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10:16 am, Mar 10 2019
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What anime/manga
fan do you consider yourself as?
-eg: Weeb, otaku, fujoshi, etc.

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12:32 am, Mar 16 2019
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Using anime subtitles to translate manga (or manga scanlations to translate anime) is...

-Perfectly acceptable, as long as it's accurate
-Kinda lazy, but it's efficient
-Unacceptable, because it's copying stuff that other people have worked hard on

Got the idea for this poll after picking up a manga series right after watching the anime adaptation; I noticed many lines in the manga were identical to the anime's subtitles, which leads me to believe one group copied from the other.

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7:57 am, Mar 16 2019
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Quote from hiei_luke
Okay, I would like to suggest a poll that would create some controversies in the thread (lol)
I apologise beforehand if this suggestion has been covered.

Great era for manga/anime:
- The beginning (50-60s) e.g: Astro Boy, Speedracer, Kimba the Lion, GeGeGe no Kitarō
- The trendsetter (70s) e.g: Doraemon, Galaxy Express 999, Lupin III, Cutie Honey
- The classics (80s) e.g: Dragon Ball, Captain Tsubasa, Gundam, Jojo
- The state-of-the-art (90s) e.g: Slam Dunk, Rurouni Kenshin, Sailor Moon, One Piece
- The millennia (2000s) e.g: Fullmetal Alchemist, Death Note, Ouran High School
- The follow-up (2010s) e.g: some fan-service/media social type of manga & anime 😁 - Not really sure

Some might disagree with series like Doraemon or Lupin III which start during the 60s, but I think the series were heavily distributed during the suggested era.

Feel free to edit my "nicknames" for the era or anything.


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9:43 am, Mar 17 2019
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Your choice when you’re offered Immortality?

-Yes, even if there are strings attached (i.e. vampirism, curses, etc.)
-No, if there are strings attached
-Yes, if it includes no aging
-No, if it means I keep getting older endlessly
-Yes, if I could choose to die at any point I want, just not naturally
-No, if I couldn’t die even if my life was a living nightmare (disease, injury, torture)

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