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6:52 pm, Apr 5 2016
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Change around the question/answers as you please.
Not sure if a question similar to this has been asked.

"What is the longest hiatus from anime/manga you've ever taken? Be it to focus on studies, work, life, etc."
- Never had to.
- Maybe an hour or two!
- A few days.
- A couple of weeks.
- A couple of months.
- About a year!

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9:23 pm, Apr 5 2016
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How often do you rate manga on MU?

- Everytime I finish a series
- I sometimes rate a series
- I rarely rate a series
- I've never rated a series

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7:36 pm, Apr 8 2016
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In an MMO, I would be the

loot ninja
Leeroy Jenkins

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Post #678551 - Reply to (#671557) by miskatsura
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6:47 am, Apr 9 2016
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Quote from miskatsura
How many manga chapters you read weekly?



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Post #678900 - Reply to (#672115) by sk_shankar11
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6:01 am, Apr 16 2016
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Quote from sk_shankar11
I don't know whether it is done but let's see.

What kind of ending do you prefer in any manga?

Happy Ending
Tragic Ending
Open Ending
Any as long as it isn't rushed.


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6:20 am, Apr 16 2016
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i wanna suggest a poll about what kind of rarely happen (but in my case this is really suck to be happen) :

The Mangaka (writer) of Manga you like so much die suddenly, the Manga have been hanging with latest series ever made by the deceased (like case of doraemon, or Kaze no stigma (LN)) and no continuation of whatever. What do you hope for next story :

a. search for ending Doujin, someone somewhere can make it better
b. Let's the mangaka's assistant finish it, hopefully he have some touch
c. Let's publisher/editor decided, they know better
d. make your own ending, continuation of the latest chapter
e. STOP,,, don' taint my already Godlike manga !!!!!
f. Burn the Manga, not complete manga is already trash......!!!

Well this idea come from Zero no Tsukaima LN which be continued by his assistant, but it make ending already -_-'

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3:53 pm, Apr 17 2016
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I'm not sure if it has done before or if it'll work, but here goes nothing:

Have you ever (intentionally) lied in one of MU polls?

a. Yes
b. No

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5:30 am, Apr 18 2016
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On YouTube you :
You always have video to watch
You have few video by day and that's ok
You wait to discover new youtuber
You search to discover new youtuber
You give up to trending
You have your subscriptions and wait
You don't "Youtube"

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Post #679082 - Reply to (#672348) by jacob66
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6:54 am, Apr 23 2016
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Quote from jacob66
I don't know about everybody else but for me sometimes there is such a long time between chapter releases that by the time the new chapter is out I've forgotten what was going on in the story. So my poll idea is something like:

How long between chapter releases before you forget what was happening in the story?

*I never forget no matter how long.
*1-2 weeks
*1-3 months
*over 6 months
*over 1 year
*I only read completed series


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Post #679314 - Reply to (#672750) by Trimutius
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6:51 am, Apr 30 2016
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Quote from Trimutius
Well, I thought about something manga related, or actually mangaupdates related even, but still about manga. I have chosen the most agreed to categories (not most used, but most agreed, meaning that they are from popular series)

Which of the most agreed to categories are the most awesome/important for you when choosing which manga to read?

Adapted to Anime
Childhood Friend/s
Age Gap
Strong Female Lead
Strong Male Lead
Love Triangle/s
Character Growth
Possessive Lover/s
Collection of Stories / Oneshots
Special Ability/ies
Dead Family Member/s


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5:03 am, May 1 2016
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Would you read manga adaptations of American comic franchises like Thor, Spiderman, Batman, Wonder Woman etc.?

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Post #679570 - Reply to (#673028) by residentgrigo
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8:23 am, May 7 2016
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Quote from residentgrigo
Did you interest in comics rise in recent years?

I read more than before
I read about the same
I read less
Adaptions are enough for me
I have no interest in comics and never will

Something like this, but not exactly...

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Post #679814 - Reply to (#673500) by KaoriNite
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7:54 am, May 15 2016
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Quote from KaoriNite
A U.N. envoy has recently said that Japan should ban child manga porn ( -calls-on-japan-to-ban-extreme-child-manga-porn).

Do you agree that loli and shota should be banned?

- Yes, of course. It's disgusting and promotes pedophilia
- No. Manga is just fiction and has nothing to do with real life.


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Post #680024 - Reply to (#608258) by mr.poneis

1:21 am, May 20 2016
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Quote from mr.poneis
Well... this is a bit cliché but...

Q: " Do you have a favourite (or at least a good/known one) character that shares a birthday with you?"

Let me rephrase this question a bit and try again...

Q: What would you think of sharing your birthdate with a fictional character?
1 - Awesome
2 - I dont really care
3 - It's bull***

Maybe questioning their feelings about a subject should be better than their knowledge after all... specially with some obscure theme like manga character birthdays...

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mr. Poneis

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4:29 am, May 21 2016
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Do you read classic manga?

- what else beside dragon ball?
- only a few.
- around 5 -10.
- i read many and want to read more, but it's hard to find online releases.
- none.

***classic manga/old style manga.

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