42 pm, Jan 27 2013
Posts: 23

I don't hate Vampire Knight but I am bored and dissatisfied with it now.

Spoiler (mouse over to view)
I loved it in the beginning and I liked when Yukis personality changed because I like that type of personality but it is not very realistic however. I neither liked Kaname or Zero's personality, but because I liked Yuki I continued to read it. Now though, I don't really know where the plots going and it's rather confusing the way that it is written. Honestly I think that it should have been finished with at volume 11. Kaname and Yuki just living together. The anime ending, just extended a tiny bit more. Not a huge amount more.

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Post #585441
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9:17 am, Jan 28 2013
Posts: 470

I'm surprised to see so many responses to this thread without anyone mentioning the latest chapter (89). Guys, you are only scratching the surface. The manga just jumped the shark in a big way. (Not that it hadn't before.) But 89 was bad enough some fans were calling for a rewrite. I haven't read/watched Twilight, but at this point, I'd be surprised if it isn't in fact a much better series than Vampire Knight. Among the problems:

Yuuki has simply never grown or developed as a character. She continues to be weak and wishy washy about which guy she wants and can't follow through on any decisions she makes.

Without adequate explanation, the mangaka just abruptly reversed course on a storyline that was developing for a long time. (She had no guts to carry it through to the end.)
Spoiler (mouse over to view)
We are now pretending all of Kaname's crimes never happened. You know, things like orchestrating the murder of Zero's parents, killing a bunch of innocent Purebloods. Little things like that. To make up for losing him as our final villain, two new characters (one of whom we've never seen before) have now been made villains. It is good timing too since the manga is scheduled to end in a few chapters. The final showdown should be quite exciting: "Hey you (I forgot your name again)! I won't allow you to continue (what was it you were doing again?)!"

But to distract from that, the mangaka threw in
Spoiler (mouse over to view)
a surprise sex scene because Yuuki still can't figure out who she's in love with, so she's going to try sleeping with one of the guys to find out "where her destiny lies." It was not romantic, at all.

And we keep going around and around with all of our characters. Kaname is still mysterious and won't explain why he's done a lot of things. Yuuki is still running around like a chicken with her head cut off and bouncing between guys.
Spoiler (mouse over to view)
In 88, she finally decided she was in love with one guy, only to have sex with the other one in 89. Hino will never pick a pairing, and now both of them look bad.
Zero is still being tortured with tragedy after tragedy because Hino doesn't want him to stop being emo.
Spoiler (mouse over to view)
The latest: Yuuki erased all his memories of her, despite him begging her not to. And just for good measure, his newest mission as a hunter is to go protect his BFF Kaname from danger.

Most of the characters look terrible, and the plot (such as it was) is now wrecked.

Last edited by brid at 12:14 pm, Jan 28

Post #585485 - Reply to (#585441) by brid

5:57 pm, Jan 28 2013
Posts: 18

Man, you hit it straight on the head. I've been frustrated with this manga since Yuuki's transformation, which I believe is where I believe this series 1st jumped the shark. It wasn't that I minded that particular plot twist. Rather it was that it felt as if the whole series got way off track and was no longer what it set out to be (like the movie Dusk Til Dawn, but much less interesting) and Yuuki's personality changed way too much. There was nothing left of the girl that I had come to like. But I could still read it, if I chose to look at it as just as a guilt pleasure, without totally beating my head against the wall. Since then, I've been keeping up mostly for nostaglia's sake- Meru Puri is one of my favorite manga, plus I have a weird need for completion once I start something.

And then, I got so happy about the last few chapters. It seemed that Yuuki had finally made her mind up, she and Zero were working out their angst, and the story's resolution was coming- because really, it's been time to end this for volumes now. But no. Apparently they hadn't already been through enough drama. There hadn't been enough pointless plot twists. Kaname wasn't mysterious enough. Zero hadn't been tortured enough (ugg, his begging broke my heart). And Yuuki hadn't been made to look bad enough. I was so disgusted by 89 that I was literally left speechless.

I used to be a Zero/Yuuki fan, mostly because I believe that love is built on the little things that build up between people and he is the one, despite what he says, to always have her back. I always felt like Yuuki was mistaking admiration for love when it came to Kaname. I mean, they really weren't that close. She mostly watched him from afar. That's like thinking you're in love with the most popular guy in school just because you're attracted to him physically. Without interaction to back it up, there's no foundation. To me, that's not love. That's just shallow. That being said, I read manga all the time where the couples don't pair as I would like and I still enjoy the story anyway. My dislike for 89 is not based on pairing preference. It's about Yuuki regressing in her meager character development. I don't care who she ends up with anymore. She put herself in this position. It's time for her to just pick a guy and stick with him.

And if she somehow ends up with both because Yuuki (and the mangaka by proxy) can't decide, I will rip this manga out of my shouji beat magazines and burn the pages.

Post #585492

6:54 pm, Jan 28 2013
Posts: 24

I tried reading Vampire Knight, I really did, but even after having read like...the first 20 chapters, I felt like there was too much drama there for my taste. I don't know. I was never into it.

Always ended up giving me a headache of sorts. Seriously. no

Post #597445
user avatar

1:46 am, May 3 2013
Posts: 1

Vampire Knight is actually a good manga -- in the beginning. When the relationship between Yuuki and Kaname became complicated and then Kaname gone mad (killing purebloods), I completely lost interest. In the chapter 90 or so when Yuuki had sex with Kaname, I really did think that she IS a bitch. Hell, a whore! I'm totally rooting for Yuuki x Zero, but after that chapter, I think that Zero deserves someone MUCH better than Yuuki.
Why don't you just go and die Yuuki? Became a parent or whatever for the organization, I don't care! Oh wait, since you're a whore, why don't you escape all of the mess Hino-sensei made and sell your body?!

Oh by the way, I like Twilight! Edward and Jacob in Twilight are gentleman, and that's exactly why I like it. Not like this manga, when the guy the main character likes (Kaname) turns out to be a very freaky person and started killing his own kind. Hell, this guy also hard to understand!

Maybe if Hino-sensei changed the story into Yaoi, I would read it without much protest. I'm totally okay if Kaname ends up with Zero -- well, even though I think that Kaname is a freak, I think this ending is much better.

And there's also a lot of confusing part in the manga. In the beginning of the story when Yuuki was still a human, the mangaka didn't tell us that Zero looked at some of Yuuki's memories because he sucked her blood. But now in last chapter, the mangaka tell us repeatedly that if someone sucked someone else' blood, they will be able to looked at their memories and past. WTH?!

Maybe Hino-sensei became depressed and she cannot think straight again? I mean, how the hell can she made such a good beginning into a crappy-dark-manga like this?!

But, I will read this manga until the end. I've gotta end what I started, right? Furthermore, I've been reading this crappy manga for... 4 years? It's kind of waste if I backed out now...

Post #597446

2:31 am, May 3 2013
Posts: 60

Sweet, I'm not the only one who hates Vampire Knight. Actually, I never read that far, so my reason for dislike is for a different reason.

Unlike Hino-sensei's other work, this one is much darker and I felt it lacks A LOT of emotional expression. [m]Meri Puri[/m] was an example that I felt it was one of her good works; sweet, fun, and comedy. Vampire Knight on the other hand is dark and antsy. I tried to give it a tried and it REALLY turned me off. I felt like the characters were expressionless dolls who were trying to act out the story, but made me REALLY BORED. Beside the beautiful drawing, it lacks the power to attract me, so I stopped reading after 2 volumes.

So, reading other people's reviews made me glad I did not continue, or else I'll cry in agony of the wasted time I spent on this manga. I'm glad my instinct told me to drop it ASAP.

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