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1:41 am, Jun 23 2015
Posts: 37

What's your favorite villainous laugh?

- Ohohohoho

- Fufufufu

- Hahaha

- Heheh

- Ahahaha

- Muahahaha

- A true villain instills fear with a mere smirk.

- None

- Other

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9:35 am, Jun 26 2015
Posts: 239

If you found a really good completed series which has both manga and anime adaptation what media will you choose?

- Read the manga first and watch the anime later

- Watch the anime first and read the manga later

- Only read the manga

- Only watch the anime

Feel free to modify it to become a better poll if by any chance this suggestion get picked mmm...

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So the world can change me mmm...
Post #667879 - Reply to (#660171) by drunkguy
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7:03 am, Jun 27 2015
Posts: 9804

Quote from drunkguy
So you are sent to fantasy world. Your priority is...

1) food, water and shelter.
2) to look for a way back.
3) to get a harem.
4) to fight the demon king.
5) to take over the world.
6) to invent indoor plumbing and toilet paper.


A just ruler amongst tyrants
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5:37 am, Jun 30 2015
Posts: 838

If your love suddenly got a harem, you would
-beat back the competition with a stick
-be hunted by your rivals
-constantly chase the spineless fool
-go for the harem end
-join the angry trash mob saying normalfags should explode

I just wanted to make a poll with that last option. laugh

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An innocent

10:10 am, Jul 1 2015
Posts: 300

Do you use other sites beside Mangaupdates, for managing you're lists, for information, etc.?

- I only use Mangaupdates
- I also use Myanimelist (MAL)
- I also use anidb, MAL
- I also use Animenewsnetwork (ANN)
- I also use anidb
- I also use anidb, MAL, ANN and other
- I only use Mangaupdates for updates and manage my lists elsewhere
- I use other sites beside beside Mangaupdates, not mentionned previously

Feel free to add other options.

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2:39 am, Jul 2 2015
Posts: 3

"What trait in a main character that you hate/like the most ?"

I'm not sure if you've done it bur here's my poll question

Post #668282 - Reply to (#660742) by kitty1826x
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3:17 pm, Jul 4 2015
Posts: 9804

Quote from kitty1826x
Suggestion 12

How do you feel when a mangaka draws the same characters (lookwise) for all of their mangas?

- Kind of spoils it for me. (Ex. a love triangle romance. You know who would win at the end because the person always looks the same)
- A bit confusing (Feels like sequel or odd spin off)
- Annoying/ gets boring seeing the same character
- Indifferent
- Ruins the first series I read from the mangaka.

(I'm out of other options, but I feel like there could be more ...)


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Pragmatic Mooncalf

10:18 pm, Jul 4 2015
Posts: 2

Most overused harem girl archetype?

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Official Pooh Bear

5:53 am, Jul 5 2015
Posts: 33

Personally I immediately though of Adachi..

Years ago I was tempted as a joke to make a random game of "Name the Adachi Heroine" with Touch, Nine, Cross Game, etc. Put simply, Adachi was never known for being the most creative. (Enjoyable? Yes, but generally if someone has read 1 Adachi manga they know what to expect when trying another...)

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10:04 pm, Jul 7 2015
Posts: 495

How deeply engrain is manga/anime to your life
something along the lines of

I need to read/watch for at least 2 hours everyday or else i get withdrawal symptoms (cant live without it)
one chapter or episode a week will keep me running
I can quit anytime...

Has something like this been asked before?

Post #668656 - Reply to (#661909) by Doris Day
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7:23 am, Jul 11 2015
Posts: 9804

Quote from Doris Day
When it comes to characters clothes which do you prefer?

- They just wear a costume and it will be their forever clothes until the end.
- They change clothes always.
- They change clothes rarely like once or twice.


A just ruler amongst tyrants
Post #668659

8:40 am, Jul 11 2015
Posts: 33

I have thought about something I could use for my research: lets find out what kind of manga-related activities do MU readers engage with:

Apart from reading manga, do you:

- write fanfiction?
- draw doujinshi or illustrations?
- do cosplay?
- write reviews/commentaries?
- do manga tourism (visit the places depicted in manga? )
- nothing so far, but I would like to...

Post #668984 - Reply to (#662640) by jonytep
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7:02 am, Jul 18 2015
Posts: 9804

Quote from jonytep
Don't remember if this has been suggested/made but here it goes.

The theory says shoujo is for girls, shounen for boys, seinen for men and josei for women. I've been curious as to what extent this is true, regarding these major demographics.

Based on gender, what is your favorite demographic?
-I'm male and I prefer Shoujo.
-I'm male and I prefer Shounen.
-I'm male and I prefer Seinen.
-I'm male and I prever Josei.
-I'm female and I prefer Shoujo.
-I'm female and I prefer Shounen.
-I'm female and I prefer Seinen.
-I'm female and I prever Josei.

Surprisingly, we haven't done this before

A just ruler amongst tyrants
Post #669319 - Reply to (#662646) by residentgrigo
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7:09 am, Jul 25 2015
Posts: 9804

Quote from residentgrigo

Do you feel remorse for consuming pirated content?

-If you like it you buy it


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Om Nom Nom Nom

4:52 pm, Jul 26 2015
Posts: 47

You find yourself transported into a stereotypical manga harem. Which role would you assume?

- Athlete
- Bookworm
- Butler/Maid
- Childhood Friend
- Delinquent
- The Klutz
- Magical Girl/Boy
- Poor Girl/Boy
- Prince/Princess
- Transfer Student
- Tsundere
- Yandere

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