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10:44 pm, Jul 27 2015
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How do you like the page spreads done in manga when there is a significant disconnect between the two pages?
Keep them together but leave a gap in the middle
Keep them together and redraw the gap in the middle
Keep them together and put them side by side even if they don't line up.
I don't have a preference as long as they are on the same file
Keep them separate on two files
I don't have any preference on how page spreads are done

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7:55 am, Jul 28 2015
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Seinen is RIGHT

9:18 pm, Jul 30 2015
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It seems that it is becoming impossible to have a popular series without crossovers, specials and most importantly spin-off that have (almost) nothing to do with continuity so i ask the question: Are spin-offs worth it?

Manga need to be standalone tales
One is fine if it is distinct enough
Two to three
Up to five
One can never have enough

Author appeal
I have no interest in the mangaka and only a specific series
I will try out the next series
I will try out the next and previous series
I will look up interviews and the next series
I will look up interviews and the next and previous series

Ending Spoilers
A lot of readers like to look up the ending or start with the last chapter to take out the suspense before beginning a completed work. What about the MU community?

All the time

Preferred publication form

When it's done
In form of collected Tankōbon

I also read EU/US comics and am a librarian.
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10:22 pm, Jul 30 2015
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Not quite manga/anime related but I'd like to know what's this community members main occupation.

Are you...?

* student/part time employee
* full time employee
* professionist
* neet
* other

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1:35 am, Aug 8 2015
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If a Manga you're Reading Has a Great Plot but Terrible Art You...?
- Suffer through it.
- Drop it.
- I don't care about art to begin with.

Post #669921 - Reply to (#663457) by Caiman
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7:28 am, Aug 8 2015
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Quote from Caiman
I'm not sure if this has been done before (it probably has), or previous polls focused on just preference of online reading vs. physical copies.

How available are manga published in your language and country?
-In most major book stores
-Only in specialty stores
-Can only purchase online (physical copies on amazon, etc.)
-Only official digital releases
-No publications in my language/country


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Post #670326 - Reply to (#663881) by Kaioh
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6:54 pm, Aug 15 2015
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Quote from Kaioh
What is Anime/Manga to you?

- A new endeavor

- A hobby

- A lifestyle

- A former pastime

Thought about this recently with some scanlators retiring or disappearing from the community. Thought it'd be interesting to see the results.


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Post #670586 - Reply to (#664081) by RocketDive
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7:29 am, Aug 22 2015
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Quote from RocketDive
This has probably been done before but....

Mainly, where do you buy your psychical manga?
- Major online retailers (Amazon, Rightstuf, etc)
- Second hand/used online (Ebay, LiveJournal, etc)
- Local retailers
- Other
- I don't buy manga

Nope, haven't done it before

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2:39 am, Aug 23 2015
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Hey I have some ideas:

• How important is manga/anime to your life?
- Extremely—I can't get through a day without a good dose of it.
- Very—I do crave it, but a day or two without it can't hurt.
- Kinda—I enjoy reading/watching it occasionally, when I feel like it: it's just an off/on thing.
- Not that important—I have alternative forms of entertainment I prefer, like chatting, spending hours with my head in an awesome action game, etc.
- I'm obsessed with anime, but manga; not so much.
- I'm a newbie, but I'll answer in a month's time if this poll's still here.

• How do you prefer your manga's protagonist to be like?
- Smart yet impossibly stupid at certain moments,
- Average...nothing special.
- The centre of attention, like the victim of evil forces or the possessor of some golden power.
- Regular/average to start off with, but throughout the story, she/he discovers themself and becomes an awesome, extremely likeable person.
- Smart and good-looking—it's just the best combination and I just can't touch anything lacking those two, unless it's really, really good.
- Other

• What do you think of the issue when a manga is supposedly abandoned?
- Truth is, they should've known what they were signing up for at the start. Being committed isn't easy, I know, but it's torture waiting forever for a release that never comes!
- We should just accept their decision. Mangaka work hard to produce good stuff for us—we shouldn't pressure them.
- It's not like the world's raining fireballs or anything as catastrophic—there are many other good manga out there, anyway, and it's time to move on...easier than a real life break-up, no?
- What I think, I don't know, but if it's my favourite manga, I'll do everything in my power(which isn't much) to contact the mangaka, then I'll confront them about their manga, as well as pray every night onwards for a new release.
- To be quite frank, it's the unsociable manga who refuse to communicate with their readers who end up abandoning their work. That's probably because they receive no support, and pure loneliness is just that evil.
- We should start a rebellion.

• What would you do if anime/manga didn't exist?
- I wouldn't be able to live, unfortunately, if that were the case.
- I guess I'd just resolve to reading normal books.
- I wouldn't really mind, not like I'm obsessed or anything.
- I'd start a rebellion(and lead it), of course.
- With the absence of anime/manga, life just wouldn't be so bright, but maybe, just maybe, I'd still make it.
- Instead of anime, I'd watch Asian dramas, and as for manga, you didn't say comics would be banned too, did you now? So, I'd read those instead—Astro Boy isn't that bad, you know.

This may be exclusive of various people, but it could obtain heaps of gossip and chatter, so:
What type of romance anime/manga do you prefer?
- The possessive, bad boy + good girl type—I mean, who can resist?
- Adventure/action type—the slow(and not the main genre) kind, where the kiss only comes at the end.
- A forbidden love
- Love triangle!
- Male lead is in love but denies it, like in InuYasha.
- Unfortunately, I don't favour romance anime/manga

Sorry, it's long...
^^ Anyhow, I'm new and they may have already stood as previous polls before my joining, so please don't mistakenly think I'm trying to play the new Albert Einstein. wink

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Me too ♥

12:06 pm, Aug 28 2015
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Suggestion 13

What job(s) do you have/had in a scanlation group?
- Cleaner/Redrawer
- Typesetter
- Translator
- Proofreader
- I don't have a job in any group I just admire their work.
- I don't have a job, but I am learning how to [Insert job].
- I do everything dead

(Lambchopsil you could either write the various combinations for more options or add "If you have more than one job, select your primary job")

Other possible options to add...
- Quality Checker
- Uploader
- Transcribe Script
- Translation checker
- Raw/Scans provider
- Scanlation's website maintainer

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Yes yes, I know I make longwinded comments, but that's just me >.<
I should proof read my comments more, but I won't...
So keep in mind I'm filled with typos

Check out FAQ and Forum Rules if you haven't yet.
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Post #670851 - Reply to (#665005) by FormX
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7:27 am, Aug 29 2015
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Quote from FormX
"If there was a maid cafe near you, would you visit it?"

Eh too busy only copied the current ones although the different context could have different interesting choices:

Lots of times, mainly for the maids
Lots of times, mainly for the Internet
Lots of times, mainly for the food / drinks
Lots of times, mainly for socializing
I guess I'd try it once...

A modified version of this

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Post #671121 - Reply to (#665240) by different
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7:12 am, Sep 5 2015
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Quote from different
hi I have a few of poll ideas on the theme of "monitizing manga/novels to support the author" Here's the first one I can think of atm, others aren't well thought out yet. But it would be like "how much would you pay for one 20 page chapter" (starting at 10 cents per chapter i.e. micro payments).

If manga or novels were to be released freely online legally, but was paid for by non-intrusive ad-content. Would you support it by clicking on the ads?

-No, ad-blocker all the way
-Yes, sometimes.
-Yes, every visit.
-I would rather support through other methods.


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4:59 am, Sep 9 2015
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You are the king. The demonic army has kidnapped your daughter. You...
-Magically summon a hero
-Recruit a local hero
-Lead your army as the hero
-Try to negotiate with the foreign devils
-Get help from your obnoxious neighbor.
-Make another daughter

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Chuunibyou Lvl.2

8:19 pm, Sep 10 2015
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Sorry if these have been done before! I’m saying manga for most of them, but they include manhua/manhwa and possibly novels as well.

Have you ever tried writing/drawing manga?
Yes, and it's published (online or in print)
Yes, it's a work in progress
No, but may in the future.
No, never will try.

If you were participating in a manga production, which role would you rather do?
Author (plot)
Artist (art)
Sole Mangaka (Both plot and art)
Printing Press
Advertising Producer
Critic / Reviewer

How many times have you reread your most reread manga?

How do you react to incorrect references or facts in a manga? (excludes spelling mistakes but probably includes translation errors)
Rage quit
Furious but continue reading
Meh reaction, continue reading
No reaction, didn’t realise it or haven’t seen any before

If there’s a passage written poorly in a scanlation, who do you think is mostly at fault?
Quality Checker
No one / Other
(I know, it’s mostly the scanlation group as a whole, but a lot of people blame the translator but I've seen a lot of "author" being blamed too...)

Have you ever noticed dialects in manga?
Yes, I read the raw
Yes, because the characters said ... has ... dialect
Yes, because translators used a different kind of english
No, even though I read the raw
No, because it wasn't translated

Are you a fan of "long" manga? (100+ chapters)

Have you ever really wanted something in a manga? (e.g food, a particular piece of clothing, a gadget, an unknown life form, a character's life etc.)

Have you ever contacted or been contacted by an author before? (considering the number of web novels / manga translated, as well as goodreads for the English community...)
Yes and got a reply
Yes and didn’t get a reply
Tried to, but didn't get a reply.
Not at all

Rate on a scale of one to ten, how often do you think like a main character in manga?
(never) 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 -5 - 6 - 7 - 8 - 9 - 10 (always)

What do you think of honorifics being left alone as "-san" or "-chan"?
Great! Shows culture or it's just cool (or some other reason)
Terrible! It's confusing and should be left out!
Terrible! It's confusing and should be translated properly to English!
I don't know, gotten used to it.
Meh, i don't care at all.
(I thought this was surprising, but it seems that the English visual novel community doesn't really seem to enjoy honorifics, so they're usually left out whether it's a translated game or an original one set in Japan.)

How much does this phrase annoy you: "watch manga"?
(no!! / idk) 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10 (yes!!!!)
(same for "read anime")

What do you call this site?
Manga-updates / MU
Baka-updates / BU

How well can you spin a pen?
Mediocre - the basics
Not at all

Which "e-laugh" do you use the most?
Haha / Hehe (+ repeats or similar variations)
Lol (+repeats or similar variations like rofl)
Regional (e.g wwww)
Emoticon (xD) / Emoji ( laugh )

Do you avoid going to the dentist?

How many pushups can you do?

How many pushups do you want to be able to do?
More than now
Same as now
Less than now

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2:57 am, Sep 12 2015
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A Manga Access poll

If it became impossible in your country to read free manga and you had to pay for access to it through a provider service.

0- would you just give it up.
1- just have to change to buying my manga as books.
2- be willing to pay a basic amount (approx $1) per week for access.
3- be willing to pay a medium amount (approx $5) per week for access.
4- be willing to pay a lot ( $10+) per week for access.
5- be willing to pay almost anything to feed a manga habit.
6- stuff that, there must be a way to get around the system!

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